the Rift


Aurora Basin Time Mender


Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 5 ( TALLSUN ) Height: 14.1
massive wip c:

  will you still love me when i'm no longer young & beautiful?
will you still love me when i've got nothing but my aching soul? 
appearance & items

official reference
EYES, one of the ocean, stormy skies, the other of earth
GOSSAMER, lily-white, thick and full of curls
BODY, but the ghost of a girl; delicate, fragile
SKIN, of russet, legs fading to indian ink
3 white rings near base of neck
a patch of white on her left shoulder from burns
part of mane above the burn area grows in light brown
adorned by a set of deer antlers on her forehead
cloven hooves

more detailed description here if im ever feeling so inclined

a spicebush swallowtail in a glass vial, tied around a tine of her left antler with black rope.
a time god amulet; teardrop in shape & blue, faintly glows. secured by thin black rope & worn around her neck.

= quick to make judgments based on behavior
+ selfless when it comes to those she cares about
+ protective
+ loyal to a fault
+ disagrees with violence in most situations, but does not shy from it
- black-tongued
- heavily ruled by emotions
- selfish when emotions are involved
- known for knee-jerk reactions to intense situations
* stays awake for long periods of time, sleeping only when she has to
* easily forgets to eat, is often underweight

i. before helovia

born in the summer by the ocean, a twin to her brother, nivos. her parents were doting as parents should be, allowing and nurturing. she grew up happy, remarkably close to her twin. soon after their second birthday, a hurricane swept through and separated the little family, scattering them to the wind. after ceaseless searching, she found her brother dead among branches and debris. she wept, lying beside him until hunger and the finality of death sunk in and she could not ignore it any longer. wandering alone for the first time, she stumbled upon helovia.

ii. orangemoon, year 5

meets arah, is offered a home in the basin
arah, deimos, tangere, acceptance in to the basin (scourge)

iii. frostfall, year 6

meets thranduil, ki'irha
meets knox disguised as janos, they discuss the gods
herd meeting, promoted to secondary time mender
healers meeting. meets lena, d'art, renegade
tasked with learning 3 new things about healing by thranduil
finds a dying tiger in the arch with lena and tiamat
meets a wounded misael, heals him and confides her sorrows in him
meets rohan, finds she enjoys the harmless attention of men
returns to the threshold, meets cosette, erebos, mesec, tembovu
spar with ki'irha
egg hatching/basin storytelling, meets ashamin, sjal and rexanna
meets camon, zahra and zekle
meets caleb, experiences the first trappings of love (dream)
pleasantries with cosette (dream)
meets cerin
meets ash in the threshold
meets ahvelyn and reunites with rohan, offers both a home
welcomes ahvelyn to the basin, thranduil interferes
meets rikyn & zunden, a heated conversation ensues
encounters a heavily bleeding shadow & co, heals her

iv. birdsong, year 6

herb gathering with lena & the gang
while traveling with tia, they find a stuck man & rescue him
mischievousness with erebos
encounters a frantic bird, attempts to return her egg to her
discovers caleb is real, force-bred by him
spring cleaning & healing lessons with nox
deimos & flower crowns
fights a rift god (bear) with other helovians (swp, part i)
bear rift god part ii
aftermath of the battle, heals rohan; they share preciously tender moments
follows rohan to find second rift god (wolf) battle (swp, part i)
wolf rift god part ii
fails to heal aviya, watches her die with her brother & father
stillborn birth of her first child
attacks misael for mauling her daughter's body
ki'irha's homecoming
confronts caleb, they visit their daughters grave; arguments & heartbreak
fights third (crocodile) rift god (swp, part i)
crocodile rift god part ii

v. tallsun, year 6

turns three!
accompanies deimos & erebos on a diplomatic mission to the edge
fourth & final rift god (tiger) (swp, part i)
tiger rift god part ii
romantic island escape with rohan
visits threshold with ki, they bring sartura home
caleb seeks her out with apologies, she leaves him without a word
welcomes sartura to the basin, seeks to bond with her & ki'irha
finds a wounded erebos & ashamin, heals them

vi. orangemoon, year 6

returns to thranduil with her tasks complete
stumbles upon the strange occurrence of a giving turtle; receives a charm
encounters tangere & albrecht; (shockingly) finds their antics insufferable
heavily pregnant, seeks rohan out; leaves without him, her heart shattered

vii. frostfall, year 7

birth of her second child; old friends & new rifts
finds erebos & seeks to mend the wound in their relationship
finds a battered ki; heals her & confides in her familiarity
a familiar face, painful memories
stumbles upon a dying misael, helps despite her better judgment

viii. birdsong, year 7

finds erebos in the threshold; meets tamaya
herd meeting; promotions & summer festivities announced
brings flowers to her daughter's grave
erebos & her play a trick on ovidius for asking to study the basin

ix. tallsun, year 7

turns four!

x. orangemoon, year 7

basin festivities~ :D
a stranger arrives on a familiar shore (swp intro)
weird shadow goat encounter; receives a dead butterfly in a jar

xi. frostfall, year 8

while chasing ghosts, a stranger seeks to destroy her
attempts to reawaken the basin (herd meeting)
father » gabriel (unknown, presumed dead)
mother » emory (unknown, presumed dead)
siblings » nivos (m, twin, deceased)

lover » --
progeny »
   quinn (x caleb, f, stillborn)
   etziel (x rohan, m, lost)
erebos friend, her best friend. for as well as they know each other there is little understanding between the two. their relationship is a turbulent one, and in between the childish antics, the jokes at others' expense, there is often flared tempers and arguments, always someone saying the wrong thing and neither of them being mature enough to handle it another way. even if they will never see eye to eye on many things, she loves him dearly.
lena friend, mentor, knows lena as a sweet, radiant girl. worries that she cares too much but trusts in her judgments. appreciates the wealth of knowledge she has and her willingness to share it.
rohan its complicated, her first (willing) experience, her first love, her first heartbreak. he, like so many others, has abandoned her. there will always be residual feelings but as of yet she is unsure if she will ever forgive him for all of the things he has(nt) done.

