the Rift



Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 11 Height: 16hh

FUR: #afafb2 MANE & TAIL: #141416 EYES: #a5ddea HORN: #0a0a0d

She is tall and slender of build, her muscular body supported by four long, sculpted legs. Her neck is arched and powerful, supporting her refined, regal skull upon which her crowning glory is perched - her horn. Of middling length and with only the slightest amount of spiral, Nyx's finest weapon looks as though it has been chipped from a hunk of obsidian, tipped with a razor-sharp point. The mare's body is covered in steel-grey fur, giving her an almost metallic appearance - this is complimented by her legs, which are black to the knee, and her muzzle, which is also dipped in a deep onyx hue. Her mane and tail are made up of this same black shade, with her eyes a piercing blue.




Nyx is a rather odd individual, secretive but with an uncanny ability to babble on for hours without actually giving anything away. Blunt and opinionated to the point of tactlessness, she spares nobody's feelings - if she thinks something, she'll more than likely say it. Stubborn and unyielding, the girl could probably be described as muleish, unwilling to bend or obey the command of somebody she does not deem worthy. However, she is generally subservient to stallions, believing them to be the superior gender and thus able to command her, meaning she is far more likely to obey a man than another woman. Nyx has been called disloyal in the past due to the fact her herd in the wilderness changed lead stallions regularly, and she had little problem switching her allegiance and bearing foals to the new king. Loyalty is a fleeing thing for her, largely because she places such value on physical strength like a true warrior. She will give her devotion to a leader once she has ascertained their prowess in battle and will fight to the death for them, but it is very rare that she remains in any way loyal to a fallen monarch. She believes in strength, and chooses to ally herself with those she deems strongest. War-minded and a born soldier, Nyx has a tactician's mind and loves drawing up battle strategies.

The storm queen isn't afraid to stand her ground, stonelike and stoic, normally with a sarcastic comment to go with it. She can be defiant if she disagrees with something, and isn't afraid to face pain for her beliefs. She possesses a dry, cynical sense of humour and a quickfire wit, often utilised as a defence mechanism. She is quite a competent warrior, a capable fighter and does not shy away from pain, however she will openly admit to being quite jumpy and skittish around strange new things. She is quite a playful woman, perhaps even goofy, and when she's in a good mood she has a cheery disposition - when she's in a bad mood, however, she walks around with the metaphorical stormcloud above her head.

- Has a deep ingrained fear of predators (except, of course, for Dominus) and especially dislikes dragons.
- Loves thunderstorms, and can often be found chasing them or simply standing in them.
- Places great value in physical strength. Is only loyal to those who she knows to be good warriors, and will only let a stallion breed with her if he can defeat her in battle, to ensure she bears only strong foals.
- Dislikes direct eye contact, especially towards her superiors, as she believes it to be a sign of dominance and associates it with predators.


NATO (m) x QUERIDA (f)
Nyx (f), Dexter (m), Djinn (m)

DEZRIO (m) x NYX (f)
Nyria (f), Laza (f)
LOCKHAR (m) x NYX (f)
Nocturne (m)
SIMEON (m) x NYX (f)
Sydara (f), Raziel (m)



Born in Isilme, to parents Nato and Querida. She was born blind, her eyes naught but creamy spheres within her head - she was also born with the power to create thunderstorms, something she utilised a lot as a child before she was able to control it. Her mother loathed her for her weakness, and lovelessly shunned her - this drove Nyx to do something about her disability, and thus she sought out the Tome Guardian, who agreed to swap her sight for her storm power. Now able-bodied, Nyx hoped her mother would show her more affection, but she was sorely disappointed. Still, her new eyes gave her a different lease of life, and she found herself leaving Isilme and her abusive dam to find her fortune elsewhere.

She wandered for a year or two until she reached adulthood, at which point she fell in with a herd of mixed-species mares and their leading stallion - or, rather, whichever leading stallion happened to be leading that month, as they tended to change rather quickly once they became unable to defend their women. She bore several children to these males, as was her duty, and raised them with far more love than she had ever been shown in her youth, as though to compensate for her own poor childhood. Her daughters grew up beside her and she developed close bonds with them, whilst her sons were chased away as soon as they became of age. Her life continued in this manner for many years, until the herd disbanded when the leading stallion died without a replacement. She marauded as a rogue, until her path lead her into Helovia...


- Enters Helovia to be greeted by Sacre, Lace and her father Nato. After a reunion, Lace invites the pair to join him in the World's Edge herd. She gleefully accepts, and she and her father follow Lace to their new home.
- They find it guarded by a wall of glass; after much walking into it, they manage to find the entrance and are greeted by Kaj and Vikram, warriors of the herd.
- Heads out to explore Helovia; meets Ciceron and Evangeline during her travels and discusses their companions.
- Meets d'Artagnan and Mauja; is initially terrified by d'Artagnan's hellhound, Aramis, and wary of both stallions who do not hide their racism, a viewpoint Nyx doesn't share. D'Artagnan leaves, and Nyx and Mauja speak for a short while longer.
- Spars with Tamlin, a young