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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 5 Height: 15.3



Call me Rift

5 years and a stallion at that.

He calls the Dragon's Throat home and one day, he will heal the world.

A lanky beast, 15.3hh with a build that compliments the bones.

Like a cake mix, only filled with different sorts of Arabian breeds. A dash of Polish here, plain old Arabian for the stock, pepper in some Anglo and finish with a pinch of Egyptian.

A coat of blood spattered with ebon spots over the shoulders and rump; permanent bruises.

Eyes to match the reddened sunset, pupilless and clear.

Kind lips folding into a nervous grin, I'm sure he's glad to have met you.

Tresses dripping scarlet to the ground, trailing after him like ink on a page.

Rift is the bastard child of desperation and need, a natural union turned to monstrosity as babe was torn from breast; the world had caved in. Child to a mother whose likeness was to a God; a broken creature weighted with the sins of those before him.

Son of the Blasphemer.

Rift is a contradiction in motion, a cirrus expanse of self hatred with the undeniable need for self preservation. The brambles and vines within his mind often snag and tangle in his thoughts and he finds himself dwelling on everything yet nothing. Guilt feels like breathing while panic is as common as waking to the earth below his hooves; he is in a never ending battle with himself. No one knows who Rift really is, not even the lad himself; he is trapped in a bloody gridlock of confusion at his own existence.

Despite his lack of inner peace, the fiery youth is kind and loving; understanding the trials and pains of life. He has an unshakable need to fix others, to repair what is broken and smooth over the hurt with unconditional love. He latches onto and feels responsible for those he has helped, especially the young and innocent; the only attribute of his mother that he shares. The need to protect and heal what is in pain often may be described as an obsession, for Rift feels that if he is capable of saving enough lost souls, he will be absolved of his existence and finally be allowed to die with dignity.
In a nutshell, Rift is a selfless youth who has yet to understand just what his life means, and if it is even worth living.

Likes: Forests, marshes, Mother, family, sunlight weaving between trees, windstorms, precipices, Mitzi and memories of her

Dislikes: Mother, war, the smell of dried blood, smoke

Flaws: Claustrophobic, confused, lack of identity, aloof, has a tendency toward anxiety

Flaunts: Intelligent, agile, kind, selfless, sacrificial

Mother - Blackfire -offsite, alive
Father - Starweaver -offsite, deceased - murder

Siblings - offsite
- Felony/Morphine -full blood through Blackfire, deceased - murder
- Avarice -half blood through Blackfire, presumed deceased
- Valentine -half blood through Blackfire, presumed deceased
- Vesper -cousin raised as sister, Valentine's child, presumed deceased
- Matteo -half blood through Blackfire, presumed deceased
- Pyracantha -cousin raised as sister, Valentine's child, presumed deceased-
- Vila -full blood through Blackfire, presumed deceased
- Sylph -half blood through Blackfire, alive
- Tonka -half blood through Starweaver, alive
- Mika -half blood through Starweaver, alive


- Vu -half blood through Starweaver Uncles - -all offsite
- Furatis Vox -Blackfire's brother, alive
- Watson -Blackfire's brother, alive
- Nether -Blackfire's uncle through Merla, presumed deceased

Grandmother - Merla -through Blackfire, offsite, deceased - age
Grandfather - White Fang -through Blackfire, offsite, deceased - age

Cousins - All offsite
- Ovidius Vox -through Furatis Vox, offsite, alive
- Nefarious -through Nether, offsite, presumed deceased

* All characters listed are played/have been played by either me or their original owners.


Rift was born on the (now deceased) RP site, Unbridled. All events in his history have been played out post-by-post on various equine RPG sites (Unbridled, Metaphysical, Pantheon).

From the moment he was born, Rift was not allowed the leisure of childhood. His twin sisters and his mother lacked the necessary traits of a true family and often, Rift was left alone to wander within his head and ponder what had really brought him to the forsaken canyon in which he had been raised. Despite the endless river of love his mother had for him and the coddling that he withstood, Blackfire remained a distant creature to her children; for she never did understand that it took more than love of youth to be a mother.

At the tender age of 1 year, Rift assisted in the murder and disposal of his twin sisters due to their maniacal rampage. The act forever scarred him. On the same night in which his sisters Felony and Morphine were killed, the saddened lad discovered his relation to two other foals - Mika and Tonka of the Empire. He had been both overjoyed and terrified at the thought of two new siblings to watch over in his mother's stead; but the reunion wasn't long. Blackfire had discovered the killing of her daughters and was out for blood. Unable to blame her youngest son for the deaths, the enraged mare targeted Tonka and Mika.

