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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 6 Height: 15.0

MAREN: Maa - ren (Long "a" and rolling "r")
15.0 hh || mare || 5 years || mutt || pegasus
E'vesdar X Morrow

Maren's pearl white body is covered with a rusty, red-brown stain, covered in darker tiger-markings with different saturation. Her long, ivory mane contain the occasional curl or twist. She has thin, longer feathering on her front legs and shorter feathering on her back legs. Maren's eyes are gold with burgundy shades and flecks of a pale purple as mid tones. Maren's walks and attitude varies between nonchalant and graceful, her silent eyes not giving away any of her thoughts and emotions most of the time. Her voice is exoticly outlandish and makes use of a rolling "r". When Maren's body is overthrown with shadow (cloudy days, forests, nighttime, inside buildings) a fragile looking, shimmering halo appears above her head, from time to time dropping little droplets of light.

Dealing with Maren can sometimes be difficult, as her personality is a maze and her mind a riddle. Traps lay hidden behind her silent eyes and in the words she speaks so that she is able to quickly pass her oh so important judgement. She holds grudges for the tiniest things, and for the longest times, but she also forgives with the tiniest gestures of peace. Still, she is not an easily gained friend due to her long travelers past and her ‘on the road’ acquired suspicion and guarded secrecy.

INTERESTS: (learning about..) history, lore, religion, observing the variation of personalities, magic, admiring the water and their reflections, (peppermint) tea, wandering around, boats.

RELIGION: Maren is a priestess in heart and soul and will do anything for her God. She is certain that her life is but one of millions and thus perhaps counted worthless. Maren practices the religion of the Cherry Oak and is therefore seeking to fulfill her Holy Purpose in any way needed, good and bad. Her 'God', the Holy Oak Tree, communicates with her through vague visions of a reflective world. Here she often sees a giant Oak Tree, reaching to the heavens with its endless looking branches, while in the shadows of the trunk roses bloom or whither, depending on the moment in time. Maren refers to it as either ‘The Garden’ or ‘the Medium’.

FIRE X WATER :: Can create mists/low hanging clouds around her and shape them into illuminated entities that block vision.
Maren often wanders around with a cloud of mist trailing her, as it gives her comfort. She might also create will-o'-the-wisps to keep her company and light up her path as she travels.

EARTH X LIGHT :: Ability to transform into a cat that is composed of mist.
Maren's feline form is a fluffy, flame point cat of no specific breed. While she is in this form she is able to turn into and become one with the mist she controls. She is possibly unable to look intimidating in this form. CatMaren is often found in trees.

She was born in the lands of Cherry Oak. Her father was E'vesdar, a Pegasus and her hero. Her mother, Morrow, was a tiger-striped ram-horned mare. Days living in the lands of the Cherry Oak where like a blessing as she was privileged to be living under the care of parents who cared and having a brother to play with under the falling blossoms of the Great Oak. She had always been intrigued by the stories of the Cherry Oak and it's entities. Then days turned darker and unfortunate happenings caused her body to bleed, but it was her heart and soul that was bleeding most; for she would not fly the endless blues. For therapy she went back to the city of Deneb, as her mother was Queen of the old lands and to meet up with the roots of her family legacy. As scars faded over time she decided to begin travelling, sometimes with and sometimes without her only brother, Gha'tor.

Travelling had broadened her view and look on the various culture and religions, but it had also thickened her skin for she had learned the world was not at all like her parents' home in the solitude of the mountains. The world could be rough, untrustworthy, so she became cunning and observant and learned the ways of different lives. She always kept her own religion, focused around the Cherry Oak, in her mind and drained support from it. She believes its entities have grown gardens in her mind and she still caries them with her in her heart.


