the Rift



Nature becomes more vibrant and blooms to life around her.


Species: Pegasus Gender: Filly Age: 2 Height: 15
☀ Hanoverian ☀ Andalusian ☀ Wings ☀ Heterochromia iridum ☀ Dun ☀


"Ai - lin" Common Tounge
"She - khi - khi" Native Tounge

When dust gathers and the light shines upon it, there would be difficultly in distinguishing difference between her coat colour and the dust particles themselves. Her coat takes after her father's, it is a light dun colour, decorated with light golden and brown specs that are scattered over her coat and wings. On all four knees Aelin has black barring and the dun colouring underneath the barring fades to black. Her hooves are a mix of a light brown colour mixed with dark splotches. The Sandy Princess has dark markings on her ears - an inky black outline with the odd small fighter coloured spec. Her left cheek is darker than the rest of her bright dun face, the dark colour stains her cheek, eyes and ears. Decorating her left eye is a simple design of lightly coloured specs, they circle around her cheek and end at the centre off her face. Aelin has heterochromia, believed to be passed on from her mother and as a result her left eye is green and her right eye is blue.

A delicate size, she is strong, agile and fast - due to her compact size Aelin moves with elegance and grace. Unlike her brother the sandy princess does not stand at an impressive height. Reaching a mediocre fifteen hands this mystical girl does not always immediately draw attention her herself.
Aelin is usually covered in the sands from her homeland, she finds constantly thinking about your looks to be vain and as a result rarely keeps her appearance in check. The sand often reacts with her passive magic, shimmering brightly under the sun.
Her thick dark red mane falls in gentle waves down her back, when it finishes just above her knees. Her tail is the same dark thick hair except it trails behind her, often collecting dirt, sand, leaves and twigs. Throughout her hair there are collected strands of a lighter muddled brown colour, when in direct sunlight the red colouring can be seen in the darker strands.
Two powerful wings sit at her side, the feathers are bright, the same dun colour as her coat. The ends of the feathers are dark, the same dark red colour as her mane and tail. Each feather is covered in dark and light speckles and shines brightly under the sun and moon's gaze.


"the way the world seemed to brighten at her presence, grow more vivid as if in celebration of the second of the Blessed."

― Hawke, In Limbo

"The youngest Princess of the Sands had been born with title in mind. Much like the sands, soft and light dun colors painted the filly..."

― Zenobia, Monsters don't hide under the bed.

"The stag watched her approach, noting the play of rich creams and browns beneath the crust of accumulated snow on her slim body; it reminded him a little of the last crumpled leaves before the first snow, a thought which made him quite happy despite the frigid darkness surrounding him."

― Howl, Winter not-so-wonderland.

☀ Mysterious - Peaceful - Harmonious - Gracious - Merciful - Elegant - Formal ☀


As a small child Aelin was curious, energetic and bold however as she has grown the Sandy Princess has mellowed out and become more placid. No longer barreling into situations, she enjoys the calmer approach to life, being more fluid and allowing life to take her in any direction it pleases. Having grown up within acute connection to her twin she always feels the pull to return to him. From the moment of their birth, the twins were instantly linked and Aelin was aware of her brother’s emanational suffering and confusion about his magical abilities as they grew. As a result she has a tender spot in her heart for those who are or have suffered due to afflictions or magical curses inflicted upon them.
Aelin is always in search of those who are gifted, thirsty for more knowledge. With this desire to know more driving her forward through life, the sandy princess takes every opportunity she can to learn. W.I.P

☀ Blood-ties ☀ Past ☀ Bonds ☀ Family ☀ DNA ☀


Gaucho the Wildfire
Sire: Lir the Marked
Dam: Vorsaska the Demanding

Sohalia the Transcended
Sire: Ronak
Dam: Lavani



Half Siblings

[Note x Sohalia]
[Note x Sohalia]
[Gaucho x Ampere]
[Gaucho x Ampere]
[Gaucho x Ampere]
[Gaucho x Ampere]
[Kaj x Sohalia]
[Gaucho x Nyx]
[Gaucho x Nyx]
[Gaucho x Nephele]
[Gaucho x Nephele]
[Ampere x Gaucho]
[Aithniel x Gaucho]
[Aithniel x Gaucho]

Extended family

- Nephew
[Rhoa x Glacia]

- Niece
[Hertz x Merida]

Princess of The Dragon's Throat

☀ D.O.B :: 15/4/2015 - Orangemoon, Year Six
☀ P.O.B :: Dragon's Throat ☀

Played by
☀ Frostie ☀
Arah - Ráeru - Tasohk
DeviantArt: Frostier-Spirits
Skype: frostie-s

:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Able to manipulate dreams ]
:: [ Restrictions | Character must be fully asleep so it is of no use in battle ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Is able to see the dreams of those around her ]
:: [ Restrictions | Character must be asleep, so it is of no use in battle; characters must be in a 10 m vicinity ]
:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Nature blooms in her presence ]
:: [ Restrictions | Effects up to a 5 m radius and lasts for only 30 minutes after she leaves the area ]
:: [ Item: Small Dreamcatcher | A small dream catcher that is braided into a few strands of her mane. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond to 2 companions. ]
:: [ Item: Gaucho Feather | Normal. ]
Battle Statistics
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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