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flowers grow in her mane and tail at all times


Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 8 Height: 14.2hh
leave it to the breeze—
-Turquoise eyes
-Buttermilk Buckskin
-Long, black mane and full length lion's tail
-Onyx colored hooves
-Four ebony stripes line her head
-Flowers grow in her mane and tail at all times
Dainty and angelic, Agnodice encompasses the expression of elegance. The tips of her ears are curved to the point of almost touching, the preservation of this unique trait the most important in her breeding. Sacrificing muscle and health for the development, Agnodice appears to be frail, looking as if someone touched her she might shatter. Her ebony locks fall far past what is considered the normal length, with her tail trailing upon the ground behind her and her mane sweeping down to her knees. Since coming to Helovia, the maiden's locks now harbor flowers, entwined delicately within her soft tendrils. Their growth is random, and often merely depend upon her mood and surroundings. Petals and fallen flowers are frequently seen floating around her, and falling behind her, a token as delicate as it's originator. Her tail has mutated as well, the bone growing longer, causing her tail to resemble a lion's. The tail is covered in hair, not losing her now signature flowers. She smells of waterfalls and gardens.

she dreams in music overtures—
resolute. quiet. solitary. inquisitive. analytical.

Agnodice is, above all, determined. She is passionate about all that she does, purposeful about all of her acts. Her domineering attitude was more prevalent in her youth, however, and now the doctor mainly appears stoic, sounds apathetic. She follows the teachings of her homeland's gods, though she is open minded and respects all entities. She is a firm believer in justice and equality. Although she is kind and desires to help anyone and everyone that needs it, she is quick to jump to conclusions and can be cynical at times. Her desire to heal is based more upon intrigue of the subject matter rather than a love for helping others, however, she can be surprisingly sympathetic. She will never turn down someone in need, but that doesn't mean she is happy to. She tends to keep unsavory comments to herself. She hears; she does not always listen. She believes in second chances and patience for those who need it. She tends to live in her own world, unconcerned with things that don't interest her. Sometimes she won't care about your name, or who you are. These things tend to be nonessential to her until proven interesting. Agnodice was born a noble, and raised a noble. She is fluent in Greek, her native language, but her status ensured her an education in the Helovian common tongue amongst others, most notably Egyptian. Her speech is lightly accented, though dignified, along with her every action. She is regal, always standing tall, utilizing the extent of her petite height (her brothers were all very tall, she developed this habit whilst trying to prove herself to them). The mare has softens up considerably in the presence of her bonded, Herophilos. She regards him as her better half, considering all the time she spent without him to be a time she spent as half a person. The dragon completes the duchess and he is never far from her side.

fun facts!
-she's an intj
-her favorite color is blue
-she doesn't really like flowers despite what her magic may suggest
-she's extremely clean! She takes regular baths and compulsively makes sure her her hair isn't tangled (it's a tough job)
-she doesn't see herself as short, she sees everyone else as tall
-an early riser
-enjoys sunrises more than sunsets

save a place for me in the sky—
-Grand Duke Claas of Thedanoliki (deceased) x Grand Princess Ariadne of Thedanoliki (formerly Grand Princess of Vanos) (deceased)
-Grand Duke Raknos of Atemae (m. Claas x Ariadne) (deceased)
-Grand Duke Pero of Atemae (m. Claas x Ariadne)
-Prince Darrien of Atemae (m. Claas x Ariadne)

