the Rift



Whip marks along back, legs and face.


Species: Hybrid Gender: Stallion Age: 9 years Height: 17 hh


Breed: Warmblood x Tiger
Gender: Stallion
Age: Five
Species: Equine x Tiger
Horn/Wings/etc: Has white feline-like whiskers sticking from his muzzle.
Eyes: Leafy green, feline quality.
Mane: Black, unkempt.
Body: Rusty orange, has a thick line where hair has been rubbed off at neck (where neck meets shoulders) due to wearing a metal chain. Body is covered in ragged fur, which is often softer in the seasons of Frostfall - Birdsong. Fur is thinnest in Tallsun.
Hooves: Solid black, feathered.
Markings: Black/dark ebony Tiger stripes.
Tail: The tail of a Tiger.

He is massive, a staggering 17hh at the withers. He is muscular, masculine. His body is pure muscle, allowing him to move with strength in his stride. He has a longer abdomen than most, and his neck is more compact. His legs are long and muscular, made to carry heavy weight. His muzzle is slightly shortened, but it all comes together in the big picture. Despite being a Warmblood, his legs are thick and moderately feathered, hind legs layered with mass amounts of muscle to help him spring into the air.


» Primitive
» Predatory
» Wild
» Unkempt
» Beast
» Vicious
» Dominant
» Aggressive
» Untrustworthy
» Unpredictable


the Beast had a strange beginning. one would think that a Beast like he would not begin like this, or ever exist for that matter. but he is here, walking this land. his mother was a young mare, exploring her homeland. without warning, she was attacked by a powerful young tiger, who realized she was no doe and bounced off. Larhy, the mare, was shocked about what happened. the tiger, a gentleman, apologized for his mistake. Larhy smiled gently and told him it was alright, telling the tiger her name. he responded with his, Tazheet. the two went their separate ways, but after that, things changed.

Larhy and Tazheet met again, months after they had first met. Larhy felt a strange desire, a strange lust. she confessed her odd feelings for the tiger, and he was shocked to tell her that he too felt the same way. with the powers the gods held, they allowed Tazheet to become equine for three moons exactly. Tazheet thanked them before fleeing into the night with Larhy. under the stars and the moon, Larhy and Tazheet conceived their first child. Larhy asked the gods to quicken the gestation time, and so she gave birth to the child within the end of the month. Tazheet, still equine, was able to see his child. the Beast was born, his skin marked by his father's stripes. Tazheet and Larhy named the colt before settling in for the night, but little did they realize Tazheet's time was up. In the morning, Larhy was heart broken, watching the male tiger flee into the woods. the Beast was all too young to care, still suckling.

months passed, and the Beast was weaning, his mother constantly running back and forth. she had kept her son hidden all these months, afraid her herd would reject the colt. he was growing more and more curious about the herd and the horses, and while he was alone on day, he left his nest. he scurried after his mother, who didn't realize he was following her. when the Beast burst into the herd after his mother, heads were turned towards him. the horses screamed in pure horror, the Beast a strange, odd creature. they fled, afraid of what the thing could do. with their knees trembling, they watched Larhy approach the Beast and scold him for leaving the nest. it was there that the leader of the herd, Nors, chases the Beast away, but demands Larhy remain. he led her into his little cave were he raped her, taking advantage of her vulnerability. the Beast heard her wailing as he ran, unable to forget the pure horor. he curled up in his nest, sleeping alone that night. what he did not know, was that his mother had escaped for a short time, force breeding again with Tazheet, thinking the child would be their last. she got pregnant again, birthing the child in secret while her son grew up alone. Larhy abandoned the little tiger/equine filly who was found by Tazheet's brethren. they took her in and raised her to be a predator and seductress.

