the Rift

:: [Magic: EarthxSpark | Able to influence gravity in surrounding areas.] :: [Restrictions | Can be used to upset the timing of other's movements or to slightly enhance movement, but adjusting the gravitational pull on them. Effects last 30 seconds in battle and 2 posts in a normal thread.]




Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 5 Height: 16hh

Breed: Large –Bodied Mutt
Gender: Mare
Horn: Frosted and Translucent, spiraled and slightly gnarled in shape like a branch
Eyes: Deep Slate blue, bright and intelligent
Mane: Dark Gray; middling length and scraggy in texture
Body: Dark Blue-Gray, Black Stockings; Face, Neck, Chest and Back is frosted with White Hairs
Hooves: Tan
Tail: Leonine; Long and Whip-like, with a Long, White Tuft.


--Willful --Blunt --Dry-Humored --Sarcastic --Driven --Mischievous --Warrior's Spirit

Circe’s mother was Hera, the bold, powerful, intelligent, and vindictive lead of an outcast rag-tag group of vagabond mares that traveled the countryside, eating to live and living to cause havoc. Circe idolized her clever and manipulative mother, and strove to follow in her every step—and so when Hera left her group behind in the clutches of a trap, along with her own daughter, Circe was stunned to her very core. She now wanders with searing bitterness and brittle self-esteem, looking for a new ‘home’ in which to fully devote herself to.

The Art of Reflection --Wanders into Helovia and is recieved by Lakota.

The Art of Introduction-- Newly inducted into the Grey, Circe wanders their new homeland, the Foothills, and comes across a temperamental stallion named Birch.

Slave to the Grind-- Meets with Archibald and Ailith.

Assassins Fall, One by One-- Attends the Foothills meeting regarding the new Assassin threat.

Cultural Shock--Intercepts the leopard Donai in the Threshold along with Apollo; invites her to come home.

A Good Neighbor--Travels with the Chieftainess Ophelia to a strange place called the World's Edge, in order to warn them of the Assassin threat.

Danger Looms--Continues to travel with Ophelia southward to the Dragon's Throat, to warn the tribe of Pegasi there about the assassins as well.

The Art of Intoxication--Demands a spar from Archibald whilst on heat; becomes impassioned during the battle and conceives.

We Crawl On Our Knees for You-- Banters with Archibald in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

Early Snow-- Her daughter is stillborn; the shadowmere grieves deeply; Archibald departs soon after for the North.

Long Lost Friend-- Stumbles upon the Chieftainess Ktulu as she grieves for her daughter's death. Receives soothing fireflies from the dying sentinel of the forest, and discusses the pain of loss with her Chieftainess.

Patrols--Attends a Foothills meeting pertaining to the need for additional patrols.

Done Pretending, The End--Witnesses Ophelia's departure from the herd with distaste.

Make a Beast Out of Myself-- Meets with Archibald in the wilds, after his return from the North. She declares her claim on him.

Baby, Let's Make an Atom Bomb--Intercepts Tolio and Ulano at the border, and is forced to watch a nauseating reunion between the gay stallion and the spy Phaedra.

Get Everybody and Their Stuff Together-- An invasion has broken out in the World's Edge, and while everyone is preoccupied with the fighting, Circe sneaks in and rescues the black mare Chemical in order to solidify a pact with the Assassins.

Catfight-- Phaedra returns from the fighting and berates Circe's begrudged absence. The mares exchange heated words and blows; Phaedra's companion, Stella, is injured in the turmoil.


Played by
Zikar-Sin, Roskuld, Reginald

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   5 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
Notable Accomplishments

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