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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 4 years Height: 17 hands
Orinthia is an onyx mare, kissed by the lips of dusk, with a glossy sheen on her coat. Considered beautiful by many, her jovial green hued eyes are inviting and always glimmering. Her legs are strong and slim, with long furred fetlocks, and wavy hair covering her hooves. Her tail is like a midnight waterfall, wavy and cascading down her legs, held at an arching posture. Her mane is not curly unlike Friesians, and is straight, flowing long, wild, and free. The fae is blessed with a well proportioned body, and muzzle. Orinthia bears no markings whatsoever, and despite her dark appearance, is a child of light.

Orinthia is an adventurous lass, usually getting herself into trouble. She lives for and seeks the thrill of danger, and she gets danger. The onyx fae isn't easily spooked, and feels the urge to be rambunctious. When in times of peril, the lass uses her intelligence and cleverness to squeeze her ways out of dilemmas. Loyalty is an attribute she holds dearly to, making her a good, compassionate friend. Orinthia is fast paced, in thinking and in her physical being, which at times may make her competitive. Orinthia associates herself with stubbornness, and bravery, and not afraid to challenge anyone for her beliefs and what is right. Despite her tomboyish qualities, the fae is kind, caring, and sweet.

The winds of adventure and lonesomeness call her, as she strays, wandering and looking for a new home. However, the fae enjoys journeying through distant and unknown lands. In her pre-Helovia she was born on the grassy plains with her family. She is half Friesian, for her father was born purely Friesian, and her mother was painted with the splatters like an Appaloosa. Orinthia used to have many friends in her previous herd. Her days consisted of roaming the pastures, racing her friends, and exploring with them. While her life seemed perfect, and nothing could go wrong, a pack of wolves migrated to their lands. On one savage night, they slaughtered her herd, picking them off one by one. In a bout of terror, (for luck was on her side that she was not seen), the mare ran off in a panic, utterly helpless. Since that wicked night, the fae has been She has been adventuring, yet haunted by images of a lost family. Helovia Life: ~Frostfall~ Orinthia meets Tallow and Evers. Evers tries recruiting her to Windtossed foothills, while Tallow to the World's Edge. When orinthia butts in an already finished thread XD she is still wandering the threshold, when she decides to go to the Frostbreath steppe, to explore the northern lands. There she meets up with an ex-captain, Murdock that promises to teach her how to fight. Heading westwards from the steppe, she goes by the marshlands getting into where she meets handsome Zamorro. Continuing her travel, She made it back to the lowly forest threshold. But there she stumbled upon Cielo, a unicorn, and racist Elizabeth, where a fight nearly broke out. Leaving the threshold once more, a little bit past the mountains, she discovered the heavenly fields where she met Quilyan. after leaving him, she returned to her treasured threshold. There she met a confused Crackers and tried to help him. After leaving him she met up with another gal, but she seemed mad, and accused Orinthia of being a kleptomaniac. There Orinthia met another recruiter, Lynx from Dragon's throat. she then left them. in the same threshold that she now constantly walked in, she met Dexter. Shortly after Evers the Able met up with them again. Orinthia then left, assuming that Dexter went off to join the Foothills. ~Birdsong~ As she returned to the threshold to see what beauties spring brought there, she met Calliato, the stallion threatening to dominate the land. Gets into a little flick with the intruding Phaedra, and angrily leaves

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Phoenix, Arrane, Storm, Faelon

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