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Species: Equine Gender: Filly Age: 5 § Frostfall Height: 16.4 HH


Harmony... Ah, she is a beautiful, sorrel and white paint horse, with two sparkling blue eyes. Harmony has a sorrel mane, tail, and forelock with a few white highlights. Her ears are usually set forward, giving her a pleasant and friendly look. Harmony's spots are placed upon her broad, muscular chest. They also reach from her plump stomach to her top line. On her other side, a spot stretches from her round rump to the middle of her stomach. Half of her stunning face is covered in a last, sorrel spot. She has a long, forelock and mane, with her tail trailing behind her.



Harmony is hard to predict. One never knows what she will do. Harmony is a sweetheart to all she doesn't know well. Harmony is known to be polite and well mannered, which is odd, for she doesn't have one to raise her, yet. But, to all who know her well, she is blunt, sassy, and can sometimes be mean. Harmony has a bad side though. The evil can sometimes over take her, she will become, fierce, ruthless....



Harmony's mother was Diatrec a kind but troubled black and white Paint Horse. Her father was an equine by the name of Shadow. A somewhat evil pure black Quarter Horse with red eyes. Harmony has an older sibling. A beautiful bay Pinto stallion by the name of Terminate. He is a kind hearted equine with a clever mind.



Harmony has no knowledge of her parents, or anyone that is related to her. She is currently living alone. Fending for herself. "One night, when Diatrec was birthing, it was decided. She shall fend for herself and never to be touched by her parents again. It was hard for the mother of the foal to bear it, but it had to happen. Why? Diatrec asked herself. When the foal emerged, she was taken away by Freck, never to be seen by her mother again, Harmony was cared for by Freck until she could do it herself. All bonds were broken exactly 6 months later. Left alone in the grass, all was forgotten. Harmony was now alone. Forever until....."

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Played By: Wild.
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