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Aurora Basin Soldier


Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 3 Height: 16.3
x Conformation | Gypsy Vanner
x Colouring | Golden palomino; splash white makings
x Eyes | Sea-green
x Height | 16.3 hands high
x Mane | Thick, flaxen; sparse, small ivory feathers down nape
x Tail | Thick, long, flaxen; small ivory feathers to the end of the dock
x Markings | As though a bucket of paint has been dropped from above, palomino markings seem to drip down his body from the mid-ridge of his nose, to just above his hocks; drips descend down shoulder to encompass wing joints; few small 'palomino' spots, irregularly placed along the line between colours; a small seahorse shaped spot on his right thigh
x Legs | Heavily feathered legs; white
x Wings | Enormous; heavily feathered, golden/palomino
x Voice | Normally soft, youthful; inexperienced, though earnest
x Scent | Briny
x Religion | Unsure
x Wears | Nothing yet

Genetic Mutation | Ability to have third active magic
Genetic Mutation | Ability to bond with two companions
Genetic Mutation | Second companion magic

Strengths and weaknesses
x Manly | having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage, strength, and spirit.
x Personable | having an agreeable or pleasing personality; affable; amiable; sociable
x Artful | showing creative skill or taste.
x Caring | displaying kindness and concern for others.
x Unconventional | not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.
x Genuine | free of deceit; truthful and sincere.
x High-minded | having or showing intelligence and a strong moral character.
x Moral | concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour.
x Pensive | engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.

x Hasty | acting with excessive speed or insufficient consideration; quick-tempered.
x Messy | untidy or dirty.
x Intolerant | not tolerant of views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one's own.
x Sceptical | not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations; suspicious.
x Stubborn | having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good reasons to do so.
x Restive | unwilling to be controlled or be patient.
x Self-Conscious | feeling undue awareness of oneself, one's appearance, or one's actions.
x Transparent | easy to perceive or detect.
x Overprotective | having a tendency to protect someone, especially a child, excessively; jealous.

Likes and dislikes
Sun, warm climates
The ocean; taste and smell of brine
Females in general
Flying; the open air

Snow and cold weather
Immorality; iniquity
Isolation; also being tethered
Enclosed spaces - forests, caves

x Stands mostly with his head high; appears to be anticipating something.
x Follows trails wherever possible.
x Only sleeps near, or with water in view.
x ...

Family and relationships
Father | 'Darwin' - traditionally, he is a palomino pintaloosa pegasus with gypsy vanner conformation. The stallion descends from a long family of warriors

Mother | 'Adelaide' - she too, falls from the clean island bloodline - painted palomino pegasus with gypsy vanner conformation.

Siblings | It isn’t customary on the island of Manangatang to have multiple offspring.

Sweetheart | Nora

Children | Isla

Aquaintences | Vitani, Victorina, Tilney, Roland, Lord Rikyn, Lena, Canaan, Sansa, Beloved, Zona...

Loyalties | Amaris, Akumi, Noxia...

Bad blood | Toulouse

Homeland and heritage
x Birth Land | ... - 'Manangatang Island'
x Tribe | ...
x Native Tongue | ...
x Latitude | Mid
x Landscape | ...

I was born on a remote, sun-soaked tropical island in the mid-Lorien hemisphere. Manangatang, named by my ancestors, was paradise. Pristine, white-sandy beaches sank beneath quiet, clam ocean-blue; the exquisite Wayamba reef throve in the mild waters all around, curving a comfortable path against the island’s rolling contours. Great, green turtles skated beneath glittering waves, sea cows grazed on vast meadows of swaying sea-grass, and a rainbow assortment of fish darted hither and thither, between flourishing coral formations. Inland, dense rainforest blanketed the rambling, rugged landscape, growing lazily toward the dormant, volcanic peak of Mount Bulln-Bulln – she’d slumbered soundly for countless generations.