give me timeless corridors—
Agnodice was born in the summer as the last child in a wealthy family in the thriving society of Atemae. A lush, oceanside oasis, her family resided there to aid the nobility. Atemae was primarily controlled by stallions, no mares being allowed in their ranks or leadership. As a filly, Agnodice dreamed to be as noble as her father, a lawyer and member of the nobility, and pursue a career that she found perhaps even more regal than his: healing. However, a mare studying medicine in her herdland was considered a crime punishable by death. Agnodice desired to become a healer after seeing so many mares die in childbirth complications, for many of the mares dreaded seeking out aid from the stallions.
Therefore, Agnodice left her home as soon as she was old enough to, telling her parents that she was leaving to pursue a stallion she had fallen for. She studied abroad under the greatest healers she could find until she had the requisite training to help those of her herd. She returned to her home adorned with a large cape, disguised as a stallion in order to heal the mares in need that were in her herd. She painted in her hollow diamond, and carried around lavender to disguise her scent, all in order to keep those who knew her before from knowing her then.
One day she encountered a mare crying out for help, deathly sick from complications in childbirth. This mare refused Agnodice's help until she revealed herself to be a mare. After this, Agnodice's popularity skyrocketed. No mares in her herd were seeking out anyone else's help.
The rival doctors and jealous stallions put Agnodice on trial for this, claiming that she had seduced their mates. Agnodice revealed herself to be a woman, and those charges were dropped. The stallions then tried to execute Agnodice for studying medicine despite being a mare. The stallions' mates showed up and rioted against this, defending Agnodice's talent. She was cleared of all charges and the law that stated mares could not be healers was uplifted. At last, mares in her homeland were equal to stallions and were free to do what they pleased. Agnodice could finally stop pretending to be a stallion and go back to her family. Her parents were proud of their daughter, for they felt a horse's true worth was their determination. Her brothers were slightly less accepting, though they were glad to see her alive and well.
Agnodice was pleased with the work she had done for her homeland. When her parents passed away, she felt a bit unneeded there. Being fourth in line to inherit their fortune, she received little. She then decided to travel the world in search of anyone that needed her help and soon found herself in Helovia, where she now resides.
After living in Helovia for some time, the maiden's peaceful life was interrupted by a sudden message from her eldest brother reading "help". She fled the land for some time to aid her brother, but once she reached Atemae it was far too late for her save him. Atemae's rivals invaded the land, arriving first in good spirits, posing as though they were there to negotiate permanent peace and trade alliances. This was act, a facade that lasted only till dinner, when the diplomats revealed themselves as assassins, and killed many of Atemae's nobles, Agnodice's brother among them.
The duchess's country was in shambles, the leaders suddenly crippled, an army at their doorstep. She arrived in time to at least rally her brother and the other nobles who were left. The invasion didn't last long, for Atemae's army was known for it's skill despite it's valued leadership being gone. Agnodice healed the wounded, consoled those who lost family members, and stayed in Atemae long enough to see it stable once again before leaving for Helovia once more.

saga-born anhedron artisan dreamer—
:: [ Magic: EarthxLight | Can grow flowers in her mane and tail that have healing properties ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only heal physical ailments. Larger wounds require more flowers (meaning more effort on her part)]

magic denial

:: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Flowers grow in her mane and tail at all times. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]

:: [ Item: Medium Mutation | Genetic Mutation. Lion's tail. ]

:: [ Item: Glass Picnic Basket | Medium sized glass basket, used for gathering and storing herbs ]

-black scales, blue eyes, two horns protruding from his head
-10lbs, 3ft long wingspan
-toxic breath
-1 year and 3 months
Hero is cunning and clever. Being named for agnodice's mentor, the little dragon feels he has a great deal to live up to. Due to this, he loves and values education even more than his bonded does, but the he enjoys her company most. He is stubborn and feisty, though, a rougher half to agnodice's smooth edges. He enjoys hiding in her mane and tail, making flower crowns, and collecting (hoarding) herbs when he isn't hissing at those who disagree with him.

Agnodice is based on the Greek myth of the same name. Her homeland is based off a mixture of British and Greek traditions.

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:: [ Magic: EarthxLight | Can grow flowers in her mane and tail that have healing properties ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only heal physical ailments. Larger wounds require more flowers (meaning more effort on her part) ]
:: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Flowers grow in her mane and tail at all times. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Picnic Basket | Medium sized glass basket. ]
:: [ Item: Medium Mutation | Genetic Mutation. Lion's tail. ]
:: [ Companion: Black Dragon | Mythical, plain | Toxic Breath | 3 yrs 2 mos ]
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
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