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Species: Hybrid Gender: Stallion Age: 3 years Height: 15.0hh




Breed: Arab x Icelandic
Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 Months
Species: Unicorn x Pegasus hybrid
Horn/Wings/etc: Heron wings, Oryx horns
Eyes: Dark blue
Mane: Light gray
Body: Slate gray
Hooves: Cloven, Black
Markings: Light gray leg barring, First and secondary feathers tipped in light gray
Tail: Lion tail, lined on the underside with long silky hair.

Thin and frail with long legs and lithe built, his resemblance to a fawn is strong. Kari, as a hybrid mix of unicorn and pegasus possess the gray wings of a heron as well as the black dual horns of an oryx antelope. Paired with cloven hooves and a long tactile tail traced with silken hair, he is a peculiar being that doesn't seem entirely real - he is too beautiful and light on his feet, even as the clumsy, tumbling foal he is.

Kari is a peculiar person. A strange mix between youthful naive innocence and premature wisdom, he knows far more than a foal at his age should. Fed with visions of events from his time in the womb and ever since he was born, his connection to earth and time is strong - as is his mind, for it takes a certain kind of person to accept all that information without going insane. Still developing a sense of self, Kari remains a curious colt with equal parts pride and stubbornness as well as a constant thirst for more knowledge.

Born before dawn on the last day of Tallsun, Kari's arrival to the world was one of blood, fear and violence. The better part of his early months has been spent roaming the wilderness with his mother, until he was separated from her during an attack by a wraith.

Shadow x Carnesîr

Because of an inherited weakness in the bone, he will have difficulty growing horns until he reaches 1 year of age; they will be brittle and break often, then shed entirely and grow back in their strong, final set.

Magic & Items

The powers

Personal Magic:

:: [Magic: Light x Time | Able to see the history of a person or location upon contact in direct proportion to heightened emotions.]
:: [Restrictions | Visions will be largely involuntary and arrive sporadically upon physical contact. Requires permission to use in normal threads and can only glean up to 30 seconds of history in battle.]

:: [Magic: EarthxSpark | Able to manipulate the magnetic currents around objects, causing them to move and/or stick together]
:: [Restrictions | Can only manipulate objects within 5m of the body]

The items


Amulet of the Sun :: Storing :: when a magical ability is purposely cast at the amulet, it will absorb that magic and store it to be used at a later time.


Year 3



-- chapter 2 | Curiosity
-- chapter 3 | Looking for Group
-- chapter 4 | All the things that kill me...

Year 4


-- chapter 5 | For you, there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do
-- chapter 6 | Mama's Lap
-- chapter 7 | Paying respects
-- chapter 8 | A boulder among pebbles
-- chapter 9 | Somewhere under the Rainbow
-- chapter 10 | What if the storm ends?
-- chapter 11 | elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo
-- chapter 12 | Attracting Opposites
-- chapter 13 | Capture-the-Rugby-Basket-Ball
-- chapter 14 | Spring cleaning come early
-- chapter 15 | Icky tar
-- chapter 16 | The final Task
-- chapter |
-- chapter |

Those met


:: Gods ::


:: Herdmates ::

Shadow - Mother, really miss her

:: Friends ::

Africa ~ Silas - weird fashion sense but very nice
Circe - Nice unicorn lady, adoptive mom
Mauja ~ Irma, Diego - Cool expressionless person!
Sacre ~ Inari - kind of cool older guy
Tandavi - Girl he met in the Sactuary

:: Aquaintances ::

Amani - never spoke to
Arah - pretty, no opinion
Azulee - Girl who's helping the Earth Turtle
Ampere - loud and a bit scary
Beowulf - he's BIG (and silly)
Carnesîr - his father, apparently. Don't know him well
Confutatis - Scary person
Destry - Girl who's helping the Earth Turtle
Dragomir - Mysterious person looking for Shadow
Elsa - no opinion
Hotaru - no opinion
Illynx the GildedBlade - no opinion
Irrydae - no opinion
Lena ~ Imogen - a W.A.R person
Megaera - Annoying meddler
Mermaid - Scared the bejeeez out of him!
Midas the Gallant ~ Fina - Heard leader, attended his birth
Onni the Illuminant ~ Lyhty - Healer, saved mom at his birth
Rostislav ~ Egg - Rude and strange!
Satanic Silk - No opinion

:: Enemies ::

Reginald - annoying and dumb

:: Deceased ::



None yet

Helovia Hard Mode

1. Any attack, intentional or accidental, is rolled for damage.
2. Kari regains 2 hp every 24 hours from the time damage was rolled.
3. If HP is reduced to 0 he goes unconscious.
-- HP will not begin regenerating for 24 hours.

Played by
Profile Image by Semper
Table image by Tamme (Schwartze)

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   3 SPD:   4 AGL:   7 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   0
Notable Accomplishments

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