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Mental wounds weighting down, has some magic

Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 12 Height: 17.1

Age: 11
Race: Unicorn
Breed: Irish Hunter
Horn: Bright Red
Eyes:Bright Red
Mane:Black on top and red on bottom
Coat Color: Light Grey
Markings:Red spirals down his front legs, black outlining on his eyes, and a small red heart on his left flank
Tail: Same as mane
More pictures: Valentine By DarqB Lineart colored by Ina Val By Pheonix Val's First Picture by Sica Aud's lovely Work Ina's Amazing Manip
"A flash of red, a splash of black, a prickle of white, a long red horn, and a heart aside."

Often residing in the shadows, Valentine is quiet. Despite his bright coloring, he likes to stay in dark places, and doesn't go out very often unless to graze. He is very intelligent, and he prefers to watch everything that is happening around him. However, he will provide sarcastic comments about what those around him are doing, without offering help until he absolutely has to. Throughout his adventures on Helovia, his personality has changed. He has a little more confidence now, but is still a little shy at times, but he isn't afraid to speak his mind or stand up for what he believes in. He has tendencies to be a bit obessive, short of temper, and a bit brash at times.

Sire x Dam: Varen x Laria (deceased)
Paternal Grandparents: Unknown
Maternal Grandparents: Unknown
Other family: Raithe (deceased)
Half Siblings: None
Mate: Cherie
Offspring: Aiko Darleane
Both of his parents are deceased, as they lived in a quiet part of a woodland area. He was born somewhere outside of Helovia, and although he ran wild, he met his uncle, named Raithe, who raised him. They traveled around for quite sometime until Raithe died, then Valentine wandered on his own. They died from a mixture of constipation, colic, and anemia, which Valentine has gotten, but his child Aiko will not.

~ Active Thread
It's Too Bright- meets Mauja the Frostheart in the Threshold, who takes him home to the World's Edge
Enter Sandman- meets Sandman in the Frozen Arch
Archangel of Vengeance- joins the other outcast unicorns from the World's Edge
We're All Together- gets comfortable with Psyche in the Frostbreath Steppe, decides he wants revenge on the other races, ends up falling in love with her
Welcome to Wonderland- meets Chester and Lucius in the Threshold
Red Stains- plays with d'Artagnan and Sorcha in the Steppe
Change of Pace- meets Scree in the Spectral Marsh
Stranger than Fantasy- sees Ophelia in the Steppe, then Psyche shows up
An Uneasy Encounter- meets Lace in the Heart, gets burned and taken down to someplace else
Share the Coldness in Your Soul- meets Elizabeth in the Heavenly Fields, discusses the Plague
Lighting Heart - finds Delinne in the Thistle Meadow
a .f r o s t e d. heart filled with cracks- finds Psyche in the company of Chester, and they have some confusing fun
Hole in the Earth- finds Crowley in the Threshold, and recruits him to the Plague with other Plague members
a .p e n n y. for your thoughts- is running late but makes it to the Plague Meeting
The Tree of Knowledge, Forbidden- finds Zikar-Sin in the Threshold along with d'Art, Elizabeth, Tor, and Irrydae. Being with other Plague members he makes racist comments.
Locked Away- first one the scene, he begins to torture Svetlana, then other members of the Plague as well as other prisoners show up
Torture Me Please- meets with Psyche, ends up confessing his love for her, and talks about his new position in the Plague
A Heart, Princess, and Slave- Meets Sno and Rapha in the Frostbreath Steppe
Revenge- is summoned by the God of Spark, whom asks them what they would do to get revenge. Challenges the God to prove himself, but is denied.
Welcome Home- is shown the Aurora Basin for the first time, along with the rest of his herd
light not so bright- bothers Svetlana and Solstice, who are prisoners
Wake Me Up Inside- finds Adura in the Frozen Arch, but doesn't talk to her
Return My Love or Suffer the Consequences- talks to Psyche about their relationship, and in the end they go their separate ways. Rapha is there, and stands up for Psyche. While getting angry, Valentine lights himself on fire using the temporary magic he was given in the Heart, and burns Rapha, and Psyche outcasts him.
Slaves of the Heart- is told by Rapha to eat, and after trying to start a conversation with him he leaves
What could have been love- talks to Myrddin in the hot springs before he leaves the Basin, and unknowingly helps him with his quest
Fix A Heart- flirts with Phaedra after he is outcasted
Turning the Tides- meets with Kri and Aryel to get accepted in the Dragon's Throat, becomes a pupil
Fear Feast- the boggart from the Heart is back, and as Valentine tries to capture it, he fails
the taming of the shrew- meets with Jackal and Aurelius as they intend to talk to the leaders of the Throat, and speaks unkindly to Aurelius, and is joined by Sierra, Sumati, and Kri
Odds of being alone- sees the polar bear Alfie floating in the Endless Blue and tries to help him catch fish, and receives leather for his necklace
Every Fourteenth of February- talks to Levi in the Thistle Meadow
I Know Donkeys Look Strange...- finds the donkey Rae in the Threshold, and tries to bring her to the Throat

Preparing for Battle- First spar, against Psyche, loses
Star Crossed Hearts- teaches Stellaluna how to spar, defaults
sickly lovebird come and play- spars with Cierra, he surrenders

Thread of the Month for: For Welcome Home

Upon making this character, it was pointed out to me that February 14th will be summer on Helovia, but he will still age in winter, or Frostfall.
Prize Record: -Hybrid Foal Pass with Foal stats no magic (x2)

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Other characters: Kanti, Loki, Casimir, Elizabeth, {Valentine}, Aiko Darleane, Jack, Fenrir, Elektra

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