Quote of the month October 2016
"If this Mountain truly knew... Maren would call her whatever she wanted. Then again, if Ampere was the Mother of Companions, what was there to go on? ... Perhaps it is better to not take these things too seriously. But what could she do, she was a serious mare." -- Maren on legend titles in never know what temporal days may bring

Character of the year awards;
Best Wise One 2015
Prettiest Eyes 2015
Unique Design 2015

Played by
OOC name: Yewrezz or Nikki
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:: [ Magic: FirexWater (U) | Can create mists/low hanging clouds around her and shape them into illuminated entities that block vision. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Lasts for one post or 30s in battle; mists/Clouds dissipate 10m away from her body. ]
:: [ Magic: EarthxLight (U) | Ability to transform into cat that is composed of mist. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Immobilized for 10 seconds; cannot pass through objects. ]
:: [ Magic: Light (P) | When cast in shadow a halo lights up above her head ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Dragon's Throat Key | A small, metal charm allowing access to the bridge to the Dragon's throat. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Boat | Design of a wooden Norwegian rowboat with metal framework. Fits two horses and moves at the will of the owner. ]
:: [ Item: Armor | Lightweight metals of a light color; covering her shoulders, canons and dock. Chain mail blanket on her back. Slightly detailed with o.a. little roses that are unrecognizable from a distant.] ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can become rusted and worn down. ]
:: [ Item: Vial of Bear God Blood | Blood from the Bear God of the Rift ]
:: [ Item: Teacup | A fine bone china teacup with elegant adornments. ]
:: [ Item: Bond to 2 companions | Genetic Mutation. ]
:: [ Item: 3 active magic mutation | Genetic Mutation. ]
:: [ Companion: Siberian Tiger | Sing | 7 yrs 10 mos ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   2.0 CP:   2
5 9.5 6 70
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- April 2015 || Character of the Month
- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant
- January 2015 || Dragon's Throat Diviner

