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Dragon's Throat Filly

Species: Pegasus Gender: Filly Age: 1 year Height: 16hh
please don't go i love you so

✗ Appendix Quarter x Paso fino x Medium draft mutt
✗ Thick, dense, muscular
✗ Black with bird catcher spots
✗ Eyeless, eyes are surrounded by severe scarring
✗ Wings are too small and misshapen for flight

please don't go i love you so

✗ Has major trust issues
✗ Has severe anxiety
✗ Hates everyone
✗ Blunt
✗ Sarcastic
✗ Can be very condescending
✗ Cynical
✗ Selfish

In detail
As a result of her paranoid mother's sorrowful attempt of raising her and her disabilities, Valdís struggles to trust. She has been told time and time again by her mother that she can't trust even her, that in time she too will find a way to ruin Valdís, to which she has. These ideas go on to plague Valdís until she's skeptical of everyone and everything, unable to believe someone would do something for someone other than themselves.
Valdís' relationship with her mother is strained, Amara's struggle to be a confident and present parent leading only to disappointment. She ends up being both clingy and distant, obsessing over the well being of Valdís but also trying to push her as far away as she can. In the end, Amara abandons Valdís when she had the opportunity, leaving Val on her own for weeks before Val crawls back to the Throat in search of her father.
Valdís will not admit that her mother is the one who mutilated her, keeping quiet and holding the secret safe despite the comments and questions that assault her. She feels that it's her responsibility to make sure it's never known who (or what) mangled her, afraid of the backlash she may receive if Amara finds out she told someone.
Val is extremely depressed and distant, please be careful reading her posts as there's a lot of death mention and thoughts of suicide.

of these people that i never knew


Kid & Sabre (Volterra x Colt), Zhu (Volterra x Sikeax), Kókkino thanátou (Volterra x Isopia), Tyrath (Volterra x Aithniel), Astarot (Volterra x Tiva), Vezér (Volterra x Airlia), Victorina (Volterra x Vitani), more on the way

please don't go i love you so

Amrit (not received)

A royal dark mist Cerndyr, he is a very intriguing and important piece of Valdís' life. He is regal and elegant despite his unnatural sizing, carrying himself arrogantly beside his bonded. Outwardly he seems composed and collected, a cunning creature held with poise and perfection, all sharp edges and cold stares. Inside, he is soft and kind, sweet and comforting for his beloved bonded. He takes care of her, the only one she can truly believe to be selfless, acting out of love rather than selfish needs.

✗ Stands 4.5 ft at the shoulder
✗ 6 blood red eyes
✗ Gnarled black antlers with 25 tines, each tip sizzling with pure darkness
✗ White with black markings around eyes and shoulder, often covered in searing blackness
✗ Has thick, pure black mists lingering around the base of his neck


✗ N/A

Head cannons

✗ born tallsun, year 7
✗ is probably panicking 22/7 and is sleeping for those 2 remaining hours
✗ will not hesitate to bite off your head
✗ due to the damage her eyes/sockets sustained, she cannot cry
✗ hates hot/sunny weather bc of her black coat, also made her wounds smelly as a child
✗ grey aromantic demisexual
✗ speaks fluent Hungarian courtesy of Volterra, speaks pieces of German and Italian from times Amara's alters would teach her (she is actively seeking them out to learn further)
✗ a very uneasy sleeper, can never sleep the whole night through

Played by
dark the salt king

:: [ Magic: Dark | Flesh rots in her presence, causing severe pain, minor muscle atrophy and blistering. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Has a radius of 10m, severity depends on length of exposure. ]
:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Can sense surrounding thermal signatures with her skin. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Extends radius of 30m. ]
:: [ Item: Funeral Veil | A withered flower crown with bone thorns and a black veil that makes the wearer smell of rotting flesh. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Half of a rib from Alvilda's corpse. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A long, red braid woven around a piece of glass horn. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A cracked glass heart filled with iridescent liquid. ]
Battle Statistics
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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