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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 7 :Frostfall Height: 16.3
Breed: Thoroughbred
Body description: Long neck; Sloping shoulders; Deep body; Muscular hindquarters; Fine long legs
Body: Blood bay
Mane/Tail: Black with silver highlights, thick bit of hair on her butt liontail, with thick hair at the end
Eyes: Silver no pupil
Hooves: Black cloven
Markings: Silver spider web markings on her legs and face
Horn: Black on the base and silver at the tip

Personality: Air's main personality consists of being sassy, playful, grumpy, and caring. For the most part the mare is very playful and teasing. She loves to heal things, but always acts grumpy about it, once she finds out that the horse she is helping will live anyway. Under all that sugar is a lot of fire. Air has a VERY nasty temper and can snap over the smallest of things; jealousy being the main problem. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and "All hell is about to break loose" are the quotes that fit her temper best. LOST HER DAMN MIND!

Father: Unicorn, Silver Bay, spider markings, white eyes
Mother: Pegasus, Amber Champagne Dun Splash, white splash markingsmostly white yellow eyes

Born a princess she has never been aloud to do much. Her body was promised to an old stallion in a neighboring herd as payment for allegiance. Arilia hated being kept locked up with her royal family, hated the fact she was only taught a few things. Seeing at as be low her, the girl's mother refused to suckle her own foal. Airlia's wet nurse had taken pity on the girl and taught her about healing, in secret of course. Tired of her hum drum life the mare had fled in the middle of the night in search of something interesting.

She is only a temp character made up for a specific.

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   9 AGL:   3 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
6.5 9.0 2.5 58.0
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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