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Fire covers his entire frame, with all beads broken.

Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 3 Height: 17.1
::|An Aura Surrounding The Heir Apparent |::

» | Breed: Iberian Arab (50% Arab/ 25% Lusitano/ 25% TB)
» | Age: 2 years (born in Tallsun)
» | Color: Grullo
» | Mane: Excessively long, curly, black with white frosting
» | Tail: Excessively long, high set and curly, black with white frosting
» | Eyes: Orange, glowing like hot embers
» | Hooves: Solid, black
» | Markings: White dorsal stripe, black facial mask that fade into leopard spots on the face and halfway down the neck. Black legs that fade into leopard spots over shoulders and flanks.

Cathun is a dark grullo with black legs and a face mask that extends to half the length of the neck. Mane and tail are long and lush with rich curls, frosted white by the roots but fading to true black towards the tips. A white dorsal run along the entirety of the spine, from neck to tail.

His physique reminds quite a bit about the arabian with a high set tail, arched neck and the refined lines of the head, but he lack the fragility often seen in fullblooded individuals. His deep chest and long, strong legs with well defined muscles and compact hindquarters are a heritage from his thoroughbred and Andalusian ancestors, along with a considerable height that often surprise those who've only so far seen him from a distance. His body is light and sturdy, capable of great speed but is perhaps not as flexible as a smaller individual might be. His kicks pack quite the punch, though time will tell whether he chooses to hone that strength or travel down the path of greater endurance.

Overall, Cathun upholds a well-groomed, tidy and slightly vain facade with a fondness for decorating himself with objects of interest. More often than not he can be found sporting flowers, feathers and ribbons throughout the cascading locks, paired with a lazy grin and eyes that simultaneously twinkle with mirth and challenge you to call him out on his eccentricity.

::|He Might Be A Peasant But Shine Like Grand Royalty |::

::|Far East Style With The Spirit Of Wild West |::

A peculiar character, Cathun is a stallion with a strange mixture of mature patience and youthful naivety. Perhaps stemming from his unusual upbringing, his views on the world often paint in black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. He has firm moral beliefs and seem convinced that they remain the same for everyone, becoming just as surprised each time someone contradict him or go against what he believes to be common sense.

Curious and driven, Cathun devour all new impressions with a passion and eagerness that at times border on zeal. His hunger for personal growth is immense, and while he at first appear to be simply a lazy, laid-back bum without a goal, the fire in his eyes all too quickly burn through that facade. The longer time spent in his presence the more his true nature is revealed; reckless, daring, immensely brave but also hard-headed and judgemental, with a love for fighting and battle that leave a bad taste in the mouth - because, isn't he a bit too into it? Doesn't he enjoy the pain, his own and others, a bit too much?

Yet, for all his flaws Cathun is truly compassionate and won't hesitate to put his life on the line for justice. Or... at least, his version of it.

::|The "Quote-Unquote" Code Stands The Test Of Time|::

::|Wonder Why A Lone Wolf Don't Run With A Clan|::


♘| Lace the Silverthorn
♞| Guren -- Unicorn | Red Chestnut | Anglo-arab | White Points | Hazel eyes | Deceased


» | N/A

::|Only Trust Your Instincts And Be One With The Plan |::

::|Oh Yes, I Have To Find My Path|::

The Past


The Present

Tallsun Year 5

» | My Modus Operandi is Amalgam - Enter Helovia, meet Amaris

Orangemoon Year 5

» | The things we lost in the fire - Followed Amaris to Dragon's Throat
» | Ashes to ashes - Exploring the Ancient Rotunda
» | Stoke the fire, let it burn - First spar! vs Gaucho
» | My ever wandering heart - Finds Baratheon in the Threshold
» | The wild rose - with Waprevah
» | Green Glass Doors - Egg drop
» | Battles and Silence - Herd meeting
» | Sand in my Hand - Warrior meeting
» | Vampire smile - Conversing with Ísfold
» | Det räcker med en gnista, ett bloss - with Nymeria
» | Duty - the tournament for a crown
» | Man the defenses - the second trial
» | Heroes of our time - interview with a dragon
» | Converge - the final verdict
» | Twisted & Deranged - Confutatis tries to flee

