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World's Edge Philosopher

Visited family outside of Helovia for 1 month, only to return and find 2 Helovian years have passed.

Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 4 years Height: 16h
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A dazzling, enchanting, impossible hybrid of species thought to be beyond the realm of reality. A twirling, swirling array of gold and crème, of caramel and silver. The belle is an angel upon dragon's golden wings, a reaper with a scythe upon her tail, a dancer with the slender yet strong build of her heritage.

Technically speaking, Amaris is an amber champagne, though her pelt is very pale, with a silver sheen. This contrasts vividly with the silky, shiny, golden dragon's scales that decorate her hide in curves and plates. Her build is sturdy but light, strong but with agility blessed to her Arabic and draconic blood. A single scar lines her body, an echo of a deep gash that glows silveracross her chest, a memento from a magical being who was threatening her friends and faced her wrath.

Another curious point to note is that Amaris has silver blood; an odd genetic mutation that she puts down to dragonsblood.

Offspring of Amaris would have the potential to be almost any dilute colour as their base coat, with dragons scales ranging from any hue on the known spectrum should they inherit her draconic lineage in their blood.

Careful, insecure but optimistic, Amaris observes the world around her with a quiet, calculating gaze. The dragonmare sees the beauty in the world, and does everything she can to help others see that within themselves, though she is often restricted by her own self-doubts and inner demons. Her companion has unlocked her heart more than any other - except perhaps her family - and so the whimsical, smiling mare is slowly learning to share the wondrous way she sees the world with others. Amaris is ambitious in the sense that she always feels that she needs to prove herself - she strives to show her worth to her herd and her friends, and undertakes any task given to her with a passion unmatched by most.

Amaris also suffers from 'high-functioning anxiety', which is best explained in this youtube video:

Dam :: Mirage [ arabian x draft mix | Voraer x Anei ]
Sire :: Vikram [ dragon x draft horse ]
Sister :: Semira [ twin | Vikram x Mirage ]

Paternal Granddam :: Silver dragon
Paternal Grandsire :: Unknown draft stallion

Maternal Granddam :: Anei [ arabian x draft ]
Maternal Grandsire :: Voraer [ arabian x draft ]

Maternal Uncles :: Madyrn & Maskan [ twins | arabian x draft mix | Voraer x Anei ]
Maternal Aunt :: Rishima [ adopted | thoroughbred type | Vorear x Anei ]

Cousin :: Tandavi [ Rishima x MadMask ]

Dramyrth is the King of Amaris' heart. He is the first known male golden dragon companion to hatch within Helovia, and he knows he is a greater dragon than any that have hatched before him, or indeed, will hatch after him. Dramyrth is a proud being, and vengeful if he finds offence in anything said or done against himself or his bonded. He is fiercely loyal and horrendously over-protective, and demands respect even as a hatchling. Few are able to gain true esteem in his piercing stare; it is only the bond to Amaris that sometimes allows his affectionate side to extend to those outside of their intense, soul-binding relationship.

Has the ability to bond with two companions. Amaris herself is not yet aware of this ability.

From the records:
:: [ Magic: FirexLight (U) | Can summon 5 small (plain), or 2 large (royal) dragon apparitions who can breathe fire ]
:: [ Restrictions | Difficult to maintain; each dragon can use one fire breathing ability per summoning ]
Amaris was born with this ability, though originally she could only summon 2 small common- or plain-sized spirits. They can breathe very real fire, and form a pseudo-companion bond with Amaris (and Dramyrth) when summoned (making her mind a very crowded place at times!). However, since an experience at Helovia's Heart with a magical fire-cheetah that left a deep scar across Amaris' chest, she has found that she can now summon five common-sized spirits, and up to two Royal spirits.

:: [ Magic: LightxSpark (U) | Via illusionary bolts of lightning 'mindshock' is induced in another, triggering a severe static-y migraine or temporary crippling paralysis. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Requires permission outside battle. Effects last 30 seconds in battle. ]
A relatively new ability, bestowed upon her by a monkey wielding an orb of magic, Amaris is hesitant to employ this magic except only when circumstances absolutely call for it.

:: [ Item: Electrum Whip | A sturdy whip forged in arcs of lightning and fire, when in use, it crackles and leaves burns in its wake; has a leather core and is coated in electrum, giving it a silver-gold finish. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can be somewhat unwieldy to use. ]
Obtained in the midst of a lightning storm from a wily old owl, the more Amaris practices wielding this whip, which loops itself just above the scythe on her tail when not in use, the more accurate and deadly she becomes with it. With a few twitches she can unfurl it, and using her tail and scythe as a lever, she can swing it so that its crackling tip reaches far and wide from her. It leaves scorch marks where it touches, and has been known to singe the mare's tail hairs on rare occasion (though this is not a new sensation, having lived around dragons as long as she has).

Played by
Played by: Whit
Who also plays: All other characters current in AA.
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:: [ Magic: FirexLight (U) | Can summon 5 small (plain), or 2 large (royal) dragon apparitions who can breathe fire ]
:: [ Restrictions | Difficult to maintain; each dragon can use one fire breathing ability per summoning ]
:: [ Magic: LightxSpark (U) | Via illusionary bolts of lightning 'mindshock' is induced in another, triggering a severe static-y migraine or temporary crippling paralysis. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Requires permission outside battle. Effects last 30 seconds in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond to 2 companions. ]
:: [ Item: Electrum Whip | A sturdy whip forged in arcs of lightning and fire, when in use, it crackles and leaves burns in its wake; has a leather core and is coated in electrum, giving it a silver-gold finish. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can be somewhat unwieldy to use. ]
:: [ Item: Medium Mutation | Genetic Mutation. Blood is liquid silver. ]
:: [ Companion: Gold Dragon | Fire Breath & Frost Breath | 5 yrs 1 mo ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   8 SPD:   5 AGL:   4 END:   5
OI:   1 DI:   0 MG:   2 CP:   2
5.5 8 6.5 70
Notable Accomplishments

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