Such a serene and isolated environment produced an iconic culture within our indigenous population - flaxen, golden, sun-kissed appearance and a dawdling, slang manner of speech (vibrant, unique words and expressions). We were winged, pegasus, and legend suggested that it was by flight that the first of our kind arrived on Manangatang.

Our herd, though ultimately laid back, always followed a deep-rooted structure and perhaps it was because of this widely accepted pattern that corruption never flared from within. A council of elders several-strong stood very loosely as our leading body; should the need ever have arisen, they would’ve been called upon to make joint, unbiased decisions. Beneath them sat an assembly of qualified individuals, trained by expert parents who were taught in turn by their own, and again – their abilities were almost inborn; a Soothsayer liaised with the Sun and the Sea (humming always to the sleeping volcano), while a Witchdoctor mixed herbs and prayers to remedy ailments; Warriors defended with both weight and wisdom against the natural world, while Lore-makers protected our culture and nurtured the minds of the newest generations. A dozen others who were affectionately called ‘Gromets’, lived idly, blithely, without accountability, and young, foals, experienced a sound, nurtured, learned upbringing, free of neglect and suffering.

Law was as unknown and unnecessary as hierarchy.

Deep down, I knew I’d never be a warrior – it was in my blood, sure, but I couldn’t feel it in my heart. No one before me had ever challenged tradition, and I felt overwhelming shame about my inability to accept the destiny dealt to me. Born early-summer to an honourable Warrior couple, my life, unbeknownst to me, had been predetermined. Even as a young foal, this body seemed stereotypically thick, brawny, and back then my heart was bold – it was a predictably flawless and cherished combination of qualities. My parents loved me dearly, nurtured and encouraged as they should, yet I struggled to grow comfortable in my class. At the end of my first year, I was expectedly sparring with my peers in play, and learning the early arts of defence, both wisdom and strength – and I was determined to please, to fit the mould. I was obedient, if not motivated or inspired.

Often my thoughts would turn to the other classes, the Witchdoctors and their practicing apprentices, blending and chanting, healing those of my own strain who’d been cut or bruised during service. These marvelling eyes would pick the silhouettes of the Soothsayer and her curious disciples as they wove, single-file through the dank, dark rainforest, away, towards old Bulln-Bulln; perhaps to learn the lullaby that might see her sleep for another hundred suns.

My focus would return, time and time again, only to find my unwavering patrol partner far ahead.

As I approached the age of three, the age of graduation (and onset of adulthood), too drew near. Spring marked the beginning of a customary beach celebration, within which those of the same age would demonstrate their long practiced abilities through means of an elder-assigned test – a year or two prior, I remember the hauntingly melodic hymn both written and performed by one filly, in honour of the Sea. That song was so loved by the Council, that it had been learned thereafter by youth still upcoming. How I would’ve liked to be so acknowledged – it inspired courage within me. Desperation… The day came quickly and my task was set before an accomplished, expectant and conformist crowd. No one had failed before. Seek a new altitude, highways therein; come back with rich spoils as proof you have been. Your loot is well fabled, but here never born; only a warrior’s resolve can attain you the horn.”

The riddle had struck my heart with the effect of twenty thousand wasp needles, yet I had saluted the speaker with all of the bravery I’d been able to muster, and smiled stiffly in turn to devoted parents in the crowd. A long while after had been spent considering the first line given, altitudes and highways, until I was certain the path lead offshore – far away, I imagined grimly, from my paradise home.

Tallsun Eight
Orangemoon Eight

Possessions and gifts
x Feather | To Akumi | He stumbles over his own wing, leaving behind a golden flight feather
x Thread | Sought | Received/Refused

Quests and drops
x Our souls turn into a boat of dreams | Water x Wind | Received Quest
x Visitors | Arctic Zephyr | Refused
x Thread | Sought | Received/Refused

Wins and losses
x Thread | Opponent | Win/Loss
x Thread | Opponent | Win/Loss

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Battle Statistics
STR:   9 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.5 7.5 7 64
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