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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 2 Years :: Birdsong Height: 15.3hh
I am a slender creature, standing in at only fifteen point three hands tall. Which is a fairly average height I suppose but it seems in this world we are all surrounded by giants, if not in actual stature then in personality. The blood of a draft sport horse runs through my veins as my mother was that of a thoroughbred mix and my father a soviet heavy draft.

My frame is painted a dark hue, much like that of the midnight sky on a starless night, marred only by a gold dust that has been referred to as somewhat like stars. From what I hear, the gold is the only gift I received from my mother who didn't keep me for very long. From my slender shoulders spring large beautiful wings that are topped with a shimmery gold that fades into a deep shade of ebony only to dissapear into spots of golden stars.

I see the world through eyes that are quite different, my pupils are white rather than black and my irises are that of a molten gold. These pools are framed by long white lashes that rest on my high cheekbones when my eyes are closed. My mane is shoulder length and straight, dusted in gold at the roots fading into a light silvery cream, my tail trails about two inches behind me on the ground and it also begins in gold and fades to a silvery cream.

Innocence was a trait that once riddled my gold dusted frame but the experiences that have taken over the first year of my life have stripped me of quite a bit of innocence. No longer do I believe that there is good in everyone and rather I prefer to be in the company of myself rather than spending time with many others.

As a weanling I was abandoned by my mother to be raised by two wonderful creatures who treated me as if I were their own and I will be forever grateful for the love that Eva and Ruske showed me. My birth father was unknown to me, but that didn't really phase me because Ruske did a good job of filling in that empty title.

When put into social situations I come across as slightly cold and aloof at first but once the conversation gets rolling I warm up slightly and begin to speak more. I love to play in the water and tend to spend most of my free time at the Endless Blue. It is where I met my first true friend, Erebos. I am quite the curious creature who enjoys asking a million questions that may or may not have an available answer....and one day I wish to be known as a very wise Pegasus and possibly even be a storyteller or a nurse for whatever herd I wind up staying in.

Mother: Aurelia
Father: Rostislav
Sisters: Alala (x Destry [twin to Shahrohk] Vitani (Kiara x Rostislav)
Brothers: Ryuu (x Voodoo [twin]) Shahrohk (x Destry [twin to Alala]
Adoptive Mother: Evangeline
Adoptive Father: Ruske (He is no longer on the site.)
Adoptive Sisters: Aylin (Evangeline x Validino)
Adoptive Brothers: Cyrus (Evangeline x Validino)

Aunts: ----
Uncles: Unknown brother of Aurelia.
Cousins: ----
Nieces: ----
Nephews: ----

Mate: ----
Sons: ----
Daughters: ----
Grandsons: ----
Granddaughters: ----

I was born to Aurelia (xRostislav) in Birdsong of the Fourth Year (14 April 2014) along with my brother Ryuu (Aurelia x Voodoo) who was the favored of the two of us. It didn't take long for my young mother to try and rid herself of my presence, her first attempt was stopped by a pretty mare who's name I do not remember, honestly I don't remember much of anything about her other than the fact that she spoke kindly and I thought her to be beautiful (Brisa). Things seemed to have smoothed themselves out for about a month and a half, until my mother left the herdlands to go to the entrance to the wonderful world of Helovia...I followed her, not wanting to be alone without my mother as many young foals desire to be near to their mothers.

This seemed to be the breaking point for the young gold dusted mare, as soon as my presence was made known she was screaming and then flying away at a rate that at my young age I would never be able to catch up. Crying, I was quickly taken in by the bay stallion named Ruske who at that point was accompanied by a unicorn mare by the name of Aylin. Once we returned to the World's Edge I was kept away from my mother and introduced to a mare named Evangeline who accepted the title of momma with ease.

After attending a quest drop held by the Sun God I was offered a chance to heal my heart defect that kept me from playing games with the other foals my own age. All I had to do was leave my home at the Edge and join his patron herd, the Dragon's Throat, little did I know this was also the herd that my birth mother had taken up residence after being kicked out of the Edge for reasons that were unknown to my infantile mind. Going back to the Edge to let my adoptive parents know that I would be going to the Throat, I learned that Ruske had left for some time and Eva wasn't in a position to leave. We wished each other well, and I promised to visit before I left in search of my own adventure...this time I vowed to raise myself because relying on others had left me nothing but heart broken.

-Loves water.
-Considers her magic to be a gift given to her to make up for the heart valve defect that she was born with. So she uses her magic anytime that she gets an opportunity.
-Wings are like a duck's and water rolls right off of them.

>> :: [Fire | The ability to summon flames under her wings when she flaps]
>> :: [Restrictions | Flames can be used to heat the air to achieve lift faster and can mildly burn. The flames only last a few seconds once activitated]

Desires a Zephyr or a Cerndyr I have a Heart Valve Defect which will cause shortness of breath and dizziness with heavy exercise. (Permanent unless quested for it to be fixed. Will affect stats permanently unless fixed.). Healed by Sun God in return for moving to the Throat

Played by
TierRen:: I also play: Rei, Caenan, Keidajen, Himitsu, Demothi, and Difyr.

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Notable Accomplishments

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