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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 13 [Orangemoon] Height: 16.3 hh
I will forgive you if you forget my face.

I have been told I am beautiful. I've been told that I'd be best locked up to look at. I've been told a lot of things.

Men have said that the charcoal of my coat is that of a dead fire, but the blue of my eyes is cooler than any seen ocean. That same blue I see through is one, they say, that drips across my body in mesmerizing stripes. I've heard them recite my lines as if they could paint me by memory. I've watched them trace my blue dorsal stripe at first until they reach it's end, I've seen them do the same to my underside. I've been invaded by gazes that seek out the end of the blue tines on my forelegs, the same eyes that have looked farther, asked for more. They say I am radiant, I am simply glowing, and they exaggerate for the sake of flattery.

They laugh and gesture towards the three horns on my head, they say darling what will you do with three weapons like that? I've been told that my looks could kill, perhaps, but never hurt a fly. And I've been told that even if I were to kill it would be with kindness, wouldn't it, because no beauty like that ever said a mean thing to a soul, have you, darling?

I've been crooned too, whispered to, told that the sweeping blue curtains of my hair could get lost in, willingly, wistfully. I've been told the teal delicacies of my hooves are blessed to hold up my towering, lithe figure. I've been told I am a perfect blend, a precious mix of Oldenburg and Arabian that will never be forgotten, not by this man, no miss.

But I've heard a lot of things, in my life. I have lived 12 long years, long enough to forget many of the first, and I know this now: the gray of my coat is dull and lacks sheen, and my points are dotted with white hairs. The sweeping lengths of my mane and tail are thinning and cumbersome. The horns on my head have grown brittle, the curves of my hooves have begun to fray. My tall frame has begun to droop and my posture has slumped. I have been told I am beautiful. I have been told I was beautiful. But I am nothing but a mare, aging now into something unseen. And so, I say again: I will forgive you, if you forget my face. Perhaps we are both better off, that way.

I will forget you if you forgive my name

You could say I have a reputation, somewhere out there where my name is recognized. You could say I was someone they watched out for as their own, but not in the kindest of ways. You could say I was like property. You could say I was trapped. You could say a lot of things.

Times have changed. Perhaps I used to be sweet and forthcoming, but such innocence was bred out of me by force. I have come to terms with the fact that my life is best lived out in solitude and secret. I keep to myself. I am loyal, and I am independent, but no longer to any other than my own. Some consider my reticence to be a mark of a bashful sort. I consider it to be self preservation.

I give out many names to those who will not affect me. I consider myself a roamer, and I seek to live unattached. Those who know my true name know it's burdens; they know my three failed attempts at motherhood, and perhaps the moment when I gave up on that dream and so many others. They know how I watched the innocent be harmed. They are those who cannot forgive my name. But those who believe whatever calling I tell them and overlook my sins, those are the ones I will forget. So I say again: I will forget you, if you forgive my name. It would do you no good to crucify a ghost.

Dam: Aerlys (d)
Sire: Apsu (d)

Half-Sister: Tiamat (Apsu x Akkadia)
Children: three, two sons and a daughter, all dead before they could be named. First a son, all black and beautiful, who breathed only once. Then a daughter, black and blue and speckled with her own blood, looking like a bruise with her legs broken and lungs dead. And finally a child of snow, all white and born with his horn through his heart.

I would forgive myself, if ever I could forget.

I was born, once, in a place far from this one to a stallion who was no s tranger to fathering daughters. I was raised, once, in that place by his side. And I became something like his confidante, and I became something of his shadow. I was the one who found him new lovers, and watched as they each grew heavy with child. I did not think of them as family, then. Even when he ordered his men to take me beneath them on his behalf, seeking further progeny, I did not think of any of us as family. We were simply beings, passing by each other in a ruthless night.

Three times I bore the children of his men, three times they died beneath the moon's dull blanket. At a certain point, I left. The last child I saw birthed by him was a babe swathed in blue, beaten from the first moment she breathed. This, I think, or the death of my third one--a bloodied white colt with his horn through his heart--was the moment I knew I must leave.

I traveled far and left behind my name. From a stranger I heard of the destruction of that herd Apsu had sired, and from a stranger I was given a path to redemption: the child in blue, my father's last daughter, the only survivor of disaster. I vowed to find her, if only to show her the kindness of which she was deprived as a child. I have followed her now to this land called Helovia; I can only hope she will not recognize my face.

These are the years to remember

-In Helovia (To come)

A note
Ahvelyn's markings do not glow. She was adopted from someone who designed her without Helovia's rules in mind.

Played by

Ashamin & Knox

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   5 AGL:   5 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
5.5 9 4.5 60
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant

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