the Rift

Cleití - Peregrine falcon - Normal - ability - D.O.B - Blue-grey

Cleití was created from a random assortment of bird bones and feathers. Having won a quest from The Moon Goddess, Eris collected and indirectly created her own perfect companion. Cleití is rude by nature and has very little regard for anyone who is not her bonded, in fact quite often she attacks anyone that she feels is too close to her blood mistress. Eris believes that her own madness has seeped through the bond and as a result Cleití is just as mad and bloodthirsty as her cruel mistress. Cleití has a blue-grey back, barred white underparts, a black head and "moustache". A few golden feathers are mixed in her otherwise natural looks as she was partly created from feathers dropped by Midas' phoenix companion Fina. Cleití does not yet have an ability, however Eris plans to quest to gain Cleití some magical abilities.

Eris has two active magical abilities and one passive ability. All three have a reasonably large effect her day to day living. The Blood Empress believes that she was born with this magic, however was never close enough to magic for it to be awakened within her. Once she entered Helovia and after sometime discovered her abilities, The Empress has never been the same. Loving the fact that she now has magical abilities, Eris still seeks her perfect world made of chaos with her magical abilities helping her achieve it.

Active magic description ::
'Darkness Beast Form'
Magic Elements :: Dark x Time.
The ability to become a beast of darkness. Eris is able to change herself in a dark exoskeleton in the shape of an animal, often a form of mythical creature. The user is able to be blackening in the exoskeleton and take advantage of the combination of darkness Manipulation and the animal's natural abilities.

'Blood Manipulation'
Magic Elements :: Dark x Water.
The power to manipulate blood, whether it's from oneself, others or free-flowing. Eris can create, control and otherwise manipulate blood of oneself, others or from her surroundings.

Passive magic description ::
Magic Elements :: Light.
The ability to have full control of one's own mind. Eris has direct control over her mental structure, being able to manipulate at will her own emotions, sensations, perceptions, consciousness, memories and personality.
This allows both optimal efficiency and maximal comfort in all situations, while preserving the Eris' ability to feel sensations and emotions.
Eris can also sense when someone else is in her mind so that she can act accordingly.

Rank Magic :
Battle Cry
Can utter a confidence-shattering cry once during battle that will shake an opponent's resolve and increase the chance/strength of one of your attacks.

Items :
Type : Animal Skin Cloak
Item Description : A cape of the finest pelts, leopards and wild cats to match her wild soul. - Lost to Oxy through challenge on 5/5/2014.

Type : Feather
Item Description : White pegasus wing feather woven into her mane.

Type : Feather
Item Description : White pegasus wing feather woven into her mane.

Type : Feather
Item Description : White pegasus wing feather woven into her forelock.

Spark Amulet : Able to cast the power of another character back onto that character, shattering as it does so.
Quantity : 1

Active Magic : 2 | 2
Passive Magic : 1 | 1
Magic Upgrades : 0 | 3
Companions : 1 | 1
Rank magic : 0 | 1



Co-Leader of The Asylum.


Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 15.1
Eris is a mare that always appears to be emaciated, her thin body is very undernourished. However her frame is not brittle or weak, Eris is strong and has muscles gradually building up over her bones. With a coat the colour of gold, Eris is always a bright and eye catching. Her dun coat is usually covered in mud or worse, blood. Her rump is covered in bird catcher spots, the darker gold colour sprinkles her rump and then the spots gradually spread out. They spread to lightly colour her shoulders, face and ankles. Her neck is decorated with stripes, they do not reach up to her hair.

Standing at a medium fourteen hands, this mare uses her shorter height to her advantage in battles. She does not let her shorter stand get in the way for winning battles. From said battles, Eris is covered in scars. No scar is practically big or too gruesome for Eris, in fact she believes the more the merrier! When Eris is experiencing one of her moments of madness, she usually hallucinates that her blood red hair is on fire. She also has the vision that a crown is nestled in her hair, this crown is supposedly made from the bones of dragons and her opals intertwined within the bones.

Eris' orbs are the brightest of blue and they reflect the madness that swirls within. Often when she catches someone in her gaze, they are shocked and even frightened to continue looking into her eyes. The Empress is usually full of childish laughter and grinning her leering smiles. To most it is not difficult to tell that her mind is afflicted with madness. Most just need to look into her eyes to realised Eris' mind is plauged and they tend to walk away.

Since entering Helovia, Eris is now normally covered in swamp waters and blood. This is due to the fact that she has made The Spectral Marsh her home. It has rotting bodies, tiny creatures to kill at her leisure and plenty of water to cover her golden coat with. Scars cover her body, although her face has yet to receive a major trauma that leaves a noticeable scar.

