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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 6 (Frostfall) Height: 16.3hh

Standing at 16.3hh, December is a large Shire mare. Her build is thick and stocky like her ancestors, with a long and lean head, deep, wide shoulders and a longer, thicker neck than proportionate to her body. Most of her coat is a solid matte white, while her shoulders and hips have the signs of grey dappling. This dappling begins at mid shoulder and hip, then goes down to the bottom of each, before fading into a matte dark grey to the hoof. Most would think she was unkempt because of her non-shiny coat, but contrary to popular belief she's in perfect health, coat and all. This large build is held up by four, slate grey hooves, wide and heavy. They tend to look black when out of direct lighting. Set in her head are large expressive eyes, gleaming with a rich dark grey that sheens like steel in the sunlight. Her ears are large and pointed above her skull, always swiveling about to listen to her surroundings. Her mane and tail also seem unkempt due to their lack of shine, but are kept rather well-groomed and untangled for the most part. Starting off as a simple white, they remain this color up until the tips, where they fade into a dark grey.


White December is a proud mare. She thinks highly of herself, but not in an arrogant way. It comes off as arrogant to most horses, but in her mind she has a lot of respect for herself, and expects others to treat her with the same amount of respect. She is unafraid to speak her mind, when she does speak anyway. She prefers to observe rather than converse, but when spoken to she is polite and to the point. Most would find her boring and uninterested in their presence, but in truth they haven't found something she's passionate to talk about.

Everyday conversation is meaningless to her, either she needs to have an objective when talking to someone, or they need to have struck up a debate for her to respond with full attention. While others would find this to be rude and arrogant, December disagrees. She finds her time to be something worth cherishing, and casual conversation is something she deems not worth delving into. She's a go getter, preferring to simply do rather than thinking about doing. That being said, there are times where she enjoys sitting in solitude, thinking to herself and pondering life's wonders. She can often be philosophical, but only in those rare moments where she's vulnerable to her deeper emotions. Yes, she can express emotion, but because she's often to the point she doesn't take time to express emotion during her brief conversations.

Despite this, if you happen to break through all the barriers that December has put up, she will be loyal until death and always be at your side. Her mannerisms will become softer in your presence, and if your lucky you might just see her smile. But don't expect cuddling, touchy feely isn't her thing. She is extremely honest, and hates be lied to. If you lie to her even once it will take a lot of time for her to forgive, if she thinks you're worth forgiving after. Even through all of her flaws, quirks, and stoic nature, she is good in heart, and always has the best intentions, they just don't come off that way sometimes.

None of this world


Her Story
Born in the vast farmlands of another world, December was raised in a quaint little ranch on the outskirts of a small farm town. The ranch she lived on was one of the last places that bred her scarce breed, and because of this she was considered to be a rare gem. She didn't know this of course, she was just a baby, and she spent her days frolicking about in the pasture with her mother, playing with the other foals and ignoring the weird creatures on two legs that sometimes touched her and would check her out. In her simplistic life there was nothing but happiness, but they unfortunately turned into darker days.

One day, when she was nearly off her mother's milk, the two-legged creatures ripped her away from her dam, herding her off into a different pasture much further away than the original. In this pasture were foals like her, all freshly weaned and terrified, wondering why they had been taken from their mommies and what this new place was. As time progressed, most of the foals adjusted, while others only shrank back into their being and refused to recognize reality anymore. December was one of the latter. This change had been something too large for her, one that hadn't been explained, making it all the more scary.

She became distant and aloof, no longer play-fighting with the other foals, and took every opportunity to avoid the two-legged ones. After all, it was their fault she was in the mess, and she knew they would never bring her back to her dam. While some tried to approach her and pet her, she responded with aggressive squeals and kicks, even charging after their own children in an attempt to fend them off. Fortunately this plan worked, because whenever the creatures came around, they always did their best to avoid her.

Before she knew it she was nearly three, and had been moved into a different pasture once again, since she had grown out of foalhood and began to develop into a beautiful filly. The other yearlings chose to ignore her, for they too were in the same place as she, unwanted by the strange two-legged ones, and thus brushed to the side in a pasture of outcasts. While most of them weren't as aggressive as December when they came by, those that were often disappeared one day, never to be seen again. The two-leggers would forcefully grab them, covering their eyes with a dark fabric, and dragging them off to a larger building.

What December failed to notice, was that one by one all the aggressive and feisty yearlings had all vanished, and she was the only one left. That dark day came when the two-leggers approached her with the dark fabric, a rope in their hand and cautious suspicion in their eyes. The filly wouldn't have any of it, instantly charging them as she knew what would happen if she gave in. Those that went with them never came back, and unless she knew where they went, she wasn't going. Ears flat and eyes aflame she knocked one of the humans over, and bolted to the entrance for the pasture. Seeing that the door was closed, she readied herself, determined to escape no matter what. Taking a deep breath, she bunched her haunches and lept forward, sailing over the fence by sheer luck, before clumsily landing and bolting off in a random direction. She had done it, she was free! Ignoring the soreness in her hips she continued onward, searching for somewhere she could be safe once and for all.

She refused to stop running until the stench of the two-leggers and her old home was absent, stopping in a crop of corn, expanding around her for miles. She didn't know where to go next, dark eyes switching about in uncertainty. She was scared and alone, unsure what to do next in her life. She had left all she had known, and now needed a fresh start. Night had fallen, and the filly could no longer carry on. She slumped to the meadow floor, breathing heavily. Cold and hungry, she didn't know how long she would last in this world alone, when a brilliant light shone in front of her. She reeled back in fear at first, before looking to see what looked like a rip in the air shimmer welcomingly, enticing her to approach. The light was mesmerising, so much so she didn't notice herself walk forward until it was already too late, and she fell into the gaping hole.

Where she entered was somewhere entirely different, even the air she breathed was foreign, but she didn't know how. Lifting herself up from the ground she looked around, no longer feeling fatigued or hungry. She didn't remember how she got here or where she had been, or even who she was. All she knew, was that her name was White December, and she needed to just go and live. With this in mind, the filly stepped forward, and began the journey that would begin her new life.

Played by
Played & Created by Watermel0nBob, whom also plays Myrrine, Timothy, & Merlin

:: [ Item: Trinket | A figurine of Carl and Merialeth on a string. ]
:: [ Companion: Ccara Llama | None | 5 yrs 7 mos ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   10 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   3
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   1
3.5 7 8 65
Notable Accomplishments

- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant

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