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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: Appears 6 Height: 14.3

her voice like a knife through the dark

Unknown x Ruse
[ ??? x ??? ] | [ Thalien x Darling ]

Dainty and fringed in grace, she is a snowy angel drifting across the cold surface of the earth, her frame pure and white to such a degree that it is as if she has been crafted from ivory; only the faintest hints of pink kiss the black blooded maiden in her most delicate of places, with the hint of her ebony veins peering through her opaque, waxy flesh. That whiteness seems to be all of her being until one looks upon her gaze, with the right eye stained solid black, and the left nearly without a pupil, and the iris a peculiar, silvery white with black banding; what veins trace her whites are cryptically dark. From the inky void of her right eye stems an inverted cross, jagged, as if carved into her skin with a demonic blade, and filled with pitch, and if one were to actually plunge a knife into her flesh, the vile woman would seep black, oily blood from the wound.

Breed/Species: Egyptian Arabian unicorn
Color: True white
Markings: Inverted black cross over right eye, which reaches down the majority of her right face.
Eyes: Her right eye is solid black, while the left is so pale gray it is almost silver, with a very small pupil.
Mane/Tail: Normal tail, white; the strands are very thin and numerous, and it trails to just above her hocks.
Horn: Ivory
Hooves: Ivory
Scars: A semi-circle scar around the back of her left ear.
Items: An obsidian dagger with an onyx and black opal decorated silver handle.

  • Beloved suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder).
  • Born Beloved, she has become overruled by her dormant personalities - it's why she refers to herself, largely, in the third person, and occasionally as "we."
  • Due to her DID and pale skin, the White Witch is usually only seen at night, and will almost never be seen in places such as they Halycon Flats, or open desert. Prone to sunburn and/or psychotic fits by exposure to bright light or sunlight for extended periods, she is borderline photophobic, and primarily nocturnal.
  • Though she appears to be a young mare, Beloved is over 30 years old, and has died many times. So many times, in fact, she has entirely forgotten whole periods of her existence, and often disassociates her "rebirths" as emerging the victor in a life or death battle with her creator, mother, or an unknown entity.
  • Beloved is almost always giggling, unless its directly stated she isn't.

  • Beloved was born to Ruse, an equally mentally fractured mare of old, pure desert lineage, in the mid-fall. Shortly after Beloved's birth, Ruse jumped to her death, leaving the filly, just under four months old, to fend for herself.

    As is often the case in such situations, life was difficult, made more so by those who found the child, alone, some weeks later. A band of male rogues, outcasts by both nature and the decree of the civilizations around them, kept her with them for many years, putting her through countless horrors. Imbuing her with eternal life (through a means she does not recall) to further satiate their wicked desires, allowing them to maim and mutilate her at will, without fear of recompense, she escaped late one night, and never looked back. While she does not recall this time period, or much of her flight afterward, it was in this time of darkness that young Beloved first discovered the Darkness, and her lust for destruction.

    A servant to the Shadow long before she wandered into the realms of Isilme, and began serving Oblivion, it came as no shock to the woman to watch the civilization fall to ruin, and its Gods and people forever lost to shadow; she maintains a belief, after all, that all things inevitably meet the end, and the Darkness. Though that realm certainly tried to drag her into the abyss with it, Beloved rose from the ashes of the fallen kingdom as she always had, and made her way to Helovia, several years later.

    Coming to revere Deimos the Reaper, a master of Death itself, within a short time frame of her arrival, the woman was quick to return to the mountain, even after she was lured away by her madness for an extended period. Shortly after her return, however, the Lord passed on, leaving the wicked one in a realm which no longer holds her loyalty, but has her service.

    Hearing of and seeing the God Kaos upon his rebirth to Helovia (on both occasions), the woman is quickly entrenched in a dark fascination with the powerful deity. Eager to serve him, and his surely maniacal whims, the demoness has pledged to aid the Murdered God in whatever endeavors he seeks to achieve.

    In Orangemoon of Year Eight, Beloved gave birth to and failed to slay Sarai, as she had her numerous other children, because Aaron came to his newborn daughter's defense; the motherless child survived, thriving under the care of the World's Edge, becoming the first progeny of the White Witch to live long enough to walk the realms of Loorien.

    a splinter that festers within your heart
    Image by Daniel Foster & Code by Me
    Header image "welcome wagon" by Wittlz on Flickr.
    Repeating background and main profile image made by Me.

    :: [ Magic: DarkxTime (P) | Immortal; when 'killed', rises from her remains as yearling. ]
    :: [ Restrictions | Normal aging; Can be killed by burning her remains during full moon and scattering ashes. ]
    :: [ Item: Kaos Necklace | An onyx necklace with a glowing teal eye in the center. ]
    :: [ Item: Medium Mutation | Genetic Mutation. Blood, heart, and veins are black. ]
    :: [ Item: Knife | Offensive. A decorated knife. ]
    :: [ Companion: Ragdoll Cat | None | 3 yrs 8 mos ]
    :: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ] 
    Battle Statistics
    STR:   2 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   10
    OI:   1 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
    8.5 10 3 62
    BUFF: NOVICE VP: 0.5
    Notable Accomplishments

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