the Rift

Dark/Fire magic - The ability to conjure smoke to veil and conceal.
Questing For: Upgrade her magic to having healing properties.

Zaffre, male blue dragon -

At first glance, what one notices most about this blue dragon is his dramatic coloration. He is blue, make no mistake, but the exact shades are realms apart. Primarily he is a deep, dark blue, the shade of a night sky just after sunset and just before the sky darkens to true black. He is marked along his underside in very pale blue, the shade of a daytime sky when clouds and fog lighten the color until it almost seems white. This lighter coloration starts just behind his chin, along his throat and chest and belly, ending between his hind legs. But it also marks the undersides of his wings, lightening just the sails of his leathery wings. When his wings are backlit, the two shades combine to create a brilliant shade of sapphire blue. His eyes are the soft green of river jade, almond shaped and cat-slitted.

The second thing you notice is his size. Zaffre is short for a blue, standing at full growth the height of a particularly large black or white... which can cause confusion considering his varied coloration, especially at a glance. But his wingspan and length are large for a blue, making him rather unusual indeed. This is perhaps partly because his frame is catlike. With a shortish neck and four long legs and tail, combined with long wings that are initially broad but taper toward the tips to lend skill with both hovering and maneuverability, he seems well suited both to agility in flight and on the ground. But he is all lean muscle and grace, eliminating his potential to be anywhere near as strong as his larger cousins.

Furthering his peculiar appearance, Zaffre has a soft and smooth hide, a broad head and blunt ended snout. He bears four horns, not particularly long, on the back corners of his head. Two on the bulge of his jaws, and two directly back from his shallow eye-ridges. Vertically spanning these horns are fleshy frills that can stand erect or lay back against his neck or anywhere in between. These are used as display and aiding in hearing, and can be flushed with blood to bring out the mottled pattern in them of different shades of blue swirled together and apart. His body is compact and muscular in the forequarters, but lighter in the hindquarters. At the end of his long and tapering tail is a wickedly barbed spade... with retractable barbs.

the Wild Rose

Hidden Account

Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 10 Height: 15.2 hh
A sturdily built mare of mixed heritage, she is a slate grulla in hue with the associated black points. Birth granted her an irregularly shaped small star upon her forehead and white threading through mane and tail, but events since then have given her pale and dark scars that further break the monotony of grey and black.

An encounter with fire left her with a set of socks, white speckling like reversed flea-bitten along underside of the throat and halfway up the side of her neck, a white patch on her lower chest, and a bare patch on her upper right foreleg. When she battled against Imiq in the invasion of the Tides, his horn left dark scars on her inner left hind and high on her right haunch.

Most recently she has garnered a more unusual mark, which she grudgingly refers to as her brand from the Gods. One God, in particular. Sitting high on the left side of her neck, just behind her ear and riding the curving arch of the muscle there, rests a golden, knot-work sun, only about three inches across and easily hidden beneath her mane.

Woven into her mane just behind where her Sun marking lies, is an amulet of the Earth.

A harness made of leather and vines drapes around her shoulders, bands running around her girth and lower neck, and across shoulders and under her chest to connect the main two bands. Attached to this is a moderately sized bag of leather that hangs against her left shoulder. It has a simple flip lid cover, easy for her to nose on and off. This bag usually carries a supply of various herbs.

An obsidian rose in full bloom rests against her breast, hanging from a chain of obsidian links. This is no mere trinket, but a device wrought of hardened darkness and magical air, capable of recording whatever the wearer chooses. If desired, the links in the chain hold recordings of a transitory nature, lasting only for a short while. Records of a more permanent nature, of higher quality, are captured within the petals of the rose, which close one by one until it can no longer collect any more recordings. Fortunately, it is not impossible to re-record things, merely difficult.

A mare with a complex personality, it is difficult to pin down many specific traits, as she has changed much during her time in Isilme. What is certain is that she is very loyal to her friends and family. She is not racist, giving her friendship and her disapproval to whomever earns it, depending on their behavior. She is both determined and compassionate when necessary, while she strives now to maintain the fragile peace that arose after the Sundering.

Sire: Quarter Horse/Mustang, black
Dam: Quarter Horse/Gypsy Vanner, red dun, minimal sabino

w/ Lafayette - Marius, palomino equine stallion
w/ Gunslinger - Kimber, grulla equine mare
w/ God of the Sun - Israfel, white-n-gold tribrid filly
- Rhiyn, dunskin equine colt
- Vitrum, red dun glass-skinned equine colt

Before taking an active part in Isilmean life, Smoke grew up out the outskirts. She was borderline rogue or outcast, but never truly taking on any role, merely surviving in an environment shaped by the conflicts between the species. Restlessness had her stepping up to take a more active role. She was once part of the Tides, and fought against the reincarnated unicorn original once, before being driven with her herd back to the Valley. She birthed a colt while living in the Tides, and treasured friendships with equine and unicorn alike. When war and magic was unleashed upon the lands, she was one of the lucky ones. Alive and unharmed other than a magic-induced concussion and temporary unconsciousness, she awoke to find the world changed, and sought once more to find a place for herself, and find her son.

Since then her life has changed dramatically. She joined the Oasis, became Healer, had Kimber with Gunslinger, challenged Ricochet for leadership, fled Isilme with the other survivors to Helovia, and took leadership beside Gossamer and Indy.

Changing politics and a divine child has driven Smoke from the Foothills to stand as Moon Doctor in the Edge. Her life is rarely quiet, for she is constantly preoccupied with chores surrounding healer duties and acting as caretaker for the emotional and physical well-being of her friends and 'family'.

the Wild Rose - wrested leadership of Oasis from Ricochet.
Title references her desire for peace, and her ferocity in the defense of friends, family, and those she is responsible for. Can also be more literately translated, depending on one's view. Bit of a warning for those who would think to push her around, and a hint for others to look past her battle-scarred exterior.

Isilme CoTM Sep 2011 - Ability to turn into smoke for the month of Oct 2011.

Earth amulet
Pouch and harness
Obsidian Rose | A dark rose that can record and store what the wearer has heard; the petals hold permanent records and the chain links hold temporary ones - Can only hold information from 10 threads at once, both permanent or temporary. The longer the information is stored, the more distorted and unintelligible it becomes

Played by
Played by Kachie

Other Characters: Vikram, Kimber, Ruka, Semira, Merakerr

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Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   2.0
Notable Accomplishments

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