the Rift


:: [Magic: DarkxLight (P) | able to live forever, though all pain is still felt and a killing blow will cause unconsciousness for several days as the body recovers.]
:: Restrictions | Wounds heal quickly if they are surface and slowly if they are deeper, and can be killed by complete decapitation only; upon recovering from an injury the scars are left and in moonlight the wounds are revealed as new; during a full and new moon they are felt as fresh.

:: [Magic: DarkxLight | the magic abilities of characters fail to work within his vicinity, extending in a radius of 30 feet.]


Aurora Basin Disciple


Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 4.5 Height: 17 hh


Body: tall, athletic, wide chest, thick neck, long head - Arabian.Andalusian|Thoroughbred.Quarter Horse
Coat: black - shiny
Markings: red medicine hat, red veins at horn base and around eyes
Eyes: red - wall eyes
Hooves: black - cloven
Mane: black
Tail: black - lion's
Other: --

-- Large and gnarled area on his left breast and neck area from his death in Birdsong 5 at the hooves of the Moon God/Gaucho.
-- Burned by Bear God saliva along his back in Birdsong 6.
-- Burned by Bear God blood along his chest in Birdsong 6.
-- Left lung punctured by a stray ice spike from Mauja, which collapsed his lung and killed him in Birdsong 6.
-- Kicked to death during the Wolf God fight in Birdsong 6.



god-complex | loyal | religious | fearless | ambitious | arrogant | tactical | efficient

Wrapped up in the sweet, misguided love of his dam from a young age he was consistently given whatever he wanted and whispered to in the dark of his inevitable successes and rise to power. It made him an easily jealous-ed individual and extremely proud. He's inherently selfish, overly confident and arrogant to a fault, finding little fear in anything he faces.
There is one thing he will submit his personal gain for - those who share his blood. Family above all else, always. His mother he especially held a deep affection for and her horrific, self-sacrificing death roots a certain self-loathing within him. To keep her close to him he imagines her mind feeding him advice (think Norman Bates and his mother), most of which is better than any real bits she could have given him. Perhaps with age he would have grown to see the thing she truly was, but in his youth she was his world. If there is anything good about him, surely its this compassion and loyalty.

On the path to his inevitable divine right into leadership and god-hood, he finds himself fascinated by the tactics of war and the dance accompanied with battle. He finds few things so exquisite and attempts to compete in them often, treating bloodshed like a hobby of sorts, unable to comprehend the conflicts so many face with his favorite sport.
Living forever might play a hand in it though, the pain offering a reminder of reality, while the reduced risk of it all similarly shatters it. It gives him a detached look on life, often chilling his response to the suffering of others to a point of apathy. He finds them weak to a certain degree, these mortals, believing himself superior and their lives nothing but a fleeting event.

Tales of his grand sire, Oblivion, were murmured on a daily occurrence from his dam, inspiring a worship of the believed deity. More like a Satanist than anything, he is nonetheless extremely devout and ritualistic.



Sire: Belial - silver bay
Dam: October - black

GrandSire: Anduil
GrandDam: Zuriel the Seraphim - grey

Stone | grandgranddam
Ignatius the Firesword | grandgrandsire

Imiq the Serpent -- Cinnoru x Zuriel | uncle
Deimos the Reaper -- Ignatius x Stone | great uncle
Cineviam -- Yaseth x Ulmea | great uncle
Brisingr -- Ignatius x Linatai | great uncle
Lesse -- Ignatius x ? | great aunt

Lothíriel -- Deimos x Huyana | second cousin
Zar'roc -- Brisingr x Sakura | cousin
Keres -- Imiq x Wraith | cousin
Sublime -- Stephen x Lesse | cousin
Zeki -- Zar'roc x Persephone | second cousin
Seraphina -- Cineviam x Lotus | second cousin

GrandSire: Oblivion the DemonKing - black
GrandDam: Scream the Wicked - gray

Sinn the Archangel -- Oblivion x Scream | uncle
Basilisk the RedQueen -- Oblivion x Scream | aunt

Avalon -- Oblivion x Namid | half-aunt
? -- Oblivion x Divine | half-?
Confutatis -- Oblivion x Mortalis | half-aunt
Balthazar -- Oblivion x Zephyr | half-uncle

Cassandra -- Sinn x Basilisk | cousin
Volterra -- Tyradon x Confutatis | cousin
Nymeria -- Tyradon x Confutatis | cousin




Soothe my Soul xx Born in summer (Helovia Tallsun 3 | 11/26/2013)
Sweater Weather xx Runs off to play in his icy kingdom in the Frozen Arch. Comes across Lothíriel.


