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Aurora Basin Apprentice


Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 11 years Height: 14.3hh
a p p e a r a n c e

Ω A light gray, nearly white shrouds whole body. Ω Built like an Andalusian. Strong broad neck. Ω A darker gray sabiano splash on right leg. Ω Same gray coloring for mane and tail Ω Two pale blue horns. Ω One horn broken halfway. Ω Glassy blue eyes. Ω Broken off horn tied into tail. Ω Scars line the edges of the mouth. Ω Two scars run vertically across both eyes.

p e r s o n a l i t y

I used to be so much more than I appear to be now. When I was born, I was pure. Full of innocence and life. I had endured much in my life, nothing extremely terrible. My appearance was something I always kept up with. I always looked pure, pristine, free from blemishes or scarring. My personality was similar. However, when my life went south, everything changed. I never stopped fighting for the things I believed in. I worked hard for the things that I had and I still do, to this day. Granted, I'm much quieter now. I'm also more aware of my surroundings. I only open myself up into situations I think can be handled easily and quickly. Though, I'm quick to hide if things go sour.

h i s t o r y

I grew up in a bustling city full of life. I had a sister, who had been named Socket. Both of us were supposed to be the great diplomats of the city when we grew of age. As we grew, we both were innocent and gentle children, caring for our city more than ourselves it seemed. However, becoming diplomats in our city wasn’t the easiest thing. We had to find things we were good at and use them to our advantage. I had a pretty face and I used it to swoon and win over others to get them to do my bidding. And it had worked. Socket had been born with wings and often flew far and wide to find others who could join our city and grow it even further. Her body and wings were white as snow, much like myself. We were nearly mirror images. She carried the wings I did not. I carried the dual horns that she did not. She could take in the Pegasi whereas I could take in the Unicorns. It worked out for quite some time. However Socket soon began to grow tired of the job we had to do. She would spend more and more time working on her appearance in the hopes to take my job away from me. She never said it outright, but I was sure it was the thing she was attempting to do. Finally, after more and more of Socket’s narcissism, the Gods of our lands came down to our city in search of her. Upon finding her, they ripped her wings from her, hoping to teach her a lesson that you shouldn’t take what you have for granted. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Then, for the next year or so, I watched as my sister slowly began to grow insane. She grew ruthless and vicious at the thought of no longer having her wings. She began to imagine herself with them again, snapping at anyone who told her wrong. Only her mirror could show her the true beauty that lied within – as she said. It didn’t take long before the darkness that had filled her mind and mirror began to rampage over the city. I watched again as my life and love of this city we had been born into began to grow black with corruption. People were dying of strange diseases and I could do nothing to help them. Watching my sister become darker and darker until finally the darkness ripped itself up from the ground. A large gargantuan beast paired with bladed fangs and sharp claws. It attempted to kill my sister to take her darkness for himself. However, I foiled the plan when I tried to protect her. I knew she wasn’t the same, but she was still my sister. My own flesh and blood in a land full of nothing anymore. In the end, she still died. I couldn’t save her no matter how hard I tried. Once he had killed her, the Darkness turned its anger at me. It’s the one that gave me those scars across my eyes. It was also the one that gave me the scars that lined my mouth. Almost as if trying to give me a representation of the happiness I used to have before my sister went mad. I thought I nearly died, waking up with nothing but barren wasteland. The body of my sister nowhere to be found. Heartbroken and in pain, I fled the city I grew up serving and loving in the hopes of a place that knew nothing of the darkness that destroyed my life.

my chance has come at last Meets Thranduil and Ophelia in the Threshold.
from shadows to shade Is welcomed into the Edge by Ophelia, Mauja, and Torleik.
sing it like a hummingbird Attends the first Edge meeting since being accepted.
it's really lonely, but that doesn't bother me Meets Elsa and Tembovu.

stormy-eyed and daily discontented Meets Sheba in the Secret Grove.
i spy with my little eye Attends a gathering hosted by Ophelia in the Edge.
you have been followed Meets Lothiriel in the Thistle Meadow.

r e l a t i o n s h i p s

Ω Mauja
Ω Torleik
Ω Ophelia
Ω Elsa
Ω Tembovu
Ω Thranduil
Ω Sheba
Ω Lothiriel



Monesta{d} & Varus{d} - Glasgow & Socket {d}


o t h e r




Ω Ω Ω .
Table by Kels <3

Played by

:: [ Magic: LightxWater | Can summon wraiths of mist. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Wraiths can be 3 small (medium dog or lower) or 1 large wraith. ]
:: [ Item: String | Strand of hopelessly knotted string. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5.0 SPD:   3.0 AGL:   10 END:   4.0
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   0.5 CP:   0.0
3.5 10.0 7.0 66.5
Notable Accomplishments

