the Rift



A little depressed at Deimos's death

Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3yrs (Ages in Frostfall) Height: 14.0 hh
A short and twisted Ebony Macassar horn adorns the peak of the small creature. The overall structure is feminine, with obvious curves, but it might not be considered delicate to all. Eyes will view a coat of dark cream, broken only by a white face and stark white stripes on her rump. The locks of her mane and tail are white and as thick and unruly as her coat. However, the effect, regardless of the season, is a soft and matte sort of look. The creature may smoothly tread or tread softly, but the gaze is always ice blue.

Ever changing :: Friendly :: Uncertain :: Artistic/Solution Oriented :: Somehow Planar :: Doesn't care about politics but willingly gossips

Lately, she has been gaining more self-confidence. Her bout of depression and anxiety is lessening the more she throws herself into helping out around the Basin. Crafting has really helped her open up to others and gives her something to speak with them about. That being said, her character is still somewhat planar, with little depth. The longer she's in Helovia running around meeting new horses though her depth should slowly return.

Romantic Opinions: Currently, a little jaded but at the same time still falls in love with basically every guy who's nice to her and not creepy.

Missed Uncle: Soren Missed Cousins: Erthe and Hototo

Eldala was birthed in a land plentiful in fruit, grains, and grasses of all kinds. The temperature was always that of a moderate, Mediterranean climate. And the land, oh, it was filled with beautiful mountains that flowed into a gloriously clear blue ocean. She came from solid lines, neither high nor low in the order and that would have made for a solid life.

"Would have" because it would have if not for the sack of her herd by a neighboring city a few months before her second year of life. Nearly everyone in the expansive herd was killed and she, herself, only escaped because she had been in the furthest pasture from their herd center when it happened. Forced to leave the warm climate, she found that her land's heritage(on her mother's side) had produced a unicorn which would grow an excessively long and fluffy coat in all but the best conditions(aka, summer weather). She wandered into Helovia the day of her second birthday.
(shall expand upon eventually)


Horses Met & Association

- Tangere; Began as a friend but they do not get along.
- Rift; A tryhard, but kind so she's doesn't pick. Hasn't seen recently
- Johnny; Her funny mentor(well, co-worker-mentor now?), but hard to find at times!
- Hotaru; Awe-inspiring. Wants to impress her though she finds her a bit standoff-ish.
- Ivezho; Former(?) lover. Misses him greatly and was hurt by him.
- Lena; ? met very briefly, the thread didn't finish
- Calder; Friendly and uncomplicated, refreshing
- Diemos; Intensely intimidating but she has a deep affection/loyalty towards him for being kind to her and giving her the Weaver position
- SerenitySeems nice but a little skittish. Would like to get to know her more.
- MyrrineKind and friendly, could see her becoming a good friend

Played by
-G O A T F A I R Y-

Eldala: Aurora Basin Weaver
Calstron: World's Edge Protector
Laume: World's Edge Fabulous Child
-*New* Arion: Aurora Basin Corporal =p
Akriel: The Unconcieved-But-Will-Be-Evil
Kondo: The Unconcieved-But-Will-Be-Fabulous

Profile Image By Araxel On dA

:: [ Item: Trinket |  A coldtongue berry plant in a transportable case. ]
:: [ Companion: Girgentana Goat | None | 2 yrs 4 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   3 AGL:   6 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   1
5 9 5.5 63
Notable Accomplishments

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