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SWP :: Through the Fire and Flames Halcyon Flats
God of the Sun, Destrier, Gaucho, Evaneska, Boy, Erthë, Rikyn, Soren, Tembovu, Mauja, Volterra, Einarr, Deimos, Lena, Megaera, Erebos, Rexanna, Persephone, Random Event, Ki'irha, Ranjiri, Rhea, Ophelia, Iscah, Ahvelyn, Ashamin, Kalona, Eden, Knox, Ampere, Milo, Öde, Ilios, Maren, Thantos, Ghost, Sacre, Archibald, Cera, Kaj, Naja, Najya, Aisling, Tiamat, Euphrates, Aithniel, Isopia, Mesec, Ultima, Torleik, Badger
10-02-2015 by Mauja
Savages! Savages! [HERD MEETING] Dragon's Throat
Megaera, Laedere, Einarr, Sikeax, Badger, Random Event, Ampere, Ilios, Sacre, Aithniel, Cera, Gaucho, Nasreen, Maren, Ranjiri, Mesec, Morrigan, Cathun
10-06-2015 by Laedere
second chances, new beginnings [birth] Hidden Falls
Aylin, Isopia, Milo, Archibald, Maren, Random Event, Knox, Miykael
10-22-2015 by Milo
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Conclusion) Green Labyrinth
God of the Moon, Ampere, Random Event, Volterra, Badger, Maren, Ophelia, Ulrik, Gaucho, Eden, Megaera, Hotaru, Archibald, Aviya, Ashamin, Erthë, Rikyn, Mauja, Ranjiri, Torleik, Ahvelyn, Mesec, Knox, Jaeger, d'Artagnan, Zünden, Enna, Nuray, Tembovu, Resplendence, Soren, Mortuus Nox, Najya, Cera, Ktulu, Aithniel
09-27-2015 by Soren
You laugh without seeing Green Labyrinth
Maren, Erthë
10-30-2015 by Erthë
choirs in my head Blood Falls
Arya, Maren, Random Event
10-10-2015 by Maren
For what it's worth, I'm still here [Fire watching, open for all interested!] Dragon's Throat
Maren, Einarr
10-07-2015 by Maren
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part II) Green Labyrinth
God of the Moon, Lace, Kalona, Volterra, Nyx, Nuray, Rikyn, Maren, Cera, Mortuus Nox, Eden, Shadow, Erthë, Badger, Elsa, Ophelia, Ulrik, Dvorak, Hotaru, Mesec, Isopia, Soren, Najya, Tiamat, Ilios, Rohan, Enna, Aviya, Lothíriel, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Archibald, Knox, Random Event, Resplendence, Ranjiri, Cathun, Ampere, Crystarius, Öde, Tatiana, Tembovu, Mauja, Aithniel, Thranduil, Torleik, Megaera, Gaucho, Rexanna, Thantos, Panzram
09-13-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part I) Green Labyrinth
Ktulu, God of the Moon, Random Event, Aaron, Aviya, Lace, Ampere, Soren, Shadow, Elsa, Badger, Rikyn, Panzram, Vitani, Volterra, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Mortuus Nox, Ahvelyn, Thantos, Nuray, Öde, Archibald, Rexanna, Rohan, Ilios, Nyx, Eden, Ophelia, Knox, Hotaru, Lakota, Tembovu, Cera, Enna, Timothy, Kratos, Ranjiri, Mirabella, Ulrik, Mesec, Resplendence, Aithniel, Najya, Dvorak, Tandavi, Esk, Tiamat, Tatiana, Crystarius, Thranduil, Atheris, Mauja, Maren, Lothíriel, Megaera, Silas, Torleik, Isopia, Gaucho, Jaeger
09-07-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: Not without consequences Green Labyrinth
Ophelia, Ulrik, Ktulu, God of the Moon, Mauja, Random Event, d'Artagnan, Archibald, Aaron, Knox, Mesec, Lace, Ampere, Gaucho, Hotaru, Sacre, Ranjiri, Shadow, Aurelia, Nyx, Megaera, Aithniel, Thranduil, Sialia, Rikyn, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Najya, Erthë, Rexanna, Ashamin, Eden, Ahvelyn, Timothy, Thantos, Kratos, Tatiana, Crystarius, Dvorak, Nuray
09-01-2015 by God of the Moon
SWP :: Gods do die Part III Blood Falls
Random Event, Roskuld, Volterra, Knox, Ashamin, Erthë, Öde, Mauja, Thranduil, Maren, Tembovu, Ampere, Rikyn, Tandavi, Crescencia
08-31-2015 by Crescencia
Bloody Hands buried in Bloody Sands Dragon's Throat
Öde, Maren
12-02-2015 by Maren
