the Rift

Fire x Water :: Ability to boil the blood and cause excruciating and unbearable pain
Questing :: LIGHT - the ability to make copies of himself that are illusions

the Valiant


Has a thick, winter beard and he shows his age with silver hairs

Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 15 Years Height: 16.3 hh

Breed: Warmblood
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10 years
Height: 16.3hh
Race: Unicorn
Horn: White, traditional
Eyes: Bright, crimson red
Mane: White with red tips
Body: Black dun (black with white primitive markings)
Hooves: tan, solid except for the front right which is red
Markings: White stripe up face, white dorsal stripe
Tail: White and full with red fringes


Paladin is a soldier. He was trained at birth to be a killer, one in hundreds all of a single mind and a single body. However, he could not shake that he was a natural born leader and the horrors his father placed upon their herd was something he was unable to ignore. Having been ingrained with a strong sense of moral integrity, Paladin left his old life to explore new lands and possibly settle in to do what he father could not - raise a protected, loved and admired herd.

Paladin is the hero type that is seen in most places, but he is also a deeply injured man. With all the grace of a warrior, he shoves his pain beneath mountains of pride and independence, but he is easily swayed by the affections and tenderness of mares. Paladin is an extremely selfless being, considering others more often than himself, and he sees himself as simply a small part of a much greater picture. When spoken to, he replies with the charm, airs and graces of a Prince - an old bloodline that he inherited - but he does not think of himself as any better than the next stallion that comes along. He despises prejudice however, and will defend the the underdog in any situation. When faced with the position of protecting and providing for others, he will not stop until the last breath is forced from his lungs to keep his mares/herd/etc safe from harm. However, he suffers from a common syndrome called "being a man", so he is fairly dense when it comes to emotions and tends to not "read the directions".


Riekahn x Tammenia

Giselle - (Riekahn X Bellona)
Donovan - (Riekahn X Vega)
Psyche - (Riekahn x --)
many others back in Paladin's old home

Ktulu - (Paladin X Soleil)
Ophelia - (Paladin X Soleil)
Varath - (Paladin x Soleil)
Vadim - (Paladin x Soleil)
Soren - (Paladin x Soleil)


Paladin came from a land that was filled with only unicorns of black and white coloring. The accented colors indicated a being of higher blood, and those without coloring were commoners who shamed their families. The young stallion's mother, Tammenia, was one of those shamed mares, as she lacked any special colors. However, Paladin's sire's lust was never sated, so when Tammenia came with child, he waited to see if it was born common or colored. When Paladin was born with red accents, his father took the young foal from its mother to be raised by a nurse-mare, and then he banned Tammenia from his herd. Paladin never knew his true mother. The nurse-mare told all of the young colts stories of heroic efforts, valor, wisdom and truth, and while the other colts thought of them as fairy tales, Paladin took each lesson to heart. He was a very sensitive, intelligent and inciteful colt that happened to have his father's massive stature.

Duties of a young colt soon took over his child hood, and he was pushed into being a warrior, driven into the ground daily with drills. He was taught how to kill silently, where he could injured and maim, and where he could kill instantly. The stallion was taught how to lead multiple stallions in battle, how to navigate a war field, and how to leave the fight unscathed and victorious. During this time, he had watched his father’s cruelty unfurl before him. The black and red stallion was cruel and brutal, and he had murdered many unicorns before the eyes of his young son. The war occured between the pegasi of his area and the unicorns. His brothers hated the winged beasts, but Paladin knew that they were only retaliating from his father's previous push into their nesting grounds. Paladin knew everything had a balance, a reaction. Though it hurt him deeply, the stallion fought against the winged horses, killing far too many. On accident, he murdered a young female pegasus with foal, and that was the moment when he realized that he would rather die than end another innocent life; he never forgave himself. As the young mare died, he knelt by her side and shielded her from the battle, whispering words of wisdom, comfort, apology and fear. He cried.

Paladin then turned sides and stood against his father on the battle field, and none of his brothers would stand at his side. He fought his father in a battle that left both the stallions wounded, but after a stalemate, Paladin ran away, knowing his father's assassins would be hot on his heels.

In Isilme: Anarore, Paladin was the sole ruler of the Moonlit Tides and implemented a system called the "Triumvirate" or a rule by three. Soleil ruled at his side and a Pegasus was never chosen. He made enemies with the racist unicorns by allowing all species into the herd and having two hybrid children with Soleil the Virtuous. Nyra, the leader of "The Sect" declared war on the Tides just as the shadows began to take over. He lost track of his family and hunted over the entire land to find his family before limping his way to Helovia.

One at Helovia, he was a member of the Windtossed Foothills before challenging Gossamer for leadership with Indy's blessing. Gossamer lost and left but not before her dragon left him personally scarred. Once lead, he appointed Soleil to be his equine lead in the Triumvirate he set up again and Svetlana to be his pegasus lead.

Not long after, Paladin left the fate of the herd into their own votes. They appointed Evers, Ricochet and Poppy to be leads. Paladin then left them to their fate and Ricochet ended up being kicked out after attacking the unicorn, Ophelia, Paladin's daughter. Paladin disappeared, returning home to see the destruction his father made before returning.

Paladin joined the World's Edge soon after, earning his position as a Protector after fighting along side Mirage to secure the herd originally from Mauja and Psyche. And, he defended it from being invaded again.


2011 Isilme Character Awards
- "The Warlord"
- "Sexiest Stallion"
- "Mr. & Mrs. Isilme" with Aera

Played by

Ophelia, Ulrik, Rafe

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   6 AGL:   6 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
Notable Accomplishments

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