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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 7 years Height: 17.3 HH
On the Surface
Gender: -- Stallion

Age: -- 7 ages frostfall

Species: -- Unicorn

Horn/Wings/etc: -- Two large ibex horns

Eyes: -- Gold

Mane: -- Blue Blonde ombre

Body:-- Sexy

Hooves: -- Tan, with slight simmer

Markings: -- Stripes

Tail: -- Dirty Blonde

& Below
17.3 hands of thick and toned muscle is cloaked by a colorful multi-hued coat. Creams, purples, blues, and browns base a two-toned set of zebra stripes. His body his chiseled from draft and diluted Kladruber blood, forming four strong and sturdy pillars along with a thick neck and a handcrafted roman nose. His locks are dramatically long, with shades of browns, blondes, and azures that pool around tan shimmering hooves. Lastly, liquid gold eyes fill his sockets with a look sure to turn you into flames.

Miseal is the type of stallion who really doesn't give a damn about you until you prove worth his time. Unless you are a mare, he's very uninterested, generally speaking. He knows he's a hot thing, and is most definitely not afraid to show it, his composure being normally very regal(although he's not that regal) and mighty. Misael is a hard worker though, for his past makes him want to be powerful and it motivates him to rise up in the social class. Although this does not necessarily mean that he will treat you like a King would, rather that he will use those that he sees fit enough to aid him in his journey to become of power. He's a master of manipulation and masks, hardly very few outside of his herd will know him as the same person. He hides his geekier side, which may come out every know and then, but he's definitely got his issues, but likes to be a big ol' jerk instead of face himself. His speech is interestingly fluent, the ways of his words makes him come across much more experienced then he actually is. Overall, he's a stallion with a goal and quite the attitude to go along with it.
& Now
Those who know him well, might get the chance of seeing the softer side to him, that is completely there, just not something he ever really shows. In recent times, Miseal has finally reached a point of realization. As a result of that recognition, the man has matured. He still is a beast, wild and untamed, but his role in the Dragon's Throat and being a father has really forced his mindset to grow up. Now this isn't to say that he won't lust after women any longer, rather that he is a man now and knows when it is the right time and place for such events. He has lost his sense of vanity, and respects his elders much more so then he used too. The chrome likes a good challenge, and has turned boy to man.

Misael hasn't exactly had it easy. When he was young he suffered memory loss of his entire childhood, his life had to be built without knowing any morals that his parents might of taught him. Sometimes he has flashes of his history, but he can hardly ever make sense of these memories. As he grew older he learned to just push away the dreams, instead of trying to decipher them he just let them be. Misael was forced to grow up quickly, and this caused his many personality quirks. Before he found this realm, Misael had lived successfully on two islands, one of which was destroyed, along with the reputation he was beginning to build. This made him bitter, and for a while he just hid from the prying eyes of other equines, he had tried to be better and his attempt was ruined. Now, Misael is recovering from the loss of everything that had become common to him, and in these stages of recovery he is more closed off and distant then he has ever been.
Dare to Dance with a Devil? Miseal meets Rostislav when he first enters the threshold.

Rostislav 1 Other Herds 0 Miseal attempts to join the Hidden Falls during an invasion. Leaders do not show, so he decides to go South.

I'm a Man of Mystery Miseal found the Dragon's Throat and is accepted by Gaucho.

A New Morning Miseal meets the alluring and beautiful star girl, Ki'hira.

My Heart Filled up With Nothing Miseal stumbled upon a deranged and broken Enna, a softer side is exposed and he unknowingly begins to fall in love with the women.

Warning: Inclement weather Stuck in a blizzard, Miseal comes across a white beauty, Sno

So Long, Lonesome The informant meets Essetia who challenges him to gain her attention.

Let the fire rain Miseal meets the patched beauty, Anzaine, and they intertwine in the night hours. Pregnancy and his first child is a result.

Nightbook In a fit of rage, Miseal looses his sanity, and breaks his trust with Enna by almost harming her stillborn child.

Hunter-gathererGetting back into the routine, Miseal patrols and meets Ampere and Badger.

paths On patrol again, he and Maren come across a lovely mare and a hated enemy, Rohan. Mare stops Miseal before any damage can be done.

Ready.Set.Repair Facing himself, Miseal meets Shahrokh and begins to cast a desire to protect the blind boy.

Hello Miseal attends a meeting and aids Maren in building her church.

Bloodflood Miseal attempts to recruit the sassy maiden, Orithia

Separate rooms and broken hearts Still not quite ready to leave the threshold, he recruits Isara and meets Hertz although the lightning boy does not follow.

Just sleeping to pass the time On a casual stroll, Miseal meets a troubled Imonada, as well as Silas, and Auriel.

Treading Water Miseal finds Ghost and Riel in a rainstorm at the blood tree.

On the Road Again On patrol, Miseal meets a pegasus beauty, Amani.

Stay in the dark-- Miseal tries to fix things with Enna, but she lashes out at him instead.

The Giving Tree Miseal stumbles upon a mass gathering of Helovians, and meets the turtle.

Consequences Seeking to find Anzanie, he finds instead her giving birth to his child. Meets Tembovu and his first daughter, Viserra.

Heaven's Choirs Begins to build the church some more, meets Cera, Mesec, Nasreen, and Tae.

The story I heard Meets a very pregnant vixen, Rexanna.

follow you into the dark-- Searchs for Enna, finds her giving birth, finally moves on.

Not all faces are new Miseal leads Isara into the Dragon's Throat.

Put your trust in me Meets with Gaucho to discuss rank change/duties.

Pursuit of Happiness Travels to the VOTG to quest for magic.


Played by
ShadowMare - Zandora, Katerina, Zailah, Azoth, Cortana

:: [ Item: Cape | Defensive. A green cloak. (stolen from Drom) ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers little protection in battle. ]
:: [ Companion: Melanistic Lion | None | 3 yrs 4 mos ]
:: [ Kaos Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   4 AGL:   6 END:   5
OI:   1 DI:   1 MG:   0 CP:   1
5 9 6.5 69
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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