Nors had planned a hunt for all tigers, demanding they be destroyed for helping Larhy make such a hideous beast. the Hunt began, all tigers were tracked down and killed, cubs included. Larhy watched in horror as the striped bodies were stacked up, and ultimately broke down when Tazheet's body was thrown into the mass grave. she fled the scene, her hooves carrying her to her son, now a yearling. she stayed with him, but would not eat or drink, instead she just lay there, weeping. in the end, she wept herself to dehydration and died within a few weeks. the Beast buried his mother beside his father's grave, letting them live together in the Above.

the Beast drifted from place to place, never accepted by any of them. he was constantly rejected by horses, constantly shoved away. but there was one point in time where he found a mare whose words mesmerized him, a mare he desired. he grew close to this mare, their affair never discovered until one horrendous day. the Beast was excited, having collected some flowers as a gift for Terra, the mare he loved. what he happened upon was something he is always haunted by. Terra's mutilated body thrown against a tree stump, in her side there were words written in the Ancient Tongue. "monster, foul predator. you will pay." he was horrified, fleeing from the scene.

He entered Helovia, where many events happened.

» Enters Threshold, recruited by Breeze.
» Is accepted into the Dragon's Throat by Kri.
» Wanders about the Throat, contemplating his future.
» Leaves Throat, seeks out Grey instead.
» Attempts to join Grey, is never met by anyone.
» Meets Hotaru, forms a delicate bond with her.
» Speaks with Osiris, a member of the Grey while trying to recruit the feisty Bellona.
» Stolen by the Assassins.
» Stolen back by Lakota, who reunites the two unique friends.
» Leaves Foothills with Hotaru.
» Spars with Hotaru.
» Confesses his feelings for her after their spar, rejected.
» Fails to receive a companion for the second time.
» Meets Faelene, Hotaru's Aunt.
» Stolen away one night by bandits.

» The bandits sell him as a slave.
» Tortured, forced to work.
» Sold to a Circus, used as a display for other equines and species to marvel.
» Escapes Circus, captured by another slave owner.
» Kills Master and flees back to Helovia.

» Returns, searching for Hotaru in the time of darkness.
» Awaking abruptly from a nap, Resplendence becomes his prey.
» Drops quest for shield magic.

» Lives in the shadows for months, harming himself and keeping quiet.

» Vanishes without a trace.
» Returns to his homeland to find the remnants of his herd scattered.
» Finds his sister, kills her out of pity and envy that she knew their father better than he did and that she was his favourite child.
» Enters a war between the remainder of his mother's herd and another land.
» Begins to piece the herd back together, deeming himself their Saviour.
» Impeached for unexpectedly slaughtering a warrior who had been giving information to the enemy before the entirety of the herd, then killing his family out of pure rage.
» Enraged, ends up fighting a small outcast group and causing a mass murder, leaving the entire group dead. All but a foal whose mother had died prior to his arrival.
» Leaves the land behind him.

» Enters Helovia once again with rage inside.


» Has the ability to coax trees into moving a few feet, no farther than 2 feet a post. In battle he may move them up to 5 feet, no further. The trees will not budge during Frostfall.

Earth Amulet :: A bright green gem that hangs from his neck, wrapped in wire which has been intertwined with the vines that hold his box around his neck. 75 post count award

Kaarina:: Rougarou
She has three forms, her mythical one is a Winged lion. Despite her gender, she appears as a lion with a mane, a male yet with feminine pieces. She holds a golden brown coat with piercing green eyes. Her second form is a Amur Tiger, a coppery gold coat with several dark stripes along the body and a white underbelly, tied together with those same, bright green eyes. The last form is a Giant spitting cobra, a creature that spits highly toxic venom. Mottled brown scales with darker patches upon the back can be seen, along with leafy green eyes.
has yet to receive companion.


Carries about a burnt, wooden box which is wrapped around his neck by a vine, resting above it is a thick, heavy metal chain which wraps around his neck, leaving about a foot or two of loose chain tangling above his chest.
» Due to Tiger lineage, able to jump farther, lands on his feet, and able to consume meat with ease. Swimming is a favorite pastime to him.

:: [ Magic: EarthxLight | Ability to communicate with trees and coax them into movement ]
:: [ Restrictions | In battle, only 1 tree can move a max of 5 ft; in general, trees will only move 1-2 ft per post and only 1-3 will move at a time; trees don't move in Frostfall ]
:: [ Item: wooden box | Can be carried using the vine rope around the neck and can hold items no larger than .5ft ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
5.0 9 5.5 62.5
Notable Accomplishments

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