Sly - Blood Thirsty - Psychotic - Flirtatious - Savvy - Brusque - Discourteous

The Blood Empress is a mare that is difficult to explain. First of all this mare is pure evil, she loves to bath in other’s blood but most of all she enjoys plotting the destruction of others and everything that they hold dear. Raised as a killer, this mare knows only one thing, bringing about the death of others. Believing that she can only find her true glory in chaos, Eris strives to create the perfect world. In her mind, the perfect world is a land overwhelmed by evil, plots that cause death and lamination. While in the middle of it all, this Queen of Blood, Fire and Worlds sits on her throne and keeps a watchful eye to make sure that no hope can be found throughout her destructive realm. To say that this mare has lost her wits is the understatement of the century. This mare is completely mad, utterly rolling in the glory that is madness.

Eris suffers from many afflictions, however one that can not be put under a label is the intensity of her blood lust. The Empress believes that it is her right to bath in anyones and everyones life blood. No thought is too evil for this red headed beauty, no scheme or plot too far fetched. Why would a mad woman understand or even consider boundaries? Such thoughts are useless for her, they stop her from reach her ultimate goal. Complete control of everything around her.

Eris represents true malevolence and deviance, she has no morals of good or nobility, which is derived as her being a goddess of pure evil. Often seen as spiteful, vindictive; many do no know of the passion she has when it comes to the prospect of the world potentially crumbling into chaos; which she refers to as being a glorious event. Eris is also known to be wickedly intelligent, she also takes a dullness tone to happy endings.

Eris fancies herself as a femme fatale; a mysterious and seductive woman who charms and ensnares her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. The Blood Empress is not shy, always willing to share her 'charm' with everyone. While Eris does not know any spells or magic to enchant and entice her victims, the golden mare is quite well trained in the art of seduction. Eris often tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm, and sexual allure. In some situations, she uses lies or coercion rather than charm. Her favourite games include (but are not limited too) dress up, spies, 'rub rabbit run' and most of all pretend. While playing pretend, she often may be (or imply that she is) a victim, caught in a situation from which she cannot escape. The Blood Empress loves getting others to do her dirty work for her.

Eris is villainous and not morally ambiguous; often The Empress is associated with a sense of mystification and unease.

Eris' known afflictions ::

Bipolar Disorder ::
Bipolar disorder, is a mental illness classified by psychiatry as a mood disorder. Individuals with bipolar disorder experience episodes of an elevated or agitated mood known as mania (or hypomania, depending on the severity) alternating with episodes of depression.

Psychopathic ::
Psychopathy is defined as either an aspect of personality or as a personality disorder, characterized by enduring dissocial or antisocial behavior, a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse, and poor behavioral controls or fearless dominance. There are various definitions which are only partly overlapping and sometimes appear contradictory.

Dissociative Identity Disorder ::
Dissociative identity disorder, is an extremely rare mental disorder characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that alternately control a person's behavior, and is accompanied by memory impairment for important information not explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

Paternal grandparents
Huare x Backka

Maternal grandparents
Rou x Cinda

Ki x Mesharea

Erde | König x Ki
Geist | König x Ki
Rrea | König x Ki

Born to two equine parents, names Mesharea and Ki, Eris was born a killer. Her father taught her everything she knows, hot to hunt, how to fights and how to survive in the world. He managed to teach her all of this just in her first two years of life. He also taught her how to love and enjoy the pleasure in fighting and drawing blood. It was him who taught her how to love it when she hurt others and enjoy it even more when she drew blood. Once someone bled their life’s blood, it proved that they were moral, just like her. Eris and her father soon lived to create pain, fight in wars and generally cause destruction. They were very successful and shared a bond because of their casual appreciation of death.

It is clear that Eris never had a normal upbringing. You see her birth was from a tragic tale and her father hated all of the wrongs that had been done to him and his lover. Lady Mesharea fell in love with her low ranking guard the moment her eyes fell on him and he returned her love. They ran away together, passionately in love with each other, the fairytale was not to last however. After only a week of being together they were found and dragged back to the home city for punishment. Ki was sentenced to death and Lady Mesharea was forced into a loveless marriage, to be wedded the moment she gave birth.
One night Lady Mesharea snuck past the guards and realised Ki, he urged her to run with him but she was too scared for the babe's well being and refused. Ki promised to return to meet his child. Months later he returns to meet Eris and is enchanted by his daughter, however the guards find him in Lady Mesharea's room and a fight breaks out. In the battle Ki kills Mesharea's twin brother. In her grief she throws herself into the sea, her body was never recovered. Ki escaped with his daughter and was never seen or heard from again. This is why Eris has grown up to be so mentally scared. Her first year was the basic survival skills, her father traveled her home land with her. On their journey she learnt what berries would kill her if she ate them, what fruits were good for her and what which ones would cause stomach cramps. Her father also taught her things like where and how she should cross a fast moving and deep river, his lessons also covered the best way to take shelter for certain bad weather. This was all taught to her during her first year and of course the older she got the more her father drove the lessons home. He quizzed her by picking poisonous berries and hiding them among edible ones. It would be her task to figure out which ones where the deathly berries, if she happened to get it wrong it would cost her life.

