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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 2 years Height: 15 hh

Character Info

Breed: -- Paint

Gender: -- Female

Age: -- 2 years

Species: -- Pegasus

Wings: -- White splotched with chestnut

Eyes: -- Emerald green

Mane: -- Light brown and dark brown

Body:-- White

Hooves: -- Light brown

Markings: -- Chestnut splotches splatter her body

Tail: -- Light brown and dark brown

The woman of emerald green eyes and a chestnut-splotched body is active in her many creative endeavors, resulting in a clean, muscled body. Mane and tail are a light mix of brown and white; and she stands at 15 hands, legs long and hooves a light brown. Her wings are now rippling with an energy they hadn't had when she was younger and had yet to know how to fly.

Relaxed, Assured, Honest, Thoughtful, Resilient, Respectful, Dignified, Trustworthy. She is a spitfire personality, but

Spice was born in a field with her mother on a cool morning. There was a lake, and a tree for shade. Her mother had always been so secretive about why it was so perfect in her birth home. Spice had never found out the meaning behind it. On the Frostfall morning she was born, it was cool. There was still the small patch of blood on the ground where her mother had given birth to her. Spice had been born with the name of Sage, but after hearing from her mother that sage was a kind of spice, she'd always liked that name better, so she goes by it now in this new land. When she was younger, she always relied on the bedtime stories her mother told her to determine what was real, and what was not. There was nothing there, no big shifts in weather, nothing to tell her that these happenings were real at all. She thought the stories her mother was telling her about this white, cold stuff that fell from the sky was fake. Not real. It was not in her old home. But during her arrival to Helovia, she'd found that snow was very much real and very much cold. She was told about green forests with trees higher than mountains, she was told about the beach and the million particles of sand that made up the dunes. She was told about the ever-so-vast ocean that intrigued her so much. And she'd thought it was all just fairytale's for so long. But sooner or later a kid's gonna get curious. She was told that they could never leave the field with the tree and the lake and the dried patch of blood. Her mother told her that she loved Spice so much, and she would weep for days, weeks, years if she were to see her daughter run away from her. Now, Spice is here in the lands of Helovia, thriving with new friends and new family and a new friend, Wayne her zebra finch forever perched in her forelock.

MotherxFather (the only names she knows)
Paternal Grandparents
Maternal Grandparents

Half Siblings
None yet

She has a normal companion, Wayne the female Zebra Finch. She does not posses any powers.

:: [ Item: Leather Bag | Small leather bag with straps to attach to leg ]
:: [ Companion: Zebra Finch | None | 5 yrs 5 mos ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
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Notable Accomplishments

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