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Magic & Companion
:: [Magic: Light | The ability to mask his true form by taking on another appearance.]
:: [Restrictions | Because the magic is illusory he does not receive any of the traits of the identity he takes (cannot fly, does not have their magic etc). Made-up appearance must be like no other character. Lasts 2 threads in battle.]

:: [Item: Green leaf charm | a green leaf charm that glows green in the dark]
:: [Item: Horn Circlet | circlet wrapped around the base of horn with a ruby in the middle]
:: [Sun Amulet]


Aurora Basin Phantom

Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 8 yrs Height: 16 hh

Name: Roland
Race: Unicorn
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Age: VII; born in Birdsong
Eyes: Blue
Body: Red dun/golden champagne
Mane: Reaches halfway down his neck; soft and fluffy, a rich copper colour
Tail: Resembles that of a lion's
Hooves: Black, cloven
Markings: A white star and blaze mark his slender face. His hide is a pure gold with red accents, and some faded dapples cover his back while dun stripes mark his legs in subtle bars



Charismatic - Secretive - Duplicitous - Compassionate - Devious - Loyal - Cowardly

Currently revamping his personality description...



Parents Ion x Nighten
Paternal Grandparents Unknown x Unknown (both believed to be deceased)
Maternal Grandparents Unknown x Unknown (both believed to be deceased)
Siblings None
Half Siblings Unknown- Half sister (alive, whereabouts unknown)
Offspring None



Year Two. Birdsong
Show me the way - Enters the Threshold, meets Lena & turns down her offer to join the Basin

Year Two. Tallsun
Locking up the sun - Speaks with Xylia in the Deep Forest.
Tale as Old as Time - Meets Phaedra, cursed by the Moon Goddess, & Calvariam.
A Coward practicing Courage - Spars with Archibald in the Heavenly Fields.
And Winter Came - Recruited by Naberius into the Aurora Basin. Mauja & Lena join them.
Mirror Mirror - Inspects a magical mirror and is attacked by two snakes.
Flight of the Doe - After his run in with the snakes, Arah helps patch him up in the Thistle Meadow.
Torture me till the very end - Witnesses Zar'roc & Elizabeth attacking Leyra.

Year Two. Orangemoon
Living through each empty night - Illynx & Roland welcome Arielle, accompanied by Mauja & Arah.
Search for seas of gold - Roland's doppelganger terrorizes Cierra.
Hopeful Uniting - On the Basin's behalf, he & Arah request the Grey's protection against the Throat.
Confirmation - Returns to the Basin with Ophelia & Archibald. Deimos, D'artagnan, & Psyche greet them.
Someone to save you - Escapes a storm in the Frozen Arch and meets Chernobyl.
I've gotten this feeling before... - Attempts to break up a fight between Arah & Arielle
A Crown of Ivy, an Unbroken Heart - Meets Rowan and keeps her company through a snow storm.

Year Two. Frostfall
Decisions - Attends the herd meeting and offers his services in the wake of a potential War.
she found herself chasing ghosts - Visits the beach for the first time, comes across Arah, Illynx, and Osiris.
Dead of night - Wakes to a sunless morning. Mauja informs him that the Gods have left Helovia.
Lost in Stars - Meets Faelene, Thief of the Basin and his superior.
Wintersun - Recruits Sia into the Aurora Basin with the help of Descaro.
Paint it Black - Brings Sia home.
Without a friend - Attempts to cheer up Sielu and meets Farenjer.

Year Three. Birdsong
How sweet, the stars - Meets Seiren on the Frostbreath Steppe. Harmony interrupts them.
Dust to Dust - Escapes the Basin for a night and meets Iosui.
Who needs friends? - Illynx summons Roland and others for a new assignment.
The Differently Sentient - The sun returns, and Roland stumbles across an old friend.

Year Three. Tallsun
Distant Dreams - Seiren finds him on the Frostbreath Steppe. They exchange stories.
Be bloody, bold and resolute - Learns that Deimos and Illynx have taken over in Psyche's absence.
Nostalgia - Stumbles across a snake in the Deep Forest.
Walking on air - Spends the evening with Murdock on the Frostbreath Steppe.

Year Three. Orangemoon
A place to rest my head - Welcomes Epona, a strange mare who talks to herself, into the Basin.
Beware of the ghost light - Encounters the wraiths Sikeax & Crake with Mauja, Sacre & Déodat.
Paranoia is in Bloom - Flees from the darkness in the Basin with the rest of his herd.

Year Three. Frostfall
Stones against the Sky -Explores the underground with Lena.
Where all the veins meet - Deimos announces that they are returning to the Basin.
Unite and spread the heart apart - Returns to the Basin and attends the herd meeting.

