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Aurora Basin Stallion

Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 4 years Height: 16 hands

Breed: Thoroughbred/Friesian mutt
Gender: Stallion
Age: 4 years (Tallsun)
Species: Unicorn
Horn: Glass, black with brilliant flecks of purple and blue
Eyes: Purple
Mane: Black with blue fringe
Body: Black with a consistent purple sheen
Hooves: Black with a bluish gleam
Markings: None
Tail: Lion-tailed, black with blue fringe  



✗ spunky
✗ attention whore
✗ sassy
✗ straightforward
✗ self-important
✗ eccentric
✗ flirtatious
✗ commitment issues
✗ seeking validation
✗ reckless
✗ unsteady moral compass
✗ accepting


Born from infidelity, he is sin. When the respectable, noble king knocks up the village whore, nobody is supposed to know. The child was intended to be kept secret, hidden away from the public eye and born into the quiet shadows. News of a bastard child would ruin the royal family's reputation and shatter the facade. And so the seductress was sent away, belly swollen with sin and secrets, until she gave birth to a kicking, screaming colt. He had lovely midnight skin and no intentions of being kept hidden away, left to be overlooked and forgotten―his mother could tell this already.

The spunky colt grew quickly, and before long he and his mother were allowed to return to the village. The villagers had no reason to believe the child was of royal blood, despite the fact he wore the same deep complexion and glittering horn as the king. The child was said to have been sired by an unnamed stallion his mother had slept with during her time away, and the child at first believed this just as the villagers did.

But as the child grew into a curious, expressive stallion he became relentless about his identity. There were too many unanswered questions, too many secrets that didn't seem right. His mother reluctantly handed him the truth, begging for him to keep quiet for their own safety, but he was reckless with what she'd told him.

Rumors began to spread about the king's bastard child, and instead of the villagers turning against the king, they aimed their angers at the young stallion. He was already a notorious troublemaker, in more ways than one, and in an outrage it was agreed that he be exiled from the village. It was then when he ran toward Helovia, looking for some more trouble he could get in the middle of.  


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