Frostfall Year 6

» | Freshwater Pearls - Egg drop
» | Run for cover - Reunites with Nymeria
» | It's as easy as... - Meets Ranjiri
» | We're burning down the highway skyline - Bumps into Sacre who's on patrol, runs off
» | Hey young blood - Finds Erebos, who is looking for his friends

Birdsong Year 6

» | First Contact - Bloodfalls swp
» | Gods do die - Bloodfalls swp
» | something wicked this way comes..? - Returns to Dragon's Throat to report
» | I'm calling you yellow-bellied - Megarea calls him over, looking furious
» | What's mine is mine I, II, III - swp
» | Got me in stitches you LAZY ASS BITCHES - a meeting with DT warriors
» | Savages! Savages! - DT herd meeting
» | origins of a revolution - spars with Erebos
» | we jumped, never asking why - brooding by the sea
» | You thought it was over? So did I. I, II, III - swp
» | -
» | -

::| No Less, Walk On Earth, Water, And Fire|::

::|A Freelancer|::


» | :: [Magic: Fire (P)| Body is made entirely from fire] [Restrictions | Will consume his life-force in a year if not sealed away; the seal will make him appear as a normal horse, but as it weakens fire will leak through his frame]


» | :: [Item: Necklace of Sealing | Gold necklace with three magatama beads that seal the effects of his passive magic] [Restrictions | Each bead will last for 3 seasons before breaking, weakening further if exposed to magic]
- two beads are broken, the third will last until Orangemoon year 6. » | :: [Item: Hair tie | A strip of white silk cloth to which two silver bells has been attached]
» | :: [Sun Amulet - Fire opal shaped like a tear, attached to an ear clip] [Empty]

::|A Battle Cry Of A Hawk Make A Dove Fly And A Tear Dry|::

::|The Ultimate Reward Is Honor, Not Awards |::


» | Amaris - Sister figure, benevolent guide
» | Baratheon - Lost stranger
» | Gaucho - Herd leader, strong and scary
» | Waprevah - strange mare he rowed with
» | Isfold - Herdmate
» | Roskuld - a weird person with a lizard
» | Syrena - pretty as... well.
» | Ampere - Herdmate and immediate superior. Respected
» | Megaera - Herd leader, strict and annoying
» | Cirrus - Herdmate, fellow warrior. A rival
» | Nymeria - are you strangers if you've met twice?
» | Elsa - a stranger
» | Rostislav - a stranger that smells funny
» | Torleik - all muscle, no brains. Why did HE get picked?
» | Ophelia - What a bitch
» | Mirage - Dad's ex, a weird but interesting person
» | Mauja - big mouth on that one
» | Confutatis - a prisoner everyone stopped from escaping
» | Sacre - Herdmate, not the best time to meet
» | Erebos - he looks cool, might have been a friend
» | Rikyn - the party crasher
» | Ranjiri - Herdmate, nosy busybody. Kinda cute
» | Aithniel - Herdmate, stuck up bitch with swollen head


» | Stoke the fire, let it burn vs Gaucho [W]/[L]
» | vs [W]/[L]
» | vs [W]/[L]

VP: 0


» | N/A

::|At Odds With The Times In Wars With No Lords|::

Played by
Cathun was created by Chan. He is currently played by Tai.

:: [ Magic: Fire (P) | Body is made entirely from fire ]
:: [ Restrictions | Will consume his life-force in a year if not sealed away; the seal will make him appear as a normal horse, but when weak fire will leak through his frame ]
:: [ Item: Necklace of stealing | Gold necklace with three magatama beads that seal the effects of his passive magic. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Each bead will last for 3 seasons before breaking, weakening further if exposed to magic. ]
:: [ Item: Hair tie | A strip of white silk cloth to which two silver bells has been attached. ]
:: [ Item: Dragon's Throat Key | A small, metal charm allowing access to the bridge to the Dragon's throat. ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   3 SPD:   7 AGL:   4 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
6.5 9.5 3.5 60
Notable Accomplishments

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- October 2015 || Thread of the Month
- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- April 2015 || Dragon's Throat Warrior

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