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Species: Other Gender: Mare Age: 27 Height: 5"2
Tarik is muscular, and despite his height, he carries his bulk well and does not appear as muscular as he in fact is

BREED: Tall Holsteiner mutt
BUILD: Athletic, muscular, broad-chested & narrow waisted
MANE/TAIL: Dreadlocked with brightly coloured beads
HOOVES: Non-cloven, back hooves are black, front hooves are white and tan.
EYE COLOUR: Sea-blue
TATTOOS: A tattoo of Vegvisir, a mark intended to help the bearer navigate through rough weather, on his left shoulder.

Tarik has travelled the world many times over, and learned that humanity remains the same regardless of what he does.
Sarcastic | Intelligent | Witty | Not a known giver of fucks

Early in his life, Tarik was a good guy. After a few lifetimes of Robin Hooding around, he was overcome by the terrible nature of humanity, and realized that all of his good deeds would never change anything. So he became a bad guy. After a few lifetimes of that, our viking decided that nothing mattered. He gave up on morality and decided merely to continue traveling the world with his brother as a neutral force.

This is Tarik's current frame of mind. He indulges in whatever vices he pleases, and is often drunk.


  • Has lived so long, he can't remember if he and Ralik are twins, or just brothers;
  • Is okay passing out wherever and whenever;
  • Rarely shows it, but is always pleased to have Huldra around;
Tarik made a pact with the Sea God of their homeland when he was around 7. He was granted immortality magic, and never appeared older than 7. This is what has caused Tarik's current no-fucks-given attitude, and his carelessness. He has been wounded to the point of death more times than he can count, but his alcohol addiction has mostly softened the intense healing required to fix his body. [need this magic]
Because of Tarik's age, remembering how he is related to his family becomes confusing and difficult. Thus he breaks up his relationships into 'close' and 'distant'.

CLOSE RELATIVES : Ralik (brother, possibly twin)

DISTANT RELATIVES: Ulrik, Torleik, Amalrik, Eleanor

Coding by the extraordinary Neo!

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   8 AGL:   15 END:   16
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
23 42 108 108
BUFF: badass VP: 108
Notable Accomplishments

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