Year Four. Birdsong
Verdant fields, laden with frost - Accompanies Illynx and Lena to the Hidden Falls to offer an alliance.
Mist drifts across pale ice - Negotiates with the World's Edge.
Silken banners streaming - Promoted to Thief.
Turns me to gold in the sunlight - Converses with Lena and Zikar-Sin.

Year Four. Tallsun
The Right Path - Mulls over recent happenings at the hot springs, and is joined by Tangere.
Babylon - Finds Caneo in the Threshold and offers him a home.
Lost and Found - Returns to the Basin with Caneo. Lena welcomes them.
Direction to Perfection - Learns the outcome of recent negotiations. A festival is announced.
Your Beating Heart - Welcomes Liriope into the Aurora Basin.
A little touch of heavenly light - Enjoys the company of Lena and Imogen in the Thistle Meadow.

Year Four. Orangemoon
Unicorn Mountain Climbing Race - Finds his way onto Caela Insula and participates in the goat race.
Broken Glass - Crosses paths with Sikeax, who had tormented him when she was a wraith.
Insignificance - Having feared the worst, Roland finds Caneo, alive and well, at the Endless Blue.
Meet your match - Returns to the Basin and meets Thranduil.
Old Dogs and New Trickery - Roland and Thranduil host a riddle game for the Aurora Basin festival.
I wanna put on my boogie shoes - Joins in the celebration. Lena teaches him how to dance.

Year Five. Frostfall
There's fantasy, there's fallacy, there's tumbling stone - Lena seeks him out with a request.
Once upon a time we burned bright - Lena and Roland go out in search of fire.
Murder in Helovia - The Gods bring to attention a gruesome crime.
We were wide-eyed dreamers and wiser too - Teams up with Lena, Alysanne & Sikeax to find Vesta's killer.

Year Five. Birdsong
Ivory - Watches the sunrise on the Frostbreath Steppe.
Heroes and Cons - Spars with the Soldier Sialia.
With the knowledge, sitting on edges - Reunites with Arah.
Above the waves - Comes across Sikeax testing out her new magic.

Year Five. Tallsun
Shipping - The Earth God builds a ship to protect Helovia's citizens from the impending flood.
The long bow - Roland & Lena pair up, and warn others of the brewing storm.
Water from the deep - Gathers water from the sanctuary to bring to the ship.
The garden meeting - Roland & Lena collect herbs from the Aurora Basin.
Turtles are horses too - Herds rabbits into a trap to save them from the coming storms.
Sand castles in the sand - Gathers materials to patch up the boat.
Feeding the wolves - After the floods, Roland returns home in time for a herd meeting.
Gifts of the night and sea - Exchanges information with Thranduil.
The secret life of daydreams - Lena brings him a gift.
Insufficient - Spars with Rhiannon.
Surprise, Surprise! - A trio from the Dragon's Throat inform the Basin of Confutatis' capture.

Year Five. Orangemoon
I'm still burning - Attempts to prevent Essetia's escape during the Invasion.
The sweetest of words have the bitterest taste - Learns of Lena's imprisonment from Imogen.
Long way down - Finds Lena after the invasion and asks her to join him on a quest for magic.
Amusement Park Rides - Embarks on his journey.
It has begun - Travels to the Dragon's Throat to find sand, in hopes of freeing Lena.

Year Six. Frostfall
Saints just swimming in our sins again - The new Lord and Lady are met with mixed opinions.
Not so cordially invited - Thranduil summons Roland for an expedition.
Same old war - Spars with Ki'irha.

Roland vanishes from Helovia.

Year Eight. Frostfall
Blood on my name - Roland returns to Helovia, reunites with Lena.
Like the stars chase the sun - Returns to the Basin with Lena. Tangere welcomes them.

Year Eight. Birdsong
Yet greater still and more profound - Lena returns her gift to Roland.
Now is the time - The God of Time announces they are under new leadership.

Year Eight. Tallsun
Conceit of deceit - The newly crowned Thieves call a meeting.
An undying dawn - A patrol scours the beach for evidence of Kaos.
What the fuck did I say? - The God of Time promotes Rikyn to Lord.
Fire and Ice - The Dragon's Throat seeks an audience with the Basin.
Thieves Landing - Toulouse brings two strangers home on the eve of a storm.

Year Eight. Orangemoon
Hunting Happiness - Surprises Lena with a gift.

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Played by Glo!

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:: [ Magic: Light | The ability to mask his true form by taking on another appearance. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Magic is illusory (not receive traits of identity); limited to: pure white pegasus, black friesian with 2 golden horns, palomino equine (gliding rules apply). ]
:: [ Item: green leaf charm | a green leaf charm that glows green in the dark ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   10 AGL:   3 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
7.5 10 2.5 60.0
Notable Accomplishments

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