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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 6 :: Ages in Tallsun Height: 17.0hh
Breed: Andalusian (Thick Build)
Gender: Stallion
Age: Six Years (Ages in Tallsun)
Race: Pegasus
Wings: Red-brown eagle wings, white underfeathers
Hooves: Cream
Eyes: Striking blue
Body: Bay base, black tiger stripes and black barring on legs with white splash over chest, stomach and face, black muzzle
Markings: White stocking on left hind leg and three white socks
Mane: Black, long and fine, white forelock
Tail: Black, long and fine

Lotherarius is as chief-like in aesthetics as he is in character. He bears the blackened tiger stripes of his former ancestors that drape themselves across his neck all the way to his rump along a blood-red mahogany pelt. This pelt is, however, laden with darker points across his velveteens and points along his pillars. The same mahogany hue continues through to his wings that don beautiful feathers of a well-built creature. He does have snowy points: they form as three ivory socks across both his front pillars and his right hind one, whilst he bears more a ivory stocking across his left hind pillar. He has a blanket of snow on his underside that continues from the tip of his neck, down his chest and underneath the belly. This is also apparent across the base of his wings, whilst it also forms a strange yet regal marking along his skull and one of his lobes. His pools are a deep sky azure that accentuate his blood-red hue. His forelock tassles are ivory to match the tip of his skull and right lobe, contrasting against his charcoal mane and tail tassles that are long and flowing. He is an incredibly handsome creature, sophisticated and dashing simul0taneously.

Various pieces of jewellery once hung across his body, all he has lost. Yet in time Lotherarius hopes to bring them back through various means, including the feathers of his time as a chief that sit behind his lobes, his intricate chains that match his tail bangle and his deep red, long flowing cape. All that remains on his person is a single piercing of the right lobe of the finest gold, a straight bar.


Paranoid ○ Gentleman-like ○ Proud ○ Isolated

The mahogany brute has a personality to match his history. He shares his father’s paranoia, which makes Lotherarius incredibly vulnerable (in his own mind) should he learn to trust another creature. Lotherarius thrives in social situations and yearns for both contact and friendship, however, his paranoia then makes it difficult to remain attached to any friend. He will always believe that he is being followed or plotted against. His paranoia and father issues make him one difficult stag to understand.

Despite his paranoid tendencies and alike, Lotherarius is a talented and experienced war chief, using clever tactics in his former life to overthrow other clan leaders and restore order within his ranks. His knowledge of war is cunning.

His desire for company also makes Lotherarius a kind and gentle soul, particularly a fondness for children following his own sad childhood. Lotherarius’ want for an heir of his own only stirs his paranoia and need to remain healthy and alive. With such complicated and contrasting characteristics the former war-chief is inexplicably ‘interesting’.

Sire: Raphanarius
Mother: Daea – daughter of neighbouring clan’s chief, Clantarrus

Only child – only heir.

Gawen - Lotherarius x Raeden



Lotherarius’ past has been strictly shaped by his father, whom he was cared for. His mother passed away shortly after Lotherarius’ birth, therefore leaving him to be nursed by one of the chief’s mistresses until he was old enough to be taught how to rule a clan under his father’s watchful pools. From a young age he was taught in the ways of war, and often accompanied his father and his father’s clan warriors into battle to be taught tactics and to stand his ground. This has hardened him up considerably, except for the fact that during his childhood he often saw several assassination attempts on his father. Watching his father grow more and more paranoid and scared for his life was what eventually turned Lotherarius into the same paranoid brute.

With his father’s health deteriorating during his second year, Lotherarius was thrown into regal chief rank, leaving him in charge of his father’s clan in order for him to recover. Yet despite the efforts of the medics within the clan, Raphanarius died through complications of his illness just three months later. It was rumoured that he had eventually been killed off by one of his warriors, whose desires was to become clan leader through proxy as Lotherarius was still considered too inexperienced to rule.

As the months passed Lotherarius remained chief of the clan and won several battles against the various warring clans, but he never proved his father’s killer to the rest of his subjects and therefore remained fixed with the impression that he too would meet the same end. The brute never fathered any heirs or became close to any fae during his time as war chief. Eventually the clan drove him out in fear that he was not worthy to rule even though he had proved himself several times over, often being seen as the one who had helped to kill Raphanarius through being too young to be independent.

Alone with his paranoid thoughts the mahogany brute remained a wanderer for the next two years, again never becoming close to another soul in his search for the need to show his own strength and that his father had not been killed because of him…




  • I Come With Ghosts Threshold
  • The Waves of the Sea


  • Do You Want It? [Item Contest]
  • Red Vines [Capture] - Illusor Recruitment
  • Red-Winged Witbird [Item - Wolf Dagger]
  • Have You Ever Seen a Diamond in the Flesh?
  • Lightning Only Strikes Once [Capture - Hertz]
  • Glitz and Glamour




  • The Wrong Year
  • She Said I Didn't Try [Hertz - Joining]
  • Dark and Dusty, Painted on the Sky [Herd Meeting - Rank to Sleuth]

  • Other

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