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sweet dissaray Secret Grove
07-13-2017 by Glasgow
The beginning of the end :: the ending. Spectral Marsh
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Looking Too Closely Thistle Meadow
Cassius, Glasgow
07-12-2017 by Cassius
send a heartbeat [Basin Festival Invitations] World's Edge
Lena, Roskuld, Lyanna, Amaris, Glasgow
05-20-2017 by Lena
oh gods, don't eat that [HERD QUEST] Aurora Basin
Rikyn, Vertigo, Weaver, Toulouse, Glasgow, Oizys
05-23-2017 by Vertigo
Between the woods and frozen lake Aurora Basin
Lyanna, Rikyn, Glasgow
05-26-2017 by Lyanna
What's that smell? Aurora Basin
Glasgow, Johnny, Rikyn
04-13-2017 by Glasgow
la lune Aurora Basin
Glasgow, Albrecht
06-13-2017 by Glasgow
DON'T GIVE UP Aurora Basin
Tiamat, Erebos, Vertigo, Lena, Öde, Imogen, Weaver, Toulouse, Glasgow, Rikyn, Beloved, Johnny, Wessex, Cassius, Mortuus Nox, Albrecht, Tangere, Oizys, Larue
04-02-2017 by Weaver
To The Mountains [Joining] Aurora Basin
Cassius, Glasgow, Lena, Weaver
03-20-2017 by Cassius
SN: northern downpour Secret Grove
Glasgow, Zèklè
02-27-2017 by Zèklè
SWP :: The beginning of something new entirely Spectral Marsh
Random Event, Aisling, Kaos, God of the Earth, Roskuld, Volterra, Isopia, Bartholomeo, Shida, Erebos, Lena, Oizys, Tarik, Nyx, Aithniel, Mesec, Tyrath, Eleanor, Kolr, Amalrik, Iskra, Mathèo, Ophelia, Arakh, Verro, Ampere, Sacre, Luther, Alysanne, Kiuaji, Vastra, Archibald, Nephele, Öde, Zubari, Kiada, Johnny, Tembovu, Aquila, Yael, Toulouse, Byron, Syrena, Lyanna, Esinakh, Weaver, Ru, Enna, Patrick, Saoirse, Iona, Glasgow, Najya, Tiamat, Albrecht, Beloved, Rikyn, Ru'in, Wessex, Tae, Raeden, Vesper, Tilney, Mihtal, Graasvoel, Larue, Maren, Kianzo
01-29-2017 by Kianzo
I caught fire World's Edge
Glasgow, Alysanne, Raeden, Lyanna
02-05-2017 by Lyanna
because all suffering is sweet to me [bone gathering] Endless Blue
Glasgow, Bartholomeo, Maren, Toulouse, Lyanna, Ru
01-22-2017 by Bartholomeo
Farewell no.2 Heavenly Fields
Cassius, Glasgow
02-14-2017 by Glasgow
SWP :: And so it begins Ancient Rotunda
Random Event, Isopia, Mathèo, Kolr, Tae, Tarik, Shida, Ru'in, Oizys, Bartholomeo, Kiada, Lena, Glasgow, Sunjata, Erebos, Darwin, Volterra, Aelfwine, Nyx, Serenity, Thranduil, Isi, Alysanne, Tilney, Toulouse, Patrick, Byron, Nephele, Verro, Tyrath, Arakh, Rikyn, Beloved, Dragomir, Maude, Lyanna, Syrena, Yael, Mauja, Vastra, Öde, Iskra, Ampere, Sacre, Roskuld, Maren, Vesper, Rexanna, Sikeax, Abraham, Archibald, Ilios, Vezér, Johnny, Astarot, Mesec, Cassius, Saoirse, Najya, Tiamat, Iona, Mihtal, Ru, Raeden, Romina, Weaver, Graasvoel, Zubari, Tembovu, Esinakh, Larue, Aithniel, Eleanor, Aquila, Kianzo, Aisling
01-22-2017 by Aisling
Breathe World's Edge
Eleanor, Glasgow, Roskuld
12-30-2016 by Roskuld
:: The Giving Tree :: Thistle Meadow
Random Event, Arakh, Erebos, Deimos, Lena, Volterra, Esinakh, Nyx, Ampere, Archibald, Aquila, Bartholomeo, Larue, Kianzo, Enna, Frost Fyre, Auriel, Ilios, Oizys, Aithniel, Amalrik, Eleanor, Tyrath, Isopia, Tilney, Libertad, Byron, Toulouse, Nephele, Verro, Luther, Letha, Yael, Lyanna, Syrena, Thranduil, Serenity, Alune, Ru, Glasgow, Kiada, Mauja, Castor, Megaera, Maren, Howl, Graasvoel, Tembovu, Glacia, Kiuaji, Ranjiri, Myrrine, Arah, Ráeru, Iona, Dragomir, Maude, Rikyn, Aelin, Albrecht, Kvasir, Saoirse, Zubari, Raeden, Najya, Vesper, Tasokh, Hotaru, Laume, Eldala, Arion, Sacre, Mathèo, Tarik, Tae, Tiamat, Iskra, Aelfwine, Sunjata, Darwin, Rexanna, Vastra, Mesec, Alysanne, Johnny, Sheba, Areli, Rein, Sikeax, Arende Trefe, December, Roskuld, Vezér, Astarot