Milk Moustache xx Explores Heavenly Fields while October grazes. Runs across Reginald.
The fifth crown xx Returns to the north with October, Plays in the Frostbreath Steppe where he decides it's the best place to live. Runs upon feeling the darkness, but cannot keep up with October. Is consumed.
ERROR: All Circuits Blown Left by October int he Frostbreath Steppe he is consumed by the darkness and turned into a wraith with a large wolf head. He comes across Deimos and Illynx in the Basin and attempts to infect them, but Deimos gets away and Illynx turns from a prior bite with a wraith.
THE DEVIL IN THE DOORWAY; Finds Mauja facing off against Rhanna and Ktulu. Joins them in their hunt to infect or kill Mauja, who is unfortunately, immune. They both get away safely.
the MONSTER under my b e d -- Finds his mother October just as she's drug herself, broken and bloody, into the Sanctuary. He lingers on the outside, taunting her. She approaches at last and he attacks, but she escapes uninfected back into the caves.

Hunts beyond Helovia as a wraith, his mortal mind trying to spare his mother, though as time goes on he forgets why, submitting more and more to the disease. He returns to Helovia ravenous. Ages to a year.


Vibrantly Dull attacks Reia and Sheba in the Ancient Rotunda as a wraith.
The Autumn Effect attacks Amaris as a wraith in the Veins of the Gods. Erebos and Morir are also present.


Wolf in Wolf's clothing hunts in the Aurora Basin, though he tired of his wraithdom. He comes across Lena, his savior.
C O N V E R G E N C E The Sons of Anarchy murder mystery team assembles in the Heavenly Fields including Reginald, Abraham, and Jorogumo.


:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue IV Comes across Tolio and Phaedra's bodies in the Frozen Arch. White feathers...
Taken away to the dark side Encounters d'Artagnan and Brisé in the Aurora Basin.
[giveaway] HIS VALIANT RETURN -- Is drawn to Caela Insula where the Earth Turtle awaits by a tree decorated with bells and lights as a Christmas giveaway.
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue VII -- Is murdered in the Heart Caves during the murder mystery SWP.
When you hear that trumpet sound, rise right out of the ground -- Is revived by October at the cost of her own life.


Ages to 2 years.
The Surgeon Awakes -- Stumbles back tot he Basin, finding Erebos and Adelric.
"Shipping" - Intro -- Gets on the Earth God's boat with Vitani in the Thistle Meadow.
GET YOUR CAMERAS READY--IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN -- Helps warn people in the Veins of the Gods with Vitani and Roskuld and Mauja.
the garden meeting -- Helps Lena and Roland gather plants in the Aurora Basin.
Two by Two -- Listens to Cheska's story while she catches a raccoon and he worms with Vitani in the Ancient Rotunda.
The Sticky That Holds It -- Collects red stones in the Deep Forest with Vitani, alongside Thranduil, Rostislav, Saffron, and Essetia.
Feeding the Wolves -- Attends the herd meeting in the Aurora Basin.
he drinks damnation -- Meets Volterra in the Endless Blue.
Wolf meets Tiger -- Spars with Saffron in the Basin.


Blood Colored Sky -- Invades the Hidden Falls with the Aurora Basin and the World's Edge. Targets DRÖM.
There's a song... you're trembling to its tune -- Standing in the Hidden Falls after the invasion, furiously disappointed. Murdered by... Rostislav. Meets Oblivion in his death and learns of his family ties.
saints just swimming in our sins again -- Herd meeting in the Aurora Basin.


Back on track -- Spars with Rexanna in the Aurora Basin.
Ruby Gaze and Mirror Spark [Mirror Gazing Thread] -- Participates in mirror gazing/god summoning with Ashamin, Thranduil, and Deimos in the Aurora Basin.
Jury Summons -- Thranduil in the Aurora Basin - expedition to create/find 3 lore.
Winter Wonderland -- Main -- Attends the winter festival in the Hidden Falls.
First Annual Hidden Fall's Obstacle Course [WW] -- Participates in the unicorn/equine obstacle course in the Hidden Falls.
Gather Round the Campfire [WW] -- Attends campfire gathering in the Hidden Falls.


Gods do die & Gods do die Part II & Gods do die Part III -- Fighting the cursed bear with the Time God in the Blood Falls.
Loneliness at Bay -- Attends a lesson Ashamin calls in the Aurora Basin.
Bloody Hands buried in Bloody Sands -- Travels to the Dragon's Throat to learn about lore/history.
That Cave Again -- Peers into the mirror alongside Ashamin summoning the Time God in the Aurora Basin.
What's mine is mine (Part I) & What's mine is mine (Part II) -- Fights for the wolf god in the Green Labyrinth.
Wolf Like Me -- Revives in the Green Labyrinth with Volterra.
Through the Fire and Flames -- Settles beside Deimos in the new Halcyon Flats the Sun God brought back, ready for a fight.
You thought it was over? So did I. (Part I) & (Part II) & (Conclusion) -- Sun god crocodile fight in the Halcyon Flats.


A light shining through -- Earth god reveals the Riptide Isles.
Smooth Criminal -- Johnny and Erebos in the Aurora Basin talk about crafting.
No, I summon YOU -- Ashamin, Rhea and the God of Time in the Aurora Basin.
C______3 -- Veins of the Gods with Erebos and Zèklè.


and words like silent raindrops fell -- Runs into Erthë and Erebos in the Blood Falls.


