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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 15 hh
no one's alone in this world..

A simple little avian, with at first a meager build. Further exploration of her ghastly features would reveal lean amounts of muscle inherited from her muddled bloodline. Mediocre in stature, it is yet another trait to add to her inconspicuous frame. Though the lass does benefit from speed, she has little to brag about when her defense and potency is taken into consideration. Yet there is more to the girl than her physical prowess, for a dove always has her powerful wings like a rose with it's mighty, hidden thorns. A warrior marooned in a misleading cloak of feminine fragility, a wolf in sheep's clothing.But, this potential stems from the disguise itself; for the mare's refined bodice is her only material weapon. Alluring and regal, the queen carries herself flirtatiously, what began as methodical strategy becoming mere habit. Yet it still does it's job of warding off those who would think that the woman was perhaps threatening to their intentions. By embracing the perks of her gender, the bird has managed to escape from the clutches of negative attention, in most instances. This is a trick only for the weak minded, as beyond her grace it would come easier to some than others traces of individuality.

Part of her cover is a pearly alabaster coloration, silky hairs disturbed by the breeze without resistance. Painted in a rich taupe, on her chest the equine possesses a large marking comparable to the silhouette of a falling blackbird, tail feathers tickling the fringes of her neck. A duller umber masks her nose, with an intruding pastel snip between her nostrils. On her left orb the deep blueness of an endless oceanic expanse is bordered by a patch of bronze. On the right side of her elegantly sloping muzzle, her seal brown optic is placed on a blank canvas of thickly packed snow and ice. Untamed, wavy locks express the defiant spirit of the mustang within. At the front, they begin with an ashen forelock and fade to a bleached nothingness. But the little deer's dock begins the opposite way, beginning filled with light and fading until it is completely devoid of it. In both areas the strands are quite lengthy, yet their waviness causes curving which does not allow the hair to dangle at it's full length. Even if straightened, it would be too wild to tame. Not unlike little Isi, but there is the blood of other breeds numbing the true extent of her emotional capabilities.

we've all got someone to hold,

genuine, kind, compassionate, strong, brave, noble, moral

Despite a past of struggle, the lass was always consoled by her companion. Now owing more to the young dragon than she will ever know, for it was Adella who kept the lone woman from darkening to the extent that she could have. Though emotional changes were underwent after the initial separation, the creature had kept it's partner bright when the sun refused to rise on a new day, a new life. For her reptilian sibling was the light, her new daytime star. And though the moon had risen over her past, a great fire ball beckoned her forwards towards the future. One trait that certainly defines the avian is passionate. A fiery spirit lurks inside, expressed through her lithe build and wild mane. This is a girl who will stand up for her beliefs, unfaltering until her last breath. Due to what she has overcome, she has grown emotionally strong. But, also sometimes restricting of herself at the same time. She lives by a strict code of conduct; improve yourself, strive to better others, do not fall for the temptations of avarice. She has ambition for a higher rank, her purpose to rise and defend those she has sworn loyalty to.

Second is her generosity, and brutal honesty. Though a generally kind mare, who would easily give up her own comfort for the sake of others, she is not one to sugar coat troubles no matter the trauma they may be causing. Isi is blatant and bold in her truth-telling, despite the consequences that may follow her actions. In most cases, she is a very vibrant and brave equine with little to fear. Believing that she is pure and untainted by the poison of their world, for the most part she considers herself always to be correct in almost every situation. One of her most distinct skills is strategic planning, and she takes pride in her bold scheming and tends to believe that her own are most effective and therefore most likely to be considered. However a few exceptions are made when it comes to brilliant schemes, in which she may try and take partial credit for in order to polish her reputation. Despite her sense of individuality, she herself devised a fragile demeanor to avoid the clutches of tempting sins. Overall she is a hardy, optimistic, selfless and in certain events selfish little fae with a quick mind and tongue.

who knows our thoughts,

Dam [d]
Unknown : Bay mare.


Sire [d]
Unknown : Bay paint stallion.


[d] = deceased.

someone who worries,

I was born to a nomadic wild horse band but got separated during a lightning storm; I bonded with Adella as a baby and we grew up together before winding up here in Helovia.
Helovia :: Year 4 FrostFall

i. i have no one but you.
ii. i don't think that's how the song goes.
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who understands our pain.

Adella :: Common brown Dragon

Adella is my everything. Without her I have no idea where I would be in my life, if I would be the same, kind soul I am today. She has helped me, been with me almost every step of the way. After I lost my herd, I found her egg, and when she hatched, we became an almost unstoppable duo. There is almost nothing that brings us down, although Adella often gets a little sassy on me, but I don't mind. We're like two peas in a pod, stuck together for life. She protects me, watches over me when I sleep, and I watch over her when she sleeps. We care for each other, make sure we're safe, make sure we're alive and okay. Because of her fire breathing abilities, she keeps us both safe, often threatening enemies who dare to test our boundaries.
We are almost the same person, the same mind in two different physical forms.

:: [ Companion: Brown Dragon | Mythical, common | Fire Breath | Unknown ]
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