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...but before there was chance for further conversation, the resonating voice of the God of the Earth was rolling through the mass of anticipating bodies, and Fig’s furry face turned back respectfully to the front to listen. With ears pressed to the earthen tone she regarded the impressive stallion’s instruction; thick skull bouncing beneath heavy mats of unkempt forelock. Return soon... she mused with a playful smirk stewing behind attentive brown eyes. That would be easier said than done no doubt, fondly she considered the weight of her body plant upon her and knees flexed ambitiously, boldly. Perhaps their task would be easier completed closer to the ship – the young Lignea wished not to insult her company’s swift foot.

“I may hold you up Miss Laedere,” she admitted gently, not sorrowfully because she felt not the curse that other eyes imagined upon her. “Perhaps, if your decision has not swayed, we could venture to the north – to the Threshold which is not very far.” A hearty smile lifted swarthy features and the white blaze descending down the bridge of her nose seemed to brighten the humble expression as her skull tilted to sweep the thick hair from her eyes. The tree-girl chuckled warmly as the exotic mare agreed, moved by her tolerance, and Fig set off and the fastest ambling pace she could manage – though quickly that slowed to a rather sluggish crawl.

In the meantime, the large mare spoke of World’s Edge, explained her position at length and how she had come to be in Helovia in the first place – unfortunately there had been little opportunity for her friend to join in (such was the rambling way of the Lignea). Soon enough her thick legs were searching for a glade broad enough to accommodate her unusual bulk, the vast spray of wood and lush foliage; at the visible border between meadow grass and threshold forest. “Warn all that they must enter the ship...” she whispered to groaning redwoods – her distant kin. It became quickly apparent that they would not find a hole quickly enough to delve into.

Fig assured Laedere with a kindly smile, that the old timber would pass on their message.

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Africa was both humbled and relieved by the living monstrosity beheld.

The ship was an architectural wonder, fashioned as though from living breathing trees and easily big enough to accommodate some of the vast population of Helovia (more presumably, but Africa found it hard to comprehend the magnitude). Wonder-filled eyes travelled to find the expression of her company – Midas – who seemed no less inspired by the phenomenon. “What is this?” she whispered quietly in a small voice, tracing the cold bulge of the stallion steel collar with tentative lips but not for one second pulling her eyes from the front.

The question was quickly answered as the God of the Earth called through their midst an instruction – all were to spread word of the ship, to return soon...

Africa in no time had transformed into parrot-form; she fluttered forward upon short wings, the crimson tail squared behind flaring as she wove a path nearer to the heavens. There seemed little place more appropriate to take the patron of Hidden Fall’s message to the home that they shared, to the people they cherished, and her erratic path hastened in that direction with Silas carving glitter in her wake.

Along the way they found figures looming below – Laedere, a tender friend – and another, lingering beneath a stark canopy that seemed to sway to the pulse of the body moving below. Africa guided their path down. She could not pass without warning the newest Fall’s mare, though remained in feathered form while Midas revealed the Earth’s message.

It seemed they were well aware, and their theory of spreading word through the Threshold seemed a fair one. Fond farewell was given to both the curious tree-horse and their winged kin, before they swept off with haste to warn the herd.


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You see, it was this tree-mare thing that spoke next. Her name was Fig - much like the tree that Laedere assumed was flourishing upon her hide. Alas, the Earth God seemed to speak once more, and as the acting partisan of the Falls she could not help but to listen to him as he called for them to unite and warn those who inhabited the areas around here.

Gentle orbs flickered back as the tree-mare spoke, affable in nature much like what radiated off of the God before them. She says that she may end up holding up the mare with a hole in her wing. Really, this whole notion is incongruous. Mineself is already held up, and really, all she could do was laugh. "Tis fine, ye are of no burden to mine travels." Then, Fig proffered that they begin their journey to the North and head out to the Threshold. There was a gentle bob of her head in response before the two made haste (or as much haste as the pair could considering the tree upon her hide and the hole in her wing).

When they came upon the Threshold, though, Laedere's mind had been filled with plentiful amounts of knowledge about the World's Edge (a rather uncanny name if I do say so mineself) and she was only given a moment of reprieve as the pair setlled upon a batch fragrant redwoods. And she speaks to them, telling the trees that all those who came must enter the ship. "Fig…" Laedere starts, awkwardly pausing for a second before allowing a few more words to slide from her lips in response to the smile. "Are ye certain yon trees will pass ye's directive on?"

