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Seduce Magic :: Able to instill love or lust for her, something, or someone else in any horse. (With Permission) As an upgrade she could make them feel her magic longer. (Not Upgraded) (Upgraded- Approx. 5-15 posts. UnUpgraded- 1-6 posts.)



Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: Died at 6yo Height: 15hh
Angora is a nimbly built Akhal-Teke mare. She has a lush buckskin coat. She has a sock on each foot, except her left fore. A thin blaze runs down from in-between her eyes. She has light and dark stripes on all four of her hooves. Her mane and tail are a dark chocolaty color mixed with black. Angora's eyes are a light milky chocolate, but not confident at all, yet hold an alluring enchantress look. They are very weary sometimes. Her nimble build goes along with her flighty nature and charming disposition.

She often finds herself lonely, but her spirits never dim. It is never that she is truly lonely, it is because she is lusty and wanting male attention. She absolutely hates weak, defenseless mares. None have prove their worth, and Angora is bisexual. Recently her and a stallion, Loki, have sparked a romance. It is twisted and hard to believe, but it is true. She uses stallions as toys and will never feel guilty for doing so to a stallion. She can be fairly friendly after playing her tricks, but she will never ever love. How she plays isn't cruel, but sneaky. She uses different faces to trick stallions into pursuing her. Once they find enough courage to tell her in their weird ways that they are pursuing her, she abruptly leaves. Later she may find the victim and be nice, but never again will he feel her magic, but he may trust her once more.

Her dam was a dun Akhal-Teke and her sire was a Akhal-Teke or the color black.
Angora is starting her line of seducers. Her first child was a still born, but she will be trying again in the near future.

She doesn't talk about her history and will always derive the question. All she remembers, and wants to remember, is that they had left her behind as they took off. She has children from her old home, but doesn't know their whereabouts.


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Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   6 AGL:   4 END:   8
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
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