Died Last Night In My Dreams -- Caught out during a new moon in the Heart Caves.
devil's tears -- Talks with Rexanna in the Aurora Basin.
What's this? What's this? There's bodies everywhere -- Works with Johnny to make his wolf cloak and jock strap int he Aurora Basin.
The Rub -- Masturbates with the god's mirror in the Aurora Basin. Ashamin catches him and yells at him.
like wounded wolves at bay -- History lesson from Deimos in the Aurora Basin.
Halo's slipping down to choke you now -- Spars with in the Blood Falls.
My heart is a ghost town -- Encounters Abraham in the Heavenly Fields.
Only one way to soothe my soul -- Encounters Volterra in the Secret Grove.
My body's strained but god I like it -- Encounters Sialia/Glacia in the Aurora Basin during a full moon.
house of wolves -- Watches Nyx birth Reginald's daughters in the Green Labyrinth.
Boy with a broken halo -- Talks to Lena in the Aurora Basin.

Revives after a year

Hangman comin' down from the gallows -- Revives in the Green Labyrinth.
of recoil and grace -- Returns to the Basin upon Deimos the Reaper's passing. A terribly sad day.


And so it begins -- Kisamoa reveals his needs in the Ancient Rotunda.
whistle while you work -- Helps clear the dead and collect bones for Kisamoa in the Endless Blue with Alysanne, Tilney, Isi, Arah, and Lena.
The beginning of something new entirely -- Kisamoa reveals itself to be Kaos and a bone monster attacks everyone in the Spectral Marshes.



Öde [Oo-da]
German for empty, desolate.
Swedish has a similar definition, as well as meaning destiny or fate.


Okay, let's make this run of Helovia more interesting...
The Rules
All instances of 'you' in the rules refers to your character.

0. Your stats given through the site determine your HP.

1. You roll for damage any time you are attacked/injured, whether in a fight or a normal post.
-- Rolls for normal posts you can do yourself, just no editing or deleting! It's suggested to make a new thread for this purpose within the Plot or Chat board to stay out of the way, reusing the thread (make new posts to roll) it any time you need a normal thread roll.
-- If you are attacked by another character that has stats, use their numbers for attack and damage for the roll.
-- If you are attacked by a character that does not have stats, or by something that is not a character, use the middle-ground number '5' for both attack and damage for the roll.

2. You gain back 1 HP every 12 hours from the time the damage was rolled.
-- If you are healed by a character that holds the healer rank or healer magic, your HP is restored.
-- If you are healed with an item or potion you gain +5 HP (cannot exceed normal HP amount).
-- If you are challenged, you may add +10 HP (cannot exceed normal HP amount).

3. If your HP is reduced to 0 you die.
-- You cannot make a new post for 1 week.
-- Your HP will not begin regenerating for 48 hours.

Played by



:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | the magical abilities of characters fail to work within his vicinity ]
:: [ Restrictions | Limited to a maximum radius of 30 ft; Ode cannot bond to a companion while in the possession of this magic ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight (P) | Immortality; pain is felt and fatal blows incapacitate ]
:: [ Restrictions | can be killed by complete decapitation only ]
:: [ Item: Jockstrap | Soft and breathable fabric that attaches to around tail base and hips. ]
:: [ Item: Glowing Blue Scale | Small scale from the body of the Rift Crocodile God ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   5 AGL:   7 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
5 10 5 64.5
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- May 2015 || Aurora Basin Wise One
- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant
- February 2015 || Aurora Basin Warrior

- October 2014 || Murder Mystery Plot Participant
- February 2014 || Wraith Sickness Plot Participant

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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Bloody Hands buried in Bloody Sands Dragon's Throat
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There's a song... you're trembling to its tune Archives
NPC, Öde, Rostislav
06-04-2015 by Öde
[INVS] Ode vs. Drom Battleground
04-12-2015 by Official
Blood Colored Sky [INVASION ATTACK OPENING] Archives
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Wolf meets Tiger [Saffron] Battleground
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he drinks damnation Archives
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Feeding the Wolves [Mandatory Herd Meeting] Archives
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The Sticky That Holds It Archives
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Two by Two Archives
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"Shipping" - Intro Thistle Meadow
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The Surgeon Awakes Archives
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When you hear that trumpet sound, rise right out of the ground Archives
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02-25-2015 by Öde
[giveaway] HIS VALIANT RETURN Caela Insula
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Taken away to the dark side Archives
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:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue IV Frozen Arch
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CONV E R G E N C E Archives
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Wolf in Wolf's clothing Archives
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12-08-2014 by Öde
The Autumn Effect Veins of the Gods
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Vibrantly Dull Archives
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09-13-2014 by Öde
the MONSTER under my b e d Archives
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01-26-2014 by Random Event
THE DEVIL IN THE DOORWAY; Windtossed Foothills
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ERROR: All Circuits Blown Archives
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The fifth crown Archives
October, Öde
01-08-2014 by October
Milk Moustache Archives
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01-13-2014 by Öde
Sweater Weather Archives
01-08-2014 by Öde

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