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"restarting" her personality, it was too developed and unrealistic in relation to her history.

Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 15.1

Waprevah carries herself very well, she always makes sure that her head is held high and that her gate is as smooth as a feather. Others often get the idea that she is a very graceful equine, however what is hiding under the flesh is much darker than one could imagine. Waprevah is a flaxen liver chestnut, her mane is beautifully blond against her dark features. A white dorsal stripe runs down her spine and on each of her shoulder are three white stripes. She has a pair of piercing blue eyes which are often noticed early on. On her head Waprevah carries a goat skull (not yet obtained) and from her head grow dark and large horns. Around her neck is a worn out rope with a fox skull attached to it ... one of her kills. Her hooves are dark and a similar shade to her horns.


Waprevah has psychopathic tendencies, such as hard time feeling empathy towards those she interacts with. The main reason for this is the lack of social interactions growing up. Waprevah was not born a psychopath. Relationships generally don’t last long with Waprevah as she becomes bored quite easily, and also tends to push others away from her with inappropriate remarks and actions. The friends she does manage to make are few, carefully picked out, and handle the bullshit she puts them through. Waprevah tries really hard to fit into the society (though later on she will slowly bother less), but again, she is still learning and therefore makes many mistakes. She miscalculates situations she is in which results in a bad outcome. Waprevah often feels the need to be above everyone else because throughout her life there has never been anyone to control her. If needed be, she will lie to get where she needs. The lies vary, some or innocent but they can develop into massive conflicts. Waprevah has little sense of responsibility and it can be hard to trust her with certain jobs, but she often tries quite hard to succeed, and that includes bringing others down to her level, or lower, if they are starting to get too high above her.



Waprevah comes from a broken home which explains the behaviour she has developed. From day one, her living conditions have been the bad. She grew up in a ruined forest, there was little food to find, almost none, and one had to travel far away to find any source of food. Her father had a mental illness, he completely lost his mind each time the small family suggested moving places. Waprevah often suggested leaving him behind, however her mother loved him too much to do such thing.

As the years passed, her ribcage showing more and more by the day. There was nothing out there and often she felt like she was going insane, suffocating, isolated. The whole place was dead and soon they all would be, Waprevah, her mother, father and her brother.

This place used to be the Kingdom of Kia, a small but strong against their neighbours, or so they thought. Waprevah's father was a prince, very close to the throne when the war happened. Waprevah was two days old at the time. Their enemies galloped into their area, shapeshifting into brown bears. Waprevah's race carried skulls on their foreheads as protection (though it had slowly begin to grow into their own skulls as they aged), they had goat horns that grew out, the longer you live, the larger your horns were. Their horns were strong and hard to break, but it was hard to go against them, strong jaws and razor sharp claws. Waprevah's father had underestimated them, thought they were just normal horses, everyone in Kia thought so.

Never in her life, Waprevah has experienced as much blood as that day. Her mother had banned her to watch, but she could not get her eyes off the battle as they hid in the forest. Thoughts passed her mind, wondering what it feels like to rip out the throat of another equine, the taste of blood touching the tongue.

The battle lasted for days ... many had fallen, corpses were laying around on the ground and other predators had joined the war as they caught the scent of blood though soon fled and waited for the war to end so they could feast on the corpses.

Waprevah hid with her mother along other newborn foals and mothers while the strong ones kept on fighting. Waprevah's brother was one of those who fought, and her father of course. The luck did not seem to be on her kingdom's side, but they kept fighting.

All hope seemed lost when the king of their enemy kingdom made an appearance. The war seemed to stop, her grandfather would go against their enemy and end this war for good. Her grandfather was tallest of them all, horns so large, no one could imagine. The edges were sharp and could kill easily, Waprevah became optimistic of winning, though she didn't really know what that would lead to, her mother had not bothered to tell her. Her grandfather's opponent was tall and bulky, there was not a single sound on the battle field. Everyone stared in terror at the two major stallions, this battle would end it all, though one had to fall first.

Equines of Kia gasped as their opponent began to shapeshift. Soon, an extremely tall and bulky brown bear was standing before them. Hope, seemed lost again. Her grandfather fought bravely, and the bear as well. No one dared to move, though everyone wanted to help, it was tough watching a leader fall without help from warriors. Suddenly, a loud painful roar was released from the bear, her grandfather, had managed to get his horns through the bear as it leaped on him. She looked around and noticed the rage on the shapeshifters faces. Waprevah knew, this wasn't over yet ...

Everyone left the battlefield, sorrow clung to everyone in Kia. Equines mourned their beloved ones. Her brother, father and grandfather had all survived the war, but there was still sorrow among the family. As equines began to rest, it happened, their world, their home was completely ruined. Their opponents came galloping back into their territory, setting the trees on fire and burning everything close. Paniced equines ran all over the place, some might have escaped but Waprevah noticed them being chased down by others. Most, were lost to the flames ... Her father managed to get her family, along with few others away from the fire, but there was no point. Smoke gathered, killing many. Her father found a cave where the little family hid, just the four of them. When the cries of equines had stopped, when the sound of hooves beating at the ground ha stopped, they risked out of their hideout.

Smoke was still coming from the trees, but the fires had stopped. Her eyes taking a close look at her family members, tears began to run down their faces as they watched the ruins of their home.

For three years, they lived there, slowly dying. Eating dead plants that gave them no energy. Her father had completely lost his sanity, often threatening to kill them. Waprevah had stopped caring, she felt nothing. Her mother mourned every single day, praying that someone got out alive, other than them. Waprevah felt no sympathy in her heart for the lost ones, the misery her mother went through or her father. Waprevah spoke little to her brother, but he was the only one that was sane enough to talk to her. He talked about leaving, and offered to take Waprevah with him. She agreed, she wanted out of his place badly.

The day before they would run away Waprevah wandered around the woods, in the hope to find just a little something to eat to gain energy. No plants were around, but she noticed a bird on the ground with a broken wing. She stared at it, it was startled by her presence and made an attempt to fly away. Waprevah came closer and stepped on the wing of the bird, pushing down hard, breaking it even more, she found pleasure in this. A grin crossed her lips. The three-year-old released the grip of the wing and pounded the bird, breaking its tiny skull. Blood began forming around the bird. She bend down her head and began eating the bird, the blood did not taste so bad after all. It was hard to eat it though, she wanted the meat and the blood but feathers got in the way, and the tiny bones were hard to dodge. She returned to her family, and did not say a word about what she had just did.

Waprevah and her brother ran away that night while her mother slept and her father was off doing whatever he did during the nights. She stayed with her brother for a while, but later on they split up when he found a mare he fell deeply in love with. It took a while but Waprevah convinced her brother that she would be alright on her own.

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