caleb hate, a man she barely knew from a dream she barely remembers; he took advantage of her, resulting in her stillborn child. she may have forgiven him for the things that had transpired until he showed her the shallowness of his soul at the foot of their daughter's fresh grave.
misael hate, he was a friend, the first anyone she has opened up to about her brother. at her daughter's birth and subsequent funeral, he betrayed her, hurt her in ways that will always haunt her.
not yet acquired :D
appearance here appearance here appearance here appearance here appearance here appearance here appearance here appearance here appearance here appearance here personality here personality here personality here personality here personality here personality here personality here personality here personality here

runner-up for basin contest, frostfall, yr 6

third place for basin contest, birdsong, yr 6

    qotm for september, 2015 - nightbook

    totm for october, 2015 - fall of the woman king


* coding by reli♥

:: [ Magic: LightxTime | Able to summon white embers that heal injuries by resetting the timeline of what they touch. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Larger injuries require more focus and energy ]
:: [ Item: Light of the Turtle | Small glowing green orb charm. ]
:: [ Item: Medium Sling | Cloth sling that may tie at shoulders and hang down to chest. ]
:: [ Item: Dead butterfly | Dead butterfly in a vial. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A seashell mane clip. ]
:: [ Companion: Arctic Wolf | None | 7 yrs 2 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   3 SPD:   5 AGL:   5 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   1
6 9.5 4 61
Notable Accomplishments

- September 2015 || Quote of the Month
- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- June 2015 || Aurora Basin Time Mender

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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10-12-2015 by Mortuus Nox
SWP :: Gods do die Blood Falls
Ophelia, Mauja, Random Event, Knox, God of the Spark, Kaj, Hotaru, Amara, Tiamat, Roskuld, Ranjiri, Tandavi, Torleik, Parelia, Aurelia, Öde, Nyx, Amani, Aithniel, Ilios, Badger, Erebos, Thranduil, Rikyn, Mirabella, Rhea, Caenan, Myrrine, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Caleb, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Tembovu, Rohan, Enna, Ahvelyn, Seren, Kalona, Ragnarok, Adonné, Ming Yue, Thantos, Crystarius, Aldoran, Crescencia, Artorias
08-24-2015 by Random Event
and it hurts with every heartbeat Aurora Basin
Erthë, Badger, Shadow, Vadim, Thranduil, Lena, Enna
10-04-2015 by Enna
imprompteu Aurora Basin
Rikyn, Zünden, Enna
09-13-2015 by Rikyn
When daffodils begin to peer [Spring NPC] Aurora Basin
NPC, Zünden, Demothi, Enna, Rhea
09-08-2015 by Rhea
over the hills [herb gathering] Heavenly Fields
Lena, Demothi, Tiamat, Enna, NPC, Mortuus Nox, Tangere
09-26-2015 by Tangere
[welcome] skinny love Aurora Basin
Enna, Ahvelyn, Thranduil
08-30-2015 by Thranduil
silence can be deafening [Enna] Thistle Meadow
Cerin, Enna
08-17-2015 by Enna
i'll need a savior -- Frostbreath Steppe
Enna, Caleb
08-21-2015 by Caleb
Tie up your loose ends. Archives
Ash, Enna
07-31-2015 by Enna
Correspondence, #1 Archives
Rohan, Enna, Ahvelyn
08-12-2015 by Ahvelyn
Cosette, Enna
07-24-2015 by Cosette
Nah nah honey I'm good Archives
Camon, Zahra, Zèklè, Enna
08-11-2015 by Enna
07-08-2015 by Enna
[HATCHING/STORYTELLING] My Little Eye Aurora Basin
Ashamin, Eden, Enna, Erebos, Ki'irha, NPC, Rexanna, Själ, Thranduil, Tiamat
08-18-2015 by Erebos
To Whom It May Concern Archives
Enna, Thranduil
06-21-2015 by Thranduil
Turn On A Light Frostbreath Steppe
Enna, Lena, NPC, Tiamat
08-19-2015 by NPC
Care to Dance? [Enna vs Ki'irha Spar] Battleground
Enna, Ki'irha
08-22-2015 by Official
Caveman in a Cave [dream] Archives
Caleb, Enna
08-09-2015 by Caleb
but in the dark I have no name Archives
Enna, Rohan
07-21-2015 by Enna
Enna, Misael
08-08-2015 by Misael
Was this the right choice? Archives
Cosette, Enna, Erebos, Mesec, Tembovu
07-12-2015 by Cosette
As we walk into the sun. [Welcoming] Archives
Arah, Deimos, Enna, Tangere
06-07-2015 by Deimos
The Fast Veins of the Gods
Enna, Knox
06-21-2015 by Enna
Arah, Enna
06-05-2015 by Enna
saints just swimming in our sins again Aurora Basin
Arah, Arya, Ashamin, Atlas, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Déodat, Enna, Erebos, Grimalkin, Hotaru, Johnny, Ki'irha, Lena, Mirabella, Öde, Random Event, Rexanna, Rhea, Roland, Sialia, Tangere, Thranduil, Tiamat, Ulrik
06-21-2015 by d'Artagnan
Fireflies Archives
Enna, Ki'irha, Knox, Thranduil
06-14-2015 by Thranduil
take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures Archives
d'Artagnan, Enna, Lena, Renegade
07-16-2015 by Lena

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