the Rift


Absent Abyss

Species: Hybrid Gender: Stallion Age: Three years Height: 17.3 hh
Breed: Heavy Draft Mutt
Species: Unicorn/Equine Hybrid
Height: 17.3hh
Eye Color: Left eye is olive green and the right eye is steel blue
Color: Black
Markings: White front legs that blend into his black with faint dappling.
Horns: Born with a single, classic unicorn on his forehead and then a secondary horn that is partially wrapped around the base of the main horn. It spirals upward around the main horn. Both horns are spiraled, black, and shiny.
Health: Born with fluid filled joints that will be normal at the end of Orangemoon of this Helovian year.

The monster's body structure is hefty, toned, and built for the art of combat. His colossal framework is simply astounding in almost every aspect, be it good or bad. His lengthy legs bound by muscles, holding the giant towering above the ground, carrying Abraham with a great, even gait, pulling his wide hooves over the earth and soil. Being so colossal, one would expect the earth to tremble with every step, but the devourer carries himself with a controlled, collected stride. The leviathan's tail is a decent length, low-set behind the fiend like the tail of a long coat. The aura of death lurks around him, finding its home woven into the monster’s pelt, for he has been bred of many generations of warlords and mercenaries alike.

The wraith's base is a dark, inky color with two pristine white pillars acting as his front legs. Countless flaws and scars lay across the hide, most too small to be worthy of mention. Most of these scars concentrate along his backside from the talons of his dragoness companions.

In the veil of the night, even the gargantuan creature can become no more than a shadow amongst others with such a colorless pelt, though his eyes are a haunting hue, stark and contrasting against his face domineeringly. His eyes are a veil, allowing no other gaze to seep into his mind and deduce what might be playing. Deriving from the earth itself, the tone of his eyes is just intense, shining without hint of feeling. One blue eye, one green eye with a gaze always scrutinizing upon acquaintance, and not guaranteed to change. The behemoth stares down with cold, daunting eyes and an unforgiving, cruel scowl.


His state of mind is rarely expressed on the beast’s face, his lips usually drawn in the darkest of scowls. One could compare him to the sire he holds apart from his heart--but most certainly you could derive that the beast learned this expression from someone. This particular creature’s programming includes no more than to endure the many hurdles life has at all costs, but at his own free will. The terms of love or luxuries exist in his vocabulary and soul only for his siblings and his companions, and when offered to anything else by others merely seen as a waste of time and no more than a weakness. Abraham's features often hold a cold and blank look, the scowl that can set a flare in his mismatched eyes is the only indicator of emotion in his expression.

The behemoth's opinions on a subject may be voiced occasionally when seen fit to do so, and more often than not Abraham believes his side to be of utmost importance. This can often bring trouble to the son of hellion, but he learned well. His parents, warmongering folk never a pair to step down from their challenges, taught their sons at their hip, tails lashing and teeth glinting in the moonlight. The agony and despair of others are merely there for amusement, and an occasional laugh if they can put up a good enough fight. Should a deal be made with the being, as they often may be, every corner of it best be explored and examined carefully.

With all this scheming and torturing and such, there is little room for decency to survive within the monster. With agreements made, his word is his own--a promise will never protect you. Lies are easily crafted on his lips, and even if the truth tastes just as sweet Abraham keeps only one loyalty: himself and his wombmate; one soul walking on eight legs shared between two bodies.

Other horses are of no use to the beast aside amusement. A bit self-centered you might call it, but he really cares not for things that take up resources that he could be using instead, or things that slow him down such as “friends” who expect you to grant them a portion of your meal and give away precious information about yourself. Ever since childhood the male had tasted the sorrow of others upon his tongue, its bitter taste gradually turning sweet until it was much enjoyed. His interior is just as calloused as his outer shell seems, attempts to cause a guilt within him or stir up a feeling of pity causing no more than a laugh. However, for the few that Abraham does choose to keep in his life, he is protective. A guardian sentinel standing with the hammer of death, ready to demolish any whom stand to torture what he deems his.

Archibald the DAUNTLESS

Reginald the BASILISK



|| White Dragon | Fire Breath (white flames) | 15lbs | 1ft at shoulder | 4ft wingspan ||

The white dragon had a square shape, and already she looked very strong and able. From her face grew several horns--from her chin, cheeks, eyebrows--each a hard ivory. Around the back of her skull and moving around the crown her queen were the longest and sharpest looking of her face-horns. Abraham knew she would be great. Her chest and underbelly were the lightest parts of her, being the purest of white, which her back and wings were more dull in comparison with hints of grey and chrome in her scales. She possessed very bat-like wings with a claw protruding from each digit, and the membranes between were nearly translucent and yet, still shiny, and reflected many colors. Her body was sleek and blocky, but not other horns protruded from her scales. She had very long feet and hands that, though unknown to Abraham, were very close to that of human hands, while her feet resembled that of a normal dragon. From the tip of each grew great claws.

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|| Gold Dragon | Frost Breath | 50lbs | 2.5ft at shoulder | 8ft wingspan ||

Bright, expressive eyes looked up at Abraham. They were a brilliant, reptilian green, and held wisdom far beyond the years of its small body. Her face, softer in comparison to her sister, is rounded with several horns protruding from her scales. The scales that covered the beast were the most beautiful gold, as if she were dipped in the color of his father's eyes. The dimming light of the evening could not hide her raging beauty. The golden has human-like hands with dexterous thumbs, adorned with great talons. Massive wings sit upon her downy-feathered shoulders, rounded but leathery with glistening membranes between each vein. The tips of each of her veins are adorned with small talons, and the points of her wings have small hand-like members. Bri's long tail ends in a double pointed scythe-like weapon. Everything about her screams power, regality, and yet she is sinister.

Played by
Abaham, Archibald the Dauntless, Argen, Einarr, Nizho

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:: [ Magic: Dark | Skin excretes a neurotoxin ]
:: [ Restrictions | Symptoms include hallucinations, loss of motor control, sense impairment and cognitive impairment for 30 seconds in battle ]
:: [ Magic: Earth | Can summon thorny vines to wrap around his opponents. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Lasts one 1 post in battle. Requires permission outside battle. ]
:: [ Item: Dagger (Scint) | Offensive. A small iron dagger with a black hilt; is enchanted to allow the holder to see an ongoing event in a nearby land with the phrase "the watching shift goes ever on." [Stolen from Aisling] ]
:: [ Restrictions | The event must be occurring in an active thread within a board adjacent to the board where the viewer writes as using the item. Due to the small viewing plane not all details of the event will be seen or understood. ]
:: [ Item: Bronze branch charm | A small bronze branch that grows a flower every morning. ]
:: [ Item: Shoulder Armor  | Defensive. A spiked bone plate covers his left shoulder belted with leather straps ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A wooden device which blooms when owner feels love. ]
:: [ Companion: White Dragon | Mythical, plain | Fire Breath | 6 yrs 1 mo ] :: [ Companion: Gold Dragon | Mythical, royal | Frost Breath | 5 yrs 0 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   9 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   4
OI:   1 DI:   1 MG:   1 CP:   2
4.5 8.0 7.5 71
Notable Accomplishments

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