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Aurora Basin Medic

smells of moss and sweet maple sap; coat is getting more dense

Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: Six Years | Birdsong Height: 15.2hh
[ TANG - GER - EY ]
noli me tangere - touch me not


body type she's a thick girl most of the time; like a kiger mustang. not especially tall or lithe, but not necessarily ridiculously over-weight. she maintains good muscles and looks to be a very solidly built unicorn. wispy feathering around those sexy cankles.
base color she's light gray with serrated paint markings all over. she sometimes appears almost completely pearly white all over with bleach stains scattered about her like a map over silverish waters. like steel in the sun. if she ever makes it to one hundred years of age she'll be all white by then.
gender girl, duh
hooves split and dull white; reindeer feets
mane & tail milk white and silver, silky, not thick and littered with random little braids and usually some dried flowers among the pale strands. a singular sapphire bead wraps a chunk of twisted hair in her mane, it is her amulet. her tail is cropped at the tip of the bone, an old scar from someone's magic (in battle).
eyes henna or copper brown depending on the lighting
horn sharp, long and twisted, wide spirals instead of tightly coiled. black and white, shines black in the daylight with only hints of reflective "pearly white" & in the moonlight it's edges and tip glow in the chrome light of the moon.
extras warm seasons she has a short, sleek coat, shiny and healthy. in the cold months she is buried beneath a lot of winter fluff, quite possibly the fuzziest thing bouncing around the Basin at given time. At all times she makes sure she has some sort of smell on her - she gets this aroma by rubbing things (smelly plants) she finds on her many herb gathering missions.



Name Pronunciation: here (latin version is best, but they're almost the same so whatever)


Sarcastic | Adventurous | Curious | Witty | Weird | Rugged

She likes to play, run and explore. She likes to have friends and likes to have lovers even more, but has little patience for them when they're actually around her. Tangere takes no shit - none at all. She doesn't like abrasive, pushy individuals and prefers to be surrounded by the cheerful ones. She's a scientist at heart and is always devoting herself to gardening, studying the flora and fauna, and gathering herbs & fungus of all kinds.


MY MOTHER ~ non-helovian
Infierna, lippizan build and color, cloven feet, same horn as Tangere.

MY FATHER ~ non-helovian
Luka, black draft/mustang, lion tail, long black unbreakable glass horn.

Siblings |  
Many, but they're not here either.

Children |
None yet.


Tallsun / Year IV
x o| ---------- desc -----------

Birdsong / Year IV
x o| ---------- desc -----------

Frostfall / Year IV
x o| ---------- desc -----------

Orangemoon / Year III
x o| Tangere is recruited to the Basin by then-Queen Illynx the GildedBlade.

* *
x 1| Follows Illynx to the Basin for the first time, meets Krieger and then witnesses a wraith attack - Tangere doesn't hesitate to run away and thus ends up safe from the virus.

* *
x 2| Comes across two strangers, they never gave names. She hopes to never see the violent male ever again.

* *
x 3| The wraiths begin their attack and Tangere is thankful to meet others, Gaucho & the others lead her to the Heart Caves, where she'll be safe. She never sees any of those strangers again, but heard that Gaucho had later become King of the Throat.

* *
x 4| Meets Slaiter & Abishia in the Threshold and brings them back to Aurora Basin to protect them from the wraiths.

* *
x 1| desc
x 1| desc
x 1| desc

x x x x x x x x x

Before Helovia:
Tangere was born to a roaming band of warriors that originated far away from Helovia. She doesn't remember how she got separated from them all she knows is that she washed up on shore and found the Threshold soon after. She remembers her customs, her old Gods and her family but nothing recent. Small fragments of memory flash in and out of her mind, some haunting some good.


H O M E |
Aurora Basin, in her delightful little cave on a rock shelf just behind the hot springs. She has all sorts of random collections and usually a small fire going. Phrixus is typically perched on the gnarled old apple tree that stands outside of her cave.

x x x x x x x x x

Occupation | healer, gatherer, mad botanist, gardener

x x x x x x x x x

A Q U A I N T E N C E S && F R I E N D S |
The Lovely Lena. They met in the Basin. Lena has taught Tangere many things about healing and herb gathering over the years. She's always a welcomed face to see around, in Tang's opinion.

Johnny. Ohhh what handsome devil! He's mysterious, blunt, fun, sexy and adores the cold JUST like Tangere. She simply cannot get enough of this lump of sweet deliciousness!

Albrecht is always a delight to be around -sarcasm- .. No no, he really is though - or so Tang thinks so. He's utterly entertaining to her. Constantly making her laugh. There is no denying that some silly part of her adores the whole *bad boy* thing. She's still wondering if he's for real or just pretending to be so heinously grumpy - but so far she considers him one of her friends.

The King, The Reaper. She finds him twistedly fascinating. At first she thought he was a useless sack of grumpy, but with her age came maturity and she can clearly see the genius of his ways. They're not close, but he has her utmost respect, certainly.

x x x x x x x x x

Lovers | Ha. No.

x x x x x x x x x

Enemies |
Strongly dislikes fellow Basinian Sialia, because of her blatant disrespect.

x x x x x x x x x


P H R I X U S :: “shiver or ripple”
Wingspan: 6.7 ft
Weight: Approx. 11 lbs
Stage: Full Grown

x x x x x x x x x

Table @ Linds

Played by
Psilo! (also plays CHERNOBYL & MACARIA & DRESDEN)

:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Immortal ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can be killed by consuming milkweed ]
:: [ Companion: White Raven | None | 10 yrs 2 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   3 AGL:   6 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0.5
5 9 5.5 63
Notable Accomplishments

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