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Species: Equine Gender: Gelding Age: 10 Height: 15'2hh
Badger shows all the signs of a horse who has never had to fend for himself or worry about where his next meal is coming from - he's pudgy, to put it politely, with a barrel-like belly and a fair amount of fat covering his body. Perhaps well-fed is a nicer way to describe him - it's evident that he is rather partial to his food and has been for a very long time. Although he's decently muscled from many long years of endless exercise, he lacks the sheer masculine presence of a stallion - his neck, though carried proudly, doesn't possess the thickened masses of muscle carved through testosterone, and his hindquarters don't hold the brawn of a man who has spent any portion of his life fighting. He's handsome enough, but more in a 'cute' way than a 'rugged let me love you' way. He resembles no particular breed - he is a complete mutt, the product of years of careless breeding, but apparently there's some Irish Sport Horse in there somewhere. He is stocky in stature with a small and compact body and clean fetlocks, his back slightly bowed from years of wearing a variety of ill-fitting saddles.

His body is covered in a pelt of glossy black fur, accentuated by the white markings that gave him his name - a broad blaze down the centre of his face, a sock on his left foreleg, stockings on his right foreleg and right hindleg, and a coronet on his left hindleg. His eyes are a gentle, warm shade of hazel, and his body is mostly devoid of scars. His mane and tail are both as black as the rest of him, hanging clean and tangle-free, for now anyway. Finally, a simple brown halter remains snug on his face, mercifully devoid of any dangling parts that might trip him up.

SINCE ENTERING HELOVIA: Badger's fat has stripped away and he is now quite lean in stature, without the giant belly that once personified him. His muscles are a bit harder, and he's fitter than he was. Although he is still a tad overweight, he is far healthier than he was when he first entered the lands.

Strengths: Compassionate, gentle, self-deprecating, innocent, empathetic, warm.
Flaws: Cowardly, spoilt, cantankerous, gluttonous, naiive.

Badger is a simple and rather pleasant soul, sweet-natured and gentle. He's never known hardship, having spent his entire life being tended to by a veritive army of humans, and the only pain he's ever known is the sting of the whip and the bite of another horse. Although generally soft and a complete gentlemen, Badger can grow cantankerous when cornered or threatened, and he doesn't like horses that push into his personal space or pester him too much. He himself has no such qualms, and will often walk up to another equine to sniff them without caring for their own reactions - he's had a fair few bruises through doing this. He doesn't like the rain and will adopt an expression of utter misery when forced to be outside in it, so now he's stable-free he tends to huddle beneath a tree as soon as the weather changes.

Naiive and innocent, he has no idea how to survive or exist in a herd, especially around entire males who - in his experience - are arrogant and unpleasant. He gets along with mares better than other men and is prone to developing childish crushes on them, but is both incapable and unaware of how to do anything about it. He adores foals, and often takes on uncle-like roles with them. His own self-preservation is important to him and he's far more likely to flee from a battle than fight it, nor would he be a remotely competent warrior even if his life depended on it. He's led by his belly and loves to eat anything he can lay his mouth on, and hunger is something he absolutely hates having to feel - unfortunately he's never learnt what is poisonous and what isn't, so will likely need guidance to prevent himself ending up in an early grave. He does, however, have a passing knowledge of healing herbs due to witnessing his owners use herbal medicine, and will likely follow the path of a healer.

He has never seen a unicorn or pegasus and so has no concept of racism.



sad faces ;_;

Outside Helovia

He was born in a riding school on the outskirts of a city, an experimental foal between an old retired mare and one of the local stallions so that the staff could experience firsthand the raising and training of a newborn. His first few years were spent frolicking in the fields, being idolised by the human children who rode at the school and socialised from a very young age to ensure he enjoyed human company just as much as that of his own species (sometimes more, because humans gave food and it was obvious straight away that the colt had one hell of an appetite on him). He was gelded in his third year, shod and broken in during his fourth, and spent the next year being trained to be a docile and placid riding school horse. By the time he was five he was a barn favourite, requested by adult and child alike and known for being a gentle soul who was ideal for beginners and those lacking confidence. Tolerant and not prone to spooking, he seemed ideally suited to a lifetime of plodding in circles with an inexperienced rider bouncing around on his back - he was happy enough to do it, because he knew nothing else.

He was competed a couple of times by the children, but developed a dislike of jumping after a few too many painful jerks on his mouth and began to refuse at random intervals, usually sending his unfortunate rider sprawling over his head. After a couple of broken arms and ribs it was decided he would remain firmly on all fours from now on, and was trained instead to do basic dressage movements. When he wasn't working, he was grazing in the field, but was known to ignore the company of his own species in favour of snuffling the pockets of any human who came near. It was often joked that Badger thought he was a human, not a horse - he seemed to treat his own species with something close to contempt, and could be particularly irritable when approached or cornered by another equine. All in all, his life was a contented one, and the years passed quickly.

During the winter of his ninth year, he was tied outside being reshod when there was a sudden loud bang - a gas explosion in the stable owner's house created a fire which spread quickly through the old barns. Mercifully most of the horses were out in the fields, and the humans ran in to help those that weren't. Badger, tied outside with only the sounds to tell him what was going on, spooked and kicked out, knocking the farrier unconscious. He broke free from his tether and fled through the fields, terrified by the fire and smoke. Unfortunately, having never gone further than the show ring a few miles away, Badger soon grew completely and utterly lost, and wandered deeper into the wilderness. Surviving was hard for as pampered a creature as him, but luckily his plentiful reserves of fat helped him through the winter and, as spring broke over the lands, he entered a place named Helovia.

Inside Helovia

Enters during a rainy Birdsong day, and is approached by Ghost, Ruske and Abishia. Ruske, a unicorn, and Ghost, a unipeg, frighten him so much that he turns tail and runs back out into the wilderness, where he is eventually captured by humans, to his relief. After almost a year of growing fat again and doing his best to forget the horned and winged horses, misfortune stuck once more. Whilst turned out in a field during the summer, a tornado struck and sent him fleeing back out into the wilderness. Terrified and lost, days turn into weeks as once again his awful sense of direction leaves him wandering alone and herdless, until he stumbles once again into Helovia.

Things Badger likes

- Hay. Oats. Sugar. Grass, lots and lots of grass.
- Basically, eating anything that comes near enough.
- Warm, cosy places.
- Sleep. Lots of sleep.
- Refusing jumps at random moments without warning. He finds it amusing.
- Foals.
- Healing.

Things Badger most definitely does not like

- The wind. The rain. Storms. Snow. Coldness. Basically, any weather that isn't pleasantly warm.
- The vet. For obvious reasons.
- Being cornered/penned in.
- Horses that invade his personal space, bite him, or generally look at him funny.
- Large amounts of exercise.
- Dangerous things. Including but not limited to: carnivores, big men, cars, trucks, plastic bags, windy trees, birds, tarpaulins, certain jumps, dogs, the vet, sharp objects.
- Jumping.
- Flies. Die, flies, die.
- Fighting.

He ages in Orangemoon.

Those met

Laedere - A friendly mare, very likeable and helpful, albeit with a strange way of talking.
Lakota - Unable to make a judgement, but seemed friendly enough. Also pregnant!
Gaucho - SCARY.
Shadow - A caring mother, and the first I ever healed.
Erthe - Loveable little filly. Not a bad word to say about her - courageous and wise beyond her years.

Played by
Played by Snowwy, who also plays Nyx and Volterra.

:: [ Item: Dragon's Throat Key | A small, metal charm allowing access to the bridge to the Dragon's throat. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   3 AGL:   6 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4 8 6.5 62
Notable Accomplishments

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