Yet, it seemed that another pair appeared, painted stag and a parrot as well as his two feathered companions of a far more mythical sort. She vaguely recognized the paint as Midas and gave a low bow in welcome to the pair before they also seemed to leave. "Perhaps we shan't linger much longer if ye's trees will advance thine message onward…" she suggested, before gently directing Laedere down south toward where the Deep Forest was.

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I wandered with Phantom, finally deciding to spark up conversation rather than walk in silence. I looked back at her, my normal expression of anguish and fear painted across my features, as I'd forgotten to put on a face of determination. We're weaving between the trees of the Threshold when I decide to speak, voice quieter than I would have liked. "Since we're going to be together for a bit, I'd like to know more about you, so I'm not roomed with a stranger who is possibly a murderous nightmare," I pause, glancing at her with an ear flicked forward, a brow raised in a questioning state. "You're not, are you?" If she was maybe I could get over it, I'm sure I've passed at least a hundred murderers by now, especially since the rumors of bodies found around Helovia surfaced. I offer a silly, pitiful smile before again speaking. "If you tell me more about yourself I'll tell you about myself, since it only seems fair. An eye for an eye, right?" My words are filled with pauses, stutters and sad little "uhms." I'm not a very social creature, so this was a good opportunity to try out this thing called "socializing." It was the only way I was going to ever be able to complete my quest. So might as well start now. I turn to the left, solemnly shouting out for any who didn't hear about the boat.

Before I have a chance to even begin calling I hear voices, ears perking up as I slink forward to see a group of horses, none of them familiar to me. Two mares with damaged wings, a black and white stallion who seemed familiar but whose name I cannot recall, and a peculiar horse with a tree rooted upon their withers. How odd a group.

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I gaze with narrowed stare at the a mix of awestruck respect, gratitude, and confusion. Earth did mention something along the note of rain -- obviously this...'thing' was a sort of vessel, meant to carry us. (That much was becoming obvious.) The word 'ship,' and 'boat,' was being tossed around in hushed whispers by those who'd gathered. While I'm centered on absorbing, there is a grey lady brushing my neck. Africa's touch sends that flesh to quiver beneath the hot metal. Her moist breath cracks the mirror of silent musing. Without remark, one ear slips her way curiously.

The lady asks what yon creation was. Lips curl into an easy smile, pools shift a wide glance toward the conversations going on around us. "They keep calling it a ship...though I've never seen, nor heard of such a thing." Da often told tales of traveling the ocean with his sire and dame -- but my ancestors had done it without the aid of a vessel.

Her soft, honey rim eyes run North. Mine follow suit blankly, dawning realization toward her wordless thinking is slow. Though it doesn't take long to catch on... a tight grin appears. Fina and Neve spring from my spine as the dappled Medic shifts fluidly into her -other- form. That horrific sound of bones grinding and cracking... like thousands of tiny trees suddenly felled by a damaging swoop.

It was then that I turn from the mass of bodies while my dearest partner flew off with Silas in tow, and two elemental opposites taking an easy lead. Wide pinions spread when clear of the crowd. Sweat had pooled beneath their sheath, making my charcoal flesh ripple as this form catches the sun. Gilden tips rise; powerful compared to the light weights that claim the heavens ahead of me.

I took off a few moments later. Despite their ample headstart, it took little effort to easily overtaken Silas and his beloved bonded. Slowing took considerably more effort, yar, I mask any discomfort, though tis difficult to maintain a comfortable speed that shorter wingbeats could easily maintain. With silence and the wind to fill our empty eyes drift to that lithe feathered frame.
Momentarily intrigued and distracted by the notion of being a bird. Did she have avain cravings? This mind would rattle off random questions, but eventually come to the conclusion that this topic was worthy of a later discussion.

We flew on without a sound save for the muffled whomp of heavy feathers striking humid air and stubble, quick beats following thereafter. Far ahead lead Fina, a faint dot of sunlight; she is trailed by a silverly shadow. We hadn't flown long before Africa caught sight of something below. Breaking free from my personal wrapping of inner thoughts I also notice the pale lass from a few seasons prier. Yar, the one with an injured wing. Near her is another familiar face. Lips spread in an easy grin and we land to greet them...


We shared our tale and found their ears had already been filled to burst. Farewells given, our attention turned back toward home and our family.
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