In her manic state, Blackfire did not stop to realize what had truly happened; she only knew that her babies were dead and that she would kill the ones responsible. Rift was forced to use his powers against his mother to deter her rage, tearing yet another wound into his already ragged soul. Blackfire had collapsed into a defeated heap, mourning the loss of her children. Mika slept soundly and Tonka eventually drifted off into a fretful sleep, leaving Rift alone to ponder again about what he was doing and why he was alive.

In the morning, Tonka was gone. Stolen by a stranger. Rift could do nothing about it and yet another gash appeared within him. The despair was too much to handle, the colt couldn't take the stress of his life any longer. He fled to the temples that sat high from the earth and looked down into the blinding abyss that was his death. Just as he had raised his hoof to the edge, offering himself to oblivion, a voice sounded behind him. The voice asked him to step back, leave his fate to the gods and goddesses of that time. Shaking, Rift had stepped away from the edge and turned to see what would become his only outlet and his adoptive father.

He was called Altrivaire. He was as gentle as the winds in which he controlled, as loving as the earth that he moved... He was not Rift's biological father, but he was the closest that the ravaged lad would get to one. The two spent precious few months together, acting as the only true family Rift would ever know. Altrivaire seemed to be such a constant in the youth's life that there was no possibility of anything else happening aside from the happiness the pair now felt.

That was, until Altrivaire vanished.

At last, as he searched for his father and failed to find him anywhere, Rift crumbled. Sadness washed over him, drowning his frail body in a sea of helpless fear and betrayal. His soul shredded itself upon the razor sharp barbs of his despair, never to be repaired. He had finally broken.

Rift fled the only lands he had known. He flew from their warm canyons and beautiful temples within the sky; he ran from the past that refused to let go. Stumbling first upon the young country of Metaphysical, the four factions dividing the land ruled by an array of warmongers and manipulators. The young rogue, still only a child then, found a short burst of asylum within a kingdom called Azure, their ruler a ponderous brute known as Thanatos.

The warlord had been generous to the broken boy, offering him a place at his side as an advisor; offering him the protection of a kingdom. Rift hesitantly accepted, serving out a few short, war torn months beneath the gentle gaze of Thanatos before the land was razed beneath the tides of war.

It was time to flee once more.

A refugee in his own skin, Rift discovered yet another wavering asylum, this time the ancient island continent of Pantheon. There, the power of the gods was still undeniably present, yet that did not stop the citizens of that thriving land from razing the earth through with their greed and self-assured need for power.

Political strife and suspicion roved the kingdoms as queens toppled kings and warlords lay the bodies of their rulers at their feet; the thrones of each realm were awash in the blood of those who had once sat them, the reigns of their successors stained with curses and failure. In the midst of this chaos, Rift found a small and marshy land aptly titled the Argent Veldt. The humid grove was dappled with peace and sunlight, a sanctuary where life and death comingled and blossomed forth into existence without so much as a word of protest.

There, within the arms of the Earth Mother, the scarlet child made his home. He was named protector of the Veldt and contentedly watched over his niche for many months; he lived without fear and without pain, a sort of calmness settled over his soul, one he never thought he would experience again.

Within the Veldt, Rift stumbled upon a mare with a smile like the sunrise.

Her name was Mitzi and there was a fierceness to her that contrasted beautifully with the vulnerability she revealed to him. She was the first inhalation of spring, the space between heartbeats, the last moment before stepping from earth to air; she was falling and she was flying and she saved him from himself.

The pair enjoyed precious few weeks together, their love unfolding into a delicate bloom, all at once fragile and unbreakable. Neither of them were innocent of sin, yet she asked nothing of him and he, nothing of her. She understood his damaged heart and his shredded soul, yet she loved him still.

But tragedy has a way of afflicting the woebegone without shame, and Mitzi left to pay her crimes; she didn't return.

The memories of his joy had populated the Veldt, whispering from behind trees, telling of the days Rift's heart had held no room for pain. Bittersweet nostalgia became a burden as it transformed into depthless grief, weighing down the broken boy until his legs shook and his resolve crumpled, forcing him to flee his makeshift home yet again.

He found Helovia, praying that it was the asylum he had been searching for; hoping with all of his might that he had finally found refuge, finally found the sanctuary in which he could be normal. Unbroken. But alas, things never seem to work out the way we plan. For, Rift, the child with the broken wings, is still running from his past.

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I'm Eris and I play that angry douchebag Orithia, too.

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