SWP :: Gods do die Part II Blood Falls
Random Event, Roskuld, Ophelia, Öde, Ranjiri, Crystarius, Crescencia, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Ilios, Rikyn, Volterra, Nyx, Erebos, Myrrine, Tembovu, Sialia, Mauja, Thantos, Erthë, Seren, Ragnarok, Aithniel, Badger, Rohan, Tiamat, Kaj, Tandavi, Torleik, Enna, Aurelia, Kalona, Rhea, Parelia, Knox, Maren, Amara, Isopia, Amani, Thranduil
08-28-2015 by Random Event
Gather round the hole Heart Caves
Ilios, Nasreen, Maren
09-09-2015 by Maren
SWP :: Gods do die Blood Falls
Ophelia, Mauja, Random Event, Knox, God of the Spark, Kaj, Hotaru, Amara, Tiamat, Roskuld, Ranjiri, Tandavi, Torleik, Parelia, Aurelia, Öde, Nyx, Amani, Aithniel, Ilios, Badger, Erebos, Thranduil, Rikyn, Mirabella, Rhea, Caenan, Myrrine, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Caleb, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Tembovu, Rohan, Enna, Ahvelyn, Seren, Kalona, Ragnarok, Adonné, Ming Yue, Thantos, Crystarius, Aldoran, Crescencia, Artorias
08-24-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: First Contact Blood Falls
God of the Spark, Seren, Artorias, Roskuld, Ophelia, Thantos, Crystarius, Ragnarok, Ming Yue, Cathun, Erebos, Aldoran, Rikyn, Volterra, Erthë, Aithniel, Nyx, Badger, Ophyreia, Naya'il, Adonné, Ranjiri, Kalona, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Mauja, Torleik, Crescencia, Maren, Knox, Madigan
09-16-2015 by Madigan
We circle atoms with dust in our [dream] Heavenly Fields
Reginald, Maren
08-23-2015 by Maren
Fires burn riddles into the snow Dragon's Throat
Maren, Random Event, Sacre
08-14-2015 by Sacre
This crown of thorns Archives
Arantza, Maren
06-27-2015 by Maren
Half-built churches Dragon's Throat
Gaucho, Maren
09-08-2015 by Maren
Gather Round the Campfire [WW] Archives
Ashamin, Destrier, Johnny, Kaj, Maren, Öde, Resplendence, Rohan, Shadow, Thranduil
07-29-2015 by Shadow
Winter Wonderland -- Main Hidden Falls
Ampere, Ashamin, Destrier, Johnny, Kaj, Ki'irha, Maren, Murtagh, Öde, Quilyan, Resplendence, Rohan, Shadow, Thranduil, Volterra
06-26-2015 by Ashamin
Morning Songs Archives
Ampere, Cirrus, God of the Earth, Isopia, Maren, Nyx, Thranduil, Volterra, Zèklè
06-07-2015 by Cirrus
I want one Archives
Isopia, Maren
06-10-2015 by Maren
!! Two Heartbeats Veins of the Gods
Laedere, Maren
06-17-2015 by Laedere
We fly as high as the flame will rise Secret Grove
Maren, Mauja
10-28-2015 by Maren
Heavy Crown Archives
Astrasza, Essetia, Maren
06-21-2015 by Essetia
where was i going again? Archives
Ivezho, Maren
05-19-2015 by Ivezho
god is not in heaven Archives
Maren, Sikeax
06-19-2015 by Sikeax
my king and queen [Edge Leads Competition] Dragon's Throat
Amaris, Gaucho, Kahlua, Lena, Maren, Mauja, Thor, Verlaine
05-03-2015 by Gaucho
And now we turn to my beautiful city Archives
Maren, Sacre
05-17-2015 by Sacre
I never learned how to pray Archives
Ampere, Maren, Random Event
05-31-2015 by Ampere
Duty [New Edge Leads Competition] World's Edge
Amaris, Ampere, Arah, Artorius, Cathun, Elsa, Kahlua, Kiara, Lena, Maren, Mauja, Mirage, Nyx, Ophelia, Rostislav, Thor, Torleik, Verlaine
04-26-2015 by Mauja
Exiles of the Ash Archives
Carnassial, Maren, Waprevah
04-18-2015 by Maren
Battles and Silence [Herd Meeting] Archives
Aakesh, Aithniel, Amaris, Ampere, Cathun, Cirrus, Einarr, Gaucho, Hertz, Ísfold, Ivezho, Maren, Megaera, Mesec, Morrigan, Sikeax, Sohalia, Spice, Zèklè
05-09-2015 by Ivezho
It Takes a Village to Build a.... Church? [Chruch Part 1] Archives
Amani, Maren, Rhoa
03-29-2015 by Maren
