the Rift

Questing for a Bald Eagle from the Moon Goddess

:: [Magic : DarkxFire | Can create an intense orb of fire that pulls in oxygen from the surrounding area]
:: [ Restrictions | Severe oxygen deprecation within 1 m, lightheadedness and nausea within 5 m]

:: [Item: White Feather :: Pulled from Elsa in first spar]


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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 8 :: Tallsun Height: 15.2
Cheveyo is a medium sized mare, standing at a comfortable 15.2 hands at her withers. Her body is lean and her muscles toned from years of serving as a warhorse to her rider. Scars can be found spread generously across her body, but none seem to hinder her movement nor cause her any pain. Markings can be found painted onto her body. On her right hip she wears an upside down hand print that symbolizes her final battle she entered with her rider. On her left fore she wears a crooked arrow to give her and her rider strength and cause trouble for their enemies. Her hooves are adorned with arrowheads, which are believed to make the wearer swift and nimble footed. On her left hip she bears the markings of hail to bring harm to her enemies. Around her right eye and her nostrils circles can be found to enhance her senses. The final marking Cheveyo wears is a blood red hand print on her right shoulder that was given to her shortly before her rider's death in battle.

-Flaxen Chestnut Splash
-Pink eyes
-Numerous scars
-Shoulder length blonde mane
-Ankle length blonde tail

Cheveyo is a warrior through and through. Her heart longs for the thrill of battle though part of her will always feel an emptiness at going into battle without her rider on her back. She is a well trained mare, obedient and willing to throw herself into harms way to protect those she cares for and wants to protect. However, there are moments when she thinks of her fallen rider, her partner, and questions her abilities. Cheveyo's loyalty knows no bounds. Once she commits herself to a group or a cause she will never falter in her place with them. She will see them through until the very end, no matter what it may cost her, so long as her comrades are happy. For Cheveyo, though, there is always a lingering sadness in her heart.

Paternal Grandfather: unknown
Paternal Grandmother:unknown
Father: Liwanu Bay Tobaino
Maternal Grandfather: unknown
Maternal Grandmother: unknown
Mother: Kachina Chestnut Splash Overo
Uncles: unknown
Aunts: unknown
Brothers: unknown
Sisters: unknown
Nieces & Nephews: unknown
Great Grandsons:
Great Granddaughters:

Cheveyo was born into captivity to the warhorses Kachina and Liwanu. She was weaned at a young age and given to a young boy who had high hopes of following in his own father's footsteps and becoming a fierce and brave warrior.
At the beginning Cheveyo and the boy, Kwahu, did not see eye to eye. She fought him everyday, wanting only to be back at her mother's side, but as time went on and it became clear that she would not be allowed back with her mother she finally submitted and allowed the young boy to begin teaching her. It was a journey that they embarked on together and it blossomed into a strong friendship and loyalty to one another that she had never known in her young life and cherished even in Kwahu's death.

As time wore on and the duo became more reliant on one another they both developed the desire to prove themselves in battle. They were given the opportunity when Kwahu's tribe went to war with a neighboring tribe who had been hunting on their land and stealing their horses. The battle was long and bloody and resulted in Cheveyo's first injuries, but the young and ever loyal mare fought as her partner asked her to. When the battle ended Kwahu and his tribe had come out victorious. They returned back to their tribe with the horses that had been stolen along with the horses of their enemies.

Several more battles passed which resulted only in minor injuries for Cheveyo and Kwahu. The young warriors were well on their way to becoming the leading warriors of their tribe, but they would both be cut down in their prime.

The final battle that Cheveyo and Kwahu entered claimed Kwahu's life and ripped out a part of Cheveyo's heart. Going into the battle Kwahu and Cheveyo both knew that it was a battle that had more potential then any of the others they had fought in, to claim their lives. Still, Kwahu was proud and marked Cheveyo with the upside down hand print on her right hip that told of the danger they faced. The warrior mounted his steed and they were off, neither of them to ever return to the tribe they left.

An ambush was waiting for the warriors. All around them horses and warriors fell, very few of them able to escape the onslaught. Kwahu, ever fearless, charged for his enemies but was struck in his chest by an arrow. Cheveyo could feel her rider be struck, could feel the sudden shift of his body and she retreated, carrying him away from the battle, but she could hear the thundering of hooves behind her. She felt a pat on her shoulder, whispered words of encouragement and love from her rider before his body slipped from her back. Despite the approaching enemies Cheveyo turned back to retrieve her rider, but his spirit had already left his body.

Played by
Cheveyo is played by semper who also plays Tora, Hertz, and Artorius

:: [ Magic: DarkxFire | Can create an intense orb of fire that pulls in oxygen from the surrounding area ]
:: [ Restrictions | Severe oxygen deprecation within 1 m, lightheadedness and nausea within 5 m ]
:: [ Item: White Feather | Tied in mane, pulled off of Elsa in a spar. ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   3 AGL:   5 END:   9
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
6 9.5 4.5 62.5
Notable Accomplishments

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