the Rift

Fire x Wind| Ability to release a wave of fast superheated air that burns body and lungs
Restrictions | The wave of hot hair does not linger and is only wide enough to hit three horses standing side by side

Light (P) | Body glows and sparkles during day and night, never getting dirty and never losing a beautiful sheen
Restrictions | Of no use in battle but will make her easier to see

Azale Moniet


Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 3 Years Height: 16.2hh
Breed: Mutt
Gender: Mare
Age: 2 Years
Race: Pegasus
Wings: Has four wings, the second set is smaller (1/4 of the size) and less utilitarian than the first set
Eyes: Orange
Mane: Ivory
Body: Ivory
Hooves: Grey
Markings: Red gold markings upon the legs in a delicate twist around her canon bone and spots the same color upon the rim of her larger set of wings
Tail: Ivory


Innocent l Caring l Loving l Romantic

Azale would never turn down a being in need. She is caring and has a strong instinct to fit in with the others surrounding her. She tends to be loving, caring and is a hopeless romantic, falling for boys left and right. Azale is very bipolar, often going from a sweet little girl to a crying child to a small demon in a matter of seconds. She doesn't favor the Moon Goddess very much, either. Azale is not fond of her wings, for all the filly really wants is to fit in with her family. Well, her family is nothing but equines. Therefore, Azale hates her wings and her true father for giving them to her. Although hate is a strong word, Azale would never use it.

More of her personality is to be set up through Role Play


Dam- Solstice The KindHeart
Gender: Mare
Species: Equine
Breed: Cream Draft Horse/Swedish Ardennes/Arabian Mix
Height: 15hh
Color: Palomino Tobanio
Markings: White star on her forhead
Magic: light/fire | create a flame that blinds others
Health: Healthy

Sire- Shamsiel The ManWhore (JUST KIDDIN CHARKS <3
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Breed: Tall, lithe mutt
Height: 17.1hh
Color: White
Markings: Sliver 'vines' on his legs, silver hooves, silver rimmed primaries. Four wings.
Health: Perfectly fit
Other: He has two sets of wings :3


Maternal GrandDam - Amani Leila The Fair
Maternal GrandSire - Gideon The WarHeart

Maternal Aunts - Isabella[d], Arianna
Maternal Uncles - Aderes, Gabriel


Paternal GrandDam -Asroilu
Paternal GrandSire - Eae

Paternal Aunts - None
Paternal Uncles - Leliel


Aaron the FierceHeart (Solstice x Ataraxia)
Kamien (Lily x Crow - Adopted Brother)
Sakura (Solstice x Torasin - twin to Takara)
Takara (Solstice x Torasin - twin to Sakura)


-Born OrangeMoon of Year One to Solstice and Shamsiel out of a One Night Stand
-Meets her half brother Aaron, herdmate Torasin, herd leader Mirage and another pegasus at birth.
-Travels back to the Windtossed Foothills with her mother, before her mother relocates them to the World's Edge. As they leave Ricochet arrives to persuad her mother to stay until he sees the filly. He tells her mother to get Azale out of his sight.
-Joins her mother in greeting the God of the Earth when called and meets her new adopted brother Kamien. The god says he will return when the colt is a year old.
-Attends a herd meeting with her family in the Edge
-Huddles by the fire with Kamien while her brother Aaron tries to organize a rescue for their mother and another herdmate.
-Travels to the VoTG to seek the Goddess of the Moon for magic. Moon Goddess sends her on a quest to kill..
"If you want the power you seek then you will have to kill. You will go to two of the herd lands and you will kill two animal in each of them. Then you will go to four of the outlying lands and you will kill three animals from each of them. Bring back their lifeless bodies and I will give you what you wish, but these animals must be in the prime of their lives. I will not accept any animal that was plagued by sickness or weakness. No mercy kills, child. And no help." :: to be like the family
-Begins her quest in the Dragon's Throat killing a snake and a rat :: to begin a killing spree
-Continues her quest in the Deep forest killing a squirrel :: continuing the killing spree
-Turns in her Quest and is answered by the Sun God. He grants her magic and more
-Leaves Helovia as the Darkness take over. Finds love and gives birth to a girl named Amani
-Two months after her daughter is born, is killed along with her mate by a pack of wolves.


There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   3 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
Notable Accomplishments

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