Her second year was when Eris learnt how to kill. Ki was a seasoned warrior, trained, blooded and brutal. While he did not allow his daughter to actually kill while her mind was so young, he did encourage her to watch him make his kills. Watch she did, a young filly at two years of age watched the life blood of many spill before her. It twisted her mind, her emotions and empathy were broken in half. Eris became a monster that lived to see the life's blood leak from others. Father and daughter traveled together, always supporting and learning from another. Eris had been with her father her entire life, she did not know he was a monster. She also learnt during this time that he was a god, nothing could hope to match him in battle.

In her third year of life, her father passed away. It was the biggest shock to Eris and it is here where her mind snapped. While hunting wolves her father was attacked by a polar bear, he survived the attack but his weakness and the sight of his blood sent Eris into a frenzy. Ki taught her that he was a god. This proved him a liar. Still weak from the polar bear attack, Eris was able to kill her father and so she did. Anger also consumed her, furious that her father had left her. the person who had been her only friend, the person who had understood everything about Eris. During this time of her life The Empress wondered around the different worlds trying to find a way to bring her father back to life. This way he truly would be a god. The desire to see him again consumed her. Finally Eris stumbled upon a woods witch. From the witch she demanded her father be brought back to life, the witch refused saying the world was a better place now that her father was dead. Enraged Eris killed the witch.

Rank History
Hidden Falls Legatus

Chapter one
Orangemoon, Year Two
001. We are all just puppets.

Chapter 2 ::
Frostfall, Year Three
002. words on their own become emotions.
003. Confused Mind
004. A Tattered Note
005. It's all in your mind.
006. The tides are turning vile
007. Gaining important materials
008. I hope you come prepared.
009. One Shot, Two Shot, Floor
010. Sainity Is For the Unknowing
011. Into The Cold Unknown
012. !! Masterpiece Theater

Chapter 3 ::
Birdsong, Year Three
013. Calling all units. Attend.
014. Eru Judge
015. nothing but a traitor
016. Sing Me The Song Of Death
017. Lost in the Shadowed Wood
018. I've been looking for you
019. Death's knocking on your door.
020. Burn, Burn, the life you can't choose.
021. Home sweet home?
022. Sometimes, I imagine six impossible things before breakfast.
023. Unite Under Open Skies.
024. Shadowy Words.
025. Immortal souls.
026. Villainous Trends, Corporeal Souls

Chapter 4 ::
Tallsun, Year Three
027. A maniacs new love song.
028. A new discovery
029. Come Forth All Ye Madmen
030. !! [Asylum Mandatory] Dark Doo Wop
031. viva la vid
032. Quest Drop #10 Earth | Water
033. Fights, Fishes and Fetishes.

Chapter 5 ::
Orangemoon, Year Three
034. Messenger (Leaders of Asylum, ranked)
035. For a cause
036. Quest Drop #11 Dark | Wind
037. You Will See. [Eris Challenge]
038. Mandatory Rehab

Chapter 6 ::
Frostfall, Year Four
039. drove a spear into its side
040. My heart longs for freedom
041. Pathways [Dark/Wind Magic Drop]
042. The Thin Veils Of Contempt.
043. Devil Grass
044. The blood has run stale.
045. The Hatter and the Hare
046. The Brothers Grimm

Chapter 7 ::
Birdsong, Year Four
047. They Took Her Honour, Then Her life
048. Conspiracy
049. verdant fields, laden with frost;
050. Trial In A Fortnight.

Cloak Sketch :: Coming Soon.

Remember The Name by Fort Minor Feat. Styles of Bey on Grooveshark

Agrona - Heinous bitch.
Arlo - A true general.
Circuta - My Lady in waiting.
Confutatis - You're day will come my sweet.
Deimos - Death.
Histe- Bringer of destruction.
Midas- True and honest, a dragon.
Oxy - Delusional madman.
Seele - Prepare for my cataclysm.
Vulture - Nothing but a boy playing at being a man.

Thread of the month ::

May 2014 - let me see your phonebook, or is that "hidden" too?

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