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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 5 years Height: 14 hh


Build: Quarter Horse -- muscled, athletic, stout
Species: Equine
Coat: brindle fade -- black,dun
Markings: red blood splatter on left foreleg
Eyes: grey
Mane: black -- messy, short
Tail: black -- full, thick
Hooves: black



|| Conniving | Patient | Ruthless | Cruel | Arrogant ||
|| Fearless | Abrasive | Opinionated | Precise ||

Once a kind-natured soul, that has long since been beaten out of her, leaving nothing but an angry husk. She is cold and violent, as likely to strike a foe as a friend, not that she has any of the latter. She serves her kind, but it's not due to any devotion or loyalty on her part, she only has self-interests at heart.

She often is involved with conflicts, being prone to instigating them and unable to take the high rode to end them without murder. She's arrogant, often to a fault, but she's more or less earned it, so she thinks. Sometimes it makes her foolish though, despite all her calculating intelligence.

Internally she's very cynical and lonely, but she has a great fear of being taken advantage of or being fooled by anyone, so she pushes everyone away to keep herself safe. In doing so she continually wounds herself, and although to some respect she's aware of this, she thinks that sacrifice is better than the cold feeling of betrayal.



Dam: Arya (bay brindle) [NPC]
Sire: Ricochet the Incendiary (dunskin) [dead]

Extended Family

Dam's side

Sire's side
Grand-grand Sire: Bacco (dun) x Jessi (black) [dead]
Grand Sire: Gunslinger the Unbroken (grullo dun) [dead]

Grand-grand Dam: Revolver (buckskin) x Glock (buckskin) [dead]
Grand Dam: Colt (buckskin) [dead]

Aunt: Aerwen (Gunslinger x Aysun) [presumed dead]
Aunt: Kimber (Gunslinger x Smoke the Wild Rose) [missing]

Cousin: Jackal the King of Thieves (Silverline x Aerwen) [missing]

Second Cousin: Argen (Jackal the King of Thieves x Lyanna the Fierce Mother) [onsite]



Life began in the spring (Helovia birdsong 1 | May 2012), where Colt was brought into the world by her caring dam in the lands beyond Helovia. It was a peaceful start to living, and for a time Colt knew only the tranquility of the hills and the love of her mother. As fate is oft to do however, the serenity did not last.

By the time her dam was starting to turn away and kick when Colt went in for milk, roughly 12 months in age, a stranger arrived. Her mother met him well enough, though she seemed cautious of the figure that had been absent in her greatest time of need. He'd been so kind and thoughtful before, she'd thought him dead, what other explanation could there be? Colt was wary of him at first, not exposed to many in her outcasted state with her mother, but soon enough she warmed up to him, to her father.

One fateful night he crooned to Colt and they set off to explore while mother slept. Colt liked her father as he often let her sneak things her mother would normally snap at her for. So they ran and ran into the night, Colt laughing and bucking all the while. They never stopped running though. Even when Colt complained of tired legs and a hungry belly, of heavy eyes and fearful noises in the night. Her father ushered her on at first, but when Colt didn't relent her whining, he turned his teeth upon her hide. He drove her through the dark and days after, relenting only when the ashy land of Isilme kissed their hooves.

Colt had no idea where she was, but she was grateful to stop and rest. She had no idea the new hell she'd walked into.

The shades that had overrun the entire land descended upon them and Colt was left to her own devices. Time and time again she fled the borders only to be driven back by her father. That edge of the decayed land became her new home as she was cast into training alongside any other wandering horses trying to carve out a living. She was renamed Colt by her father during that, her previous identity ripped from her. He'd wished she'd been a colt, and was ashamed at her for being such a weak filly. It earned her much ridicule growing up, and strikes a nerve with her to this day.

For the following months to a year, Colt was trained to be an artifact of war beneath the watchful gaze of her sire. Many that passed through did not survive, either beaten by the requirements placed upon them or consumed by the shades. Colt quickly discovered that remaining demure and shy would not lend her survival. She hardened into something her dam would no longer recognize - indeed even her coat had shifted colors as she'd grown, her muscles began to fill out under the physical exertion and scars littered her hide where the shades had kissed her for being too slow.

Colt has never forgiven Ricochet, and though she'll play the part of his daughter, she only sidles closer to better bring her teeth to his heart when the day comes. She means to learn all his weaknesses and exploit him. She doesn't just want to kill him, she wants to ruin him, like he ruined her. The life she had before him she can hardly remember and isn't something she could ever return to after all that's happened and all that she knows, but she reserves a black spot on her heart for him all the same.

At the age of two she left the training alongside her father took up ranks within his empire. They moved to Helovia, purpose in their strides.


Hotblack -x- Arriving in Helovia's Threshold with a certain reluctance, Colt is brashly greeted by Ricochet and Guns. He tells her of his plans insofar and her expected duties.
New beginnings lead to new ends. -x- Already setting out on her mission Colt scopes the Threshold and comes across the handsome twin equines, Aleksandr & Konstantin. They're already joined by Skywalker, another equine, then Ktulu and Irrydae of Unicorn and Pegasus blood respectively. She ignores them and offers a smile and a chance for the equines.
Aching chest and blurry sight -x- Sees a mare, Kamira, galloping past in the Threshold and pursues her.
The End Is Where I Begin -x- Stalks the stallion Finn through the Threshold, dismayed that the unicorn Ciceron pops in to offer aid. Colt reveals herself, hoping to recruit Finn. Ciceron manages to sway Finn to join the Foothills, and extends the same offer to Colt, which she decides to accept to have a better chance at recruiting in the future.
For the First Time -x- Follows Ciceron and Finn to the Foothills. There Colt is reminded of all the scars Ricochet has left in her and she begins to recede into herself, startled back as Phaedra arrives.
with all them wolves about -x- Encounters Gabriel in the Frostbreath Steppe. He seems a good Empire recruit.
Somewhere I Call Home. -x- Comes across Kahlua and Cassanchi in the Threshold.
Get Off My Block -x- Spars with Oxy in the Battlefield.
The dawn after a shining star -x- Approaches the Christmas day Giving Tree in the Thistle Meadow which upgrades her magic.
One More Day -x- Apollo summons the herd after defeating Confutatis. There Colt introduces herself by telling him he had luck and that his guard is weak, but all with good intentions. Most of the herd turns on her, though Phaedra and Midas are willing to listen and Lakota, though talkative, seems wise.
Shooting Range -x- Practices her upgraded magic in the Thistle Meadow where Angora draws upon her.
A Mysterious Sound -x- Travels through the Threshold and hears Arrane greeting Silver. They both convince her to join the Foothills.
the Golden Grey Dawn of my life -x- Spar with Ghost or Desperado.


It's a new adventure -x- Successfully recruits Diesel.
second-hand smoke -x- Finds Volterra practicing his magic, attempts to recruit him with Mauja present.
no church in the wild -x- While growing bitter over her father and his teachings, Argen draws upon her.


capable of doing terrible things -x- Spars with Megaera. In progress,



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dark <3

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Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   9 END:   3
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1.0 CP:   0
3.5 9.0 6.5 63
Notable Accomplishments

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