12-28-2016 by Random Event
The Spirit of Magic Day Thistle Meadow
Random Event, Frost Fyre, Volterra, Nyx, Glasgow, Aithniel, Amalrik, Tilney, Tyrath, Eleanor, Toulouse, Lyanna, Syrena, December, Myrrine, Oizys, Merlin, Maude, Rikyn, Deimos, Bartholomeo, Erebos, Arakh, Lena, Libertad, Eldala, Arion, Vezér, Mauja, Arah, Beloved, Dragomir, Esinakh, Yael, Kianzo, Alysanne, Johnny, Graasvoel, Auriel, Verro, Enna, Byron, Nephele, Ráeru, Tasokh, Aelin, Aelfwine, Albrecht, Thranduil, Archibald, Abraham, Kiada, Larue, Aquila, Sacre, Ru, Mesec, Rexanna, Sunjata, Darwin, Tiamat, Rein, Vesper, Iona, Vastra, Einarr, Nizho, Najya, Laume, Gawen, Howl, Patrick, Ilios, Tembovu
12-24-2016 by Random Event
A Summoning of Birds Helovia's Threshold
Frost Fyre, Glasgow, Valkyrie
12-30-2016 by Valkyrie
bring yourself down World's Edge
Glasgow, Lyanna, Mesec
11-20-2016 by Lyanna
[MINI SWP] Trick R Treat || round 1 Blood Falls
Random Event, Nyx, Larue, Oizys, Shida, Volterra, Ru'in, Tae, Arakh, Maren, Isopia, Vastra, Kolr, Mathèo, Mesec, Alysanne, Kianzo, Elspeth, Esinakh, Howl, Graasvoel, Aithniel, Amalrik, Eleanor, Tembovu, Luther, Aquila, Rikyn, Albrecht, Mauja, Maude, Dragomir, Katua, Mordecai, Chernobyl, Alune, Verro, Tyrath, Tangere, Yael, Macaria, Lyanna, Mavuto, Syrena, Aisling, Nephele, Sacre, Castor, Lena, Erebos, Erthë, Ranjiri, Elsa, Roskuld, Mercutio, Myrrine, Aleta, Tiamat, Sabre, Persephone, Själ, Sohalia, Rohan, Vinati, Xolani, Vesper, Tsavo, Najya, Iona, Enna, Calder, Raeden, Zubari, Asavvi, Ampere, Iskra, Vitani, Sansa, Farah, Kiada, Patrick, December, Ausar, Megaera, Darwin, Rexanna, Sunjata, Glasgow, Aelfwine, Naerys, Bellanaris, Tilney, Toulouse, Caine, Kvasir, Brendan
11-10-2016 by Albrecht
Random Event, Lena, Ampere, Kaj, Raeden, Tiamat, Sacre, Nyx, Aithniel, Erebos, Rikyn, Syrena, Shida, Zèklè, Volterra, Macaria, Tilney, Isopia, Bellisma, Erthë, Rexanna, Tembovu, Glasgow, Tae, Mortuus Nox, Ultima, Aquila, Eleanor, Alune, Albrecht, Kvasir, Aelfwine, Graasvoel, Oizys, Amalrik, Tyrath, Larue, Ru'in, Airlia, Kiada, Kianzo, Verro, Arakh, Esinakh, Zubari, Kolr, Mathèo, Luther, Iskra, Sunjata, Noe, Ausar, Alysanne, Vastra, Aisling, Nephele
10-30-2016 by Random Event
shadow stealing light World's Edge
Glasgow, Tilney
11-14-2016 by Glasgow
It's In My Head Secret Grove
Roux, Glasgow
10-12-2016 by Glasgow
for I never saw true beauty 'till this night [Festival Storytelling] Aurora Basin
Lena, Alysanne, Syrena, Tembovu, Glasgow, Adria
10-23-2016 by Tembovu
worst luck World's Edge
Glasgow, Graasvoel
10-02-2016 by Graasvoel
Breaking Point is the Making Point [Herd Quest] World's Edge
Tembovu, Maude, Roskuld, Manon, Evangeline, Anzanie, Arakh, Glasgow, Naerys, Alune
10-17-2016 by Tembovu
The beginnings of forever World's Edge
Arah, Tilney, Maude, Glasgow, Ultima, Tembovu
08-30-2016 by Tembovu
prodigal World's Edge
Tilney, Ultima, Glasgow, Tembovu, Arah
07-27-2016 by Tembovu
Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings [Herd Meeting] World's Edge
Mauja, Alysanne, Elsa, Tembovu, Hera, Lourdes, Imani, Ravel, Nyx, Oizys, Dacianna, Sacre, Arah, Tilney, Graasvoel, Ultima, Glasgow, Tandavi, Lyanna, Rohan, Auriel, Iona, Raeden, Anzanie, Caenan, Naerys, Evangeline, Kiuaji, Adaeze, Alune, Calstron, Laume, Orithia, Merida
07-31-2016 by Tembovu
garden of gethsemane World's Edge
Glasgow, Alysanne, Raeden
08-09-2016 by Alysanne
got so much to lose World's Edge
Glasgow, Mauja
10-01-2016 by Mauja
the breaking point [Herd Quest] World's Edge
Tembovu, Glasgow, Imani, Kiuaji, Anzanie, Raeden, Tsavo, Rohan
08-28-2016 by Rohan
moving past ghosts World's Edge
Lyanna, Glasgow
09-04-2016 by Lyanna
Rise on Glass Thrones World's Edge
Tembovu, Glasgow, Anzanie
07-02-2016 by Tembovu
works of art to see the soul [greenhouse crafting] Aurora Basin
Deimos, Glasgow, Mortuus Nox, Lena
07-27-2016 by Lena
he offered me the universe Heart Caves
Glasgow, Abaddon
06-24-2016 by Abaddon
we will rise again World's Edge
Glasgow, Tembovu, Raeden, Arah, Lyanna
05-05-2016 by Lyanna
Breaking Free{Open} Helovia's Threshold
Lilith, Glasgow
03-20-2016 by Glasgow
Living Life on the Edge World's Edge
Tembovu, Elsa, Tilney, Lyanna, Iona, Alysanne, Dacianna, Roskuld, Freyja, Katerina, Tsavo, Naerys, Cloak, Rohan, Auriel, Glasgow, Kiuaji, Alune, Raeden, Glacia, d'Arcy, Iscah, Naja, Quentin, Caenan, Ulrik, Hera, Mauja, Myrrine, Uriel, Orithia, Tiva, Jahzara
03-30-2016 by Tembovu
and maybe, you will bruise Heavenly Fields
Glasgow, Abaddon
04-29-2016 by Abaddon
the bitter end Ancient Rotunda
Glasgow, Alune
12-19-2015 by Glasgow
Incoendium Deep Forest
Tilney, Hotaru, Brendan, Glasgow, Phantom, Tiamat
02-02-2016 by Tiamat
beside the lions and the ladies (Welcoming) World's Edge
Glasgow, Tilney, Arah, Tembovu, Erthë
11-30-2015 by Tilney
I will haunt you like a ghost Endless Blue
Glasgow, Tilney
11-25-2015 by Tilney
yardstick for lunatics (any!) Helovia's Threshold
Bluebell, Tiamat, Glasgow
11-21-2015 by Glasgow
Change is the Law of Life World's Edge
Tembovu, Iona, Glasgow, Alune, Mauja, Erthë, Elsa, Alysanne, Nyx, Rohan, Anzanie, Naerys, Calypso, Libertad, Hera, Lithium, Morenth, Evangeline, Calista, Vadim, Arah, Hesperos, d'Arcy, Torleik, God of the Moon, Ulrik
12-25-2015 by Mauja
come one, come all! [world's edge recruiting thread] Halcyon Flats
Nuray, Seren, Glasgow
10-25-2015 by Glasgow
you have been followed Thistle Meadow
Glasgow, Lothíriel
09-21-2015 by Glasgow
I spy with my little eye... World's Edge
Ophelia, Glasgow, Entia, Anzanie, Whisper, Nyx, Jahzara, Nuray, Tournesol, Tembovu, Rowtag, Ruairi, Naerys, Iona, Alysanne
10-10-2015 by Alysanne
Stormy-eyed and daily discontented. Secret Grove
Sheba, Glasgow
09-27-2015 by Glasgow
it's really lonely, but that doesn't bother me Archives
Elsa, Glasgow, Tembovu
06-21-2015 by Elsa
sing it like a hummingbird World's Edge
Alysanne, Ayelet, Elsa, Evangeline, Glasgow, Jahzara, Leeka, Mauja, Myrrine, Naerys, Nyx, Ophelia, Snö, Tembovu, Thor, Torleik
06-17-2015 by Jahzara
From shadows to shade World's Edge
Glasgow, Mauja, Ophelia, Torleik
06-04-2015 by Torleik
my chance has come at last Archives
Glasgow, Ophelia, Thranduil
05-28-2015 by Ophelia

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