the Rift



smells of peppermint


Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 10 years Height: 13 hh

breed: Caspian Horse x Welsh Pony (section B)

colour: white with pink points

mane and tail: red with white streaks

horn: white with red stripes (like a candy cane)

eyes: bright green

markings: none

birthday: Frostfall

other: in cold climates has a dusting of powdered sugar along his back

full reference sheet

silly | friendly | sweet | immature
unreliable since becoming part of a herd, Johnny has been learning to be more reliable!
flirty but terrified of/awkward about sex


Doesn't worry about labels but would consider himself a pansexual if he did
Has a goat/sheep fetish
His favourite place to sleep is in a snow bank
When nervous, will try to grab a strand of his own hair to eat
Is very curious about what his horn tastes like
Is very flirty but if he ever found himself in a relationship, he wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize it

I’ve often been asked how many licks it takes to get to my centre. WELL I’ve never tried, but here are some of your fellow Helovians who have:
The Hall of Fame
Gaucho (happened once in a dream)
Tembovu (and Mbwene)

Viola | female | unicorn, grey from dun
Sebastian | male | unicorn, palomino paint

Jake | twin brother | unicorn, chocolate paint


Larue | daughter

Okay okay so I know you're all super curious about HOW I became a walking, edible delight. I started off in the usual way, you know mom-met-dad and all that fun stuff followed except I won't explain the fun stuff because who wants to think about their PARENTS doing that, am I right?

Anyway, so while mother was pregnant she pissed off a witch. Maybe there was some drama with daddy-dearest as well, I don't really know, but all I know was that it was the early stages of the pregnancy and weird things started happening. This witch wasn't… well, she had a funny bone in her and her 'curses' didn't involve death or anything dark like that. They were just really, really fucking weird.

So like, we're born (oh yeah I'm a twin) and already my mom figures out what the curse was all about. It didn't really affect HER but it sure as hell affected us. Whether our unique traits dictated our personalities or whether it was the other way around, we don't really know, but they actually matched us pretty nicely. My brother, Jake, is all like, broody and stuff and he was made entirely of chocolate. Oh, all different sorts - body was milk chocolate and he had some white chocolate markings. Mane and tail were strings of dark chocolate and okay I'm salivating a little here but you get the picture. And I, the light-hearted and fun individual, was born made entirely of sugar. Oh, with a few touches of peppermint here and there but if you were to bite into that delicious shoulder it would taste just like a sugar cube.

Which is exactly what someone did to me, when I was a wee foal. I woke up one day to find someone gnawing on my leg and was like "okay bro, we gotta get out of here" so we left the nest. Flew the coop. Got the hell out of dodge. We travelled around a bit but you would THINK that someone made out of chocolate would have a few more endorphins to spare but no, Jake and his broody ass self started to wear on me so I ditched him too.

Or like, he met a chick and ditched me… it doesn't really matter what happened first.

Anyway, so I'm wandering around, visit a couple different lands and make some friends like this super cute yellow girl, and then I find myself in this forest and I guess that's where my story at Helovia starts!

Jellybean info and picture

all about his fabulous items

QOTM - February 2016
"I’m not going to say ever heard because I can’t remember all of the noises I EVER heard and what if there was one that topped it? I mean it’s got some steep competition, just the other day I managed perfect harmony between a fart and a whistle so… you know." in don't forget your kitten mittens

2015 Character of the Year Awards
Most Likely to Stay Home Eating
Most Flashy (tied with Thranduil)


Played by
also plays Alysanne, Elspeth, Mesec, Murtagh, Vastra

:: [ Magic: LightxWater | Ability to cool air around him to 0C (32F). ]
:: [ Restrictions | 5m radius, 1 post in battle. ]
:: [ Magic: LightxEarth | can craft candy from plants ]
:: [ Restrictions | candy has normal durability; can make 3 small, 2 medium, or 1 large items per season. ]
:: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Body is made of candy ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Fleece Bag | Medium-sized fleece bag with flap over opening and straps wrapping behind withers. ]
:: [ Item: Candy Jar | Crystal candy jar. ]
:: [ Companion: Griffin | Mythical, common | Molten Dagger | 3 yrs 3 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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:: The Giving Tree :: Thistle Meadow
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The Spirit of Magic Day Thistle Meadow
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Restoration of Fortune Aurora Basin
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Amarillo by morning [FIRE/LIGHT DROP] Thistle Meadow
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Southward, to the Sea [EARTH MAGIC DROP] Thistle Meadow
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Basin Day Camp! Aurora Basin
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Unfreezing the Motion [AB Tent Crafting Trade] World's Edge
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I just wanna fly Thistle Meadow
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Warm Your Buns Heart Caves
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we got the spirit, you got to hear it Endless Blue
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What's this? What's this? There's bodies everywhere Aurora Basin
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Bootylicious Heavenly Fields
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No Scrubs Aurora Basin
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Wrappers from the Candy-Man Aurora Basin
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Purple Steam[Crafting Lesson/Gift?] Aurora Basin
Eldala, Calder, Johnny
03-02-2016 by Eldala
you can brush my hair Frostbreath Steppe
Tangere, Johnny
04-23-2016 by Tangere
[PAINTING LESSON] Blank Canvas Aurora Basin
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Back to the basics Secret Grove
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:: The Giving Tree :: Thistle Meadow
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tracks in the snow Aurora Basin
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I'll Never Break Your Heart Thistle Meadow
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Dirty Pop [Prison Clearing] Aurora Basin
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The shine on the waves [EARTH/WATER DROP] Riptide Isles
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I see fire Aurora Basin
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Cold Star Thistle Meadow
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Larger than Life Aurora Basin
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My doctor says I'm lacking Vitamin U Archives
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