Healing, Learning, and Heat [SUN DROP] Archives
Aithniel, Cirrus, Diesel, Erebos, God of the Sun, Ilios, Maren, Megaera, Najya, Rei, Tilney, Zünden
03-29-2015 by Megaera
Last Sacrifice [[Viewing Thread]] Archives
Amaris, Ampere, d'Artagnan, Erebos, Maren, Random Event
05-17-2015 by Maren
What would have happened Archives
Maren, Zèklè
05-27-2015 by Zèklè
Will you map me oblivion (Shadow) Battleground
Maren, Shadow
04-28-2015 by Sevin
On the Dust of Heaven we Set Sail [Patrol] Archives
Amaris, Isara, Maren
04-07-2015 by Amaris
strike the metal, hear it ring [armor for any] Archives
Cera, Einarr, Maren, Rhoa
06-23-2015 by Cera
Bridge Protest Archives
Gaucho, Maren
04-29-2015 by Gaucho
Meteorites and falling skies Archives
Maren, Mesec
06-21-2015 by Mesec
As the Wind chases the Leaves run Ancient Rotunda
Maren, Mauja, Rei
04-11-2015 by Maren
Flashing Lights Archives
Maren, Roskuld, Tempe
04-01-2015 by Roskuld
Buried by the sands of the hourglass Battleground
Maren, Ophelia
04-07-2015 by Official
Sticks and Stones [Task 5] Archives
Africa, Alija, Brisa, Cerin, Crowley, Fig, Kahlua, Laedere, Maren, Midas, Myrrine
02-14-2015 by Alija
You Can Be A Big-Pig Too! OY! Archives
Alija, Arya, Breccan, Cerin, Essetia, Gaucho, Kiara, Maren, Myrrine, Oxy, Rhoa, Roskuld, Shida, Sohalia, Tempe
02-25-2015 by Sohalia
Reflecting Pool | Task 2 Archives
Aisling, Alija, Cashmere, Finn, Ink, Kvothe, Maren, Mirage, Nym, Rei
02-13-2015 by Alija
TASK 1 Archives
Aisling, Alija, Artorius, Jahzara, Kvothe, Maren, Nymeria, Reginald, Rei, Tandavi
02-13-2015 by Alija
"Shipping" - Intro Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Abraham, Adelric, Aeolus, Africa, Aisling, Aithniel, Alija, Alleo, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Argen, Artorius, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Atlas, Auriel, Aviya, Ayelet, Bellona, Bolverik, Brigand, Brisa, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cheska, Ciceron, Crowley, December, Deimos, Déodat, Destrier, Destry, Dovahkiin, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Finn, Gaucho, Hector, Hertz, Histe, Hotaru, Ink, Isara, Isopia, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kiara, Kvothe, Laedere, Lena, Macaria, Maitimo, Maren, Mauja, Megaera, Mesec, Midas, Mirage, Miykael, Morrigan, Myrrine, Naerys, Nayati, Nym, Nymeria, Nyx, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Parelia, Phantom, Quilyan, Ráeru, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roland, Romani, Roskuld, Rostislav, Saffron, Shadow, Shida, Sikeax, Sohalia, Spice, Syrena, Talion, Tandavi, Telesaan, Tempe, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Ulrik, Varath, Vincent, Vitani, Volterra, Zèklè, Zenobia
02-13-2015 by Varath
I'm done with my dying Archives
Maren, Shadow
03-17-2015 by Maren
All Roads Lead to Rome [Herd Meeting] Archives
Alija, Amani, Amaris, Ampere, Astrasza, Bucephalus, Cera, Cerin, Cirrus, Destry, Einarr, Gaucho, God of the Sun, Hector, Hertz, Isara, Maren, Megaera, Morrigan, Reginald, Rhoa, Sikeax, Spice, Tandavi, Ulrik, Zèklè
02-16-2015 by Gaucho
comin' at you like a dark horse Archives
Argen, Maren, Tempe
03-18-2015 by Tempe
Now, this is a story all about how... [Storytelling] Archives
Amani, Hector, Isara, Maren
02-01-2015 by Isara
Less drowning, more land. Archives
Gaucho, Maren
03-07-2015 by Gaucho
Of Salt And Sand[Welcoming] Archives
Bucephalus, Maren
02-07-2015 by Bucephalus
Paper kites wander Archives
Bucephalus, Maren
01-08-2015 by Maren

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