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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 6 Years Height: 16.3

-- Breed: Trakehner x Friesian
-- Race: Unicorn
-- Age: 4 Years [Orangemoon Born]
-- Sex: Mare
-- Height: 16.3 HH
-- Horn: Kudu Horns - Brown
-- Eyes: Heterochromia; Right is Icy Silver, Left is Molten Gold
-- Hooves: Normal; Hard, Solid Ebony
-- Mane: Curling Ebony Tresses Frosted in Silver
-- Body: Black with Silver Hues
-- Tail: Curling Ebony Tresses, Silver Frosting
-- Markings: White Brindles around Barrel, Silver Marking on her Right Cheek over her Eye

While Rhiannon is of Friesian decent, she resembles more of a contoured, lithe build similar to that of her father's Trakehner bloodline. Each rippling inch of black musculature is covered with a sheen of silver, primarily noticeable in bright sunlight or beneath the full moon, the color marred by white brindle markings along her back, sides, and underbelly. Rhiannon's mane is typically a tangled mess of ebony curls frosted in silver, and her tail is the same, the length cascading down well below her hocks. Two-toned eyes are typically locked in an expression of judgement, her right eye a bright, icy silver and her left eye a hot, fiery gold. A curling silver marking of dips and points mars the right side of Rhiannon's face, extending from cheek to eye.


-- Arrogant
-- Racist
-- Sexist
-- Proud
-- Lesbian
-- Headstrong
-- Bitter
-- Prone to Bouts of Anger
-- Haughty
-- Materialistic

Rhiannon, or 'Nonnie' as some call her, is a dark, eccentric creature. Due to the fact that she is the offspring of Crowley and Elizabeth of the Aurora Basin, she has been taught since birth that unicorns are the superior race. While Rhiannon is proud and oftentimes haughty, she adores those that wear horns on their heads.

Since developing and maturing, Rhiannon has developed a carnal desire for mares instead of stallions. She sees the female kind as 'superior' over males and is extremely sexist, and the only stallion that she respects is Crowley, her father. Her youth, spent in darkness and hiding, has made her bitter and cold towards those that she does not like or know, and oftentimes Rhiannon is plagued by bouts of random anger.


Crowley x Elizabeth [Deceased]

Paternal Grandparents
Unknown x Unknown

Maternal Grandparents
Arthur [Deceased] x Caruh [Deceased]


Arwen [Deceased]
Asch [Deceased]


Rhiannon is not close to her family and she loathes her mother's memory. Due to her time spent alone as a child, she has become aloof and distant to any of her blood kin, instead preferring to spend her days in solitude or pursuing more carnal desires.


Orangemoon - Year Two

:: Born under the lights of the aurora borealis, to Elizabeth and Crowley.

Early Years

:: Meets Druid and Zdravilo while playing outside.
:: Meets Arah while exploring the Basin.
:: Encounters Crash Course during a rain storm.
:: Spends some time with Psyche in the hot springs of the Basin.
:: Experiences Elizabeth's death.
:: Bonds more with Arah, who soon becomes Nonnie's 'adoptive' mother.
:: Nonnie meets Abishia, a strange Equine who wants a horn on her head.
:: Goes into hiding when the Wraiths begin to take over Helovia.

Tallsun - Year Four

:: After living in the underground caves, Rhiannon returns to the Basin, hoping to return to her home once more.
:: Returns to the Basin and becomes a Soldier.
:: Attends the herd meeting held by Deimos and Illynx.
:: Ventures to the Thistle Meadow and crosses paths with the hybrid Destry.
:: Spars with Destry; Loses. (Forfeit)
:: Angry and bitter, Rhiannon meets with Deimos the Reaper, and he welcomes her into the folds of the Plague.

Orangemoon - Year Four

:: Encounters Hotaru at the Hot Springs in the Basin, bathes and socializes with her. Through this encounter, Rhiannon grows smitten with the beautiful, talented Sleuth.
:: Joins in the Singing and Dancing upon the Caela Insula with the Basin-Crew.

Frostfall - Year Five

:: Meets Zunden and Rhea.
:: Applies for the position of Aurora Basin Weaver, to follow in Crowley's footsteps.

Birdsong - Year Five

:: Spends a day near the Hot Springs, and encounters Sekhmet.
:: Encounters Crowley and Talbot at the Endless Blue for the first time in nearly two years. Witnesses her father's paranoia and extreme fear, due to his quest. Unknowingly Crowley curses Rhiannon in his panic; experiences terrible pain and lameness in her front right leg.
:: Watches Hotaru surrender herself to Gaucho in response to his challenge.
:: Encounters Arya and Tangere in the Hot Springs during Hotaru's absence.
:: Lameness has healed itself.
:: Meets Fable at the border of the Aurora Basin alongside Thranduil.

Orangemoon - Year Six

:: Returns to the Aurora Basin after herp-derping around for over a year and is encountered by Zandora. Seeks entrance to the Basin.
:: Meets with Deimos within the Basin to inquire about returning to the Basin. Is promoted to the rank of Phantom, or Spy, for the Aurora Basin, while also serving as a Soldier.
:: Meets Eira at the Steppe.
:: Encounters Ahvelyn during a morning stroll across the Steppe.

Frostfall - Year Seven

:: Encounters Rikyn in the Thistle Meadow.
:: Bathes in the Hot Springs beneath the Aurora Borealis, and is joined by Rexanna.


Magic/Companion/Other Information

Weapon Master: [Shock x Earth]
-- The ability to, through use of electric currents, create a magnetic field that attracts iron filings and form weapons.

Wants Hellhound Companion

-- Rhiannon is profoundly attracted to mares with 'eccentric' color patterns.
-- Rhiannon does not 'walk', she 'prowls'.
-- She calls females that catch her eye 'Chou', which means 'butterfly'.

Those Rhiannon has Met

Smitten With:

-- Crowley and Talbot
-- Arah and Wynter
-- Illynx
-- Hotaru

-- Asch
-- Arwen
-- Zandora
-- Rexanna
-- Rikyn
-- Deimos
-- Tiamat
-- Psyche

-- Ophelia
-- Zandora
-- Zunden
-- Rhea
-- Zdravilo
-- Abishia
-- Druid

-- Destry

Played by
Played By and Other Characters

-- Romani
-- Apollo the Merciful
-- Tristan
-- Vincent
-- Luken

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:: [ Magic: EarthxSpark | The ability to, through use of electric currents, create a magnetic field that attracts iron filings to form weapons ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can create only 1 weapon at a time and once current is released, the weapon returns to iron dust ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   8.0 SPD:   5.0 AGL:   5.0 END:   3.0
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
4.0 7.5 7.0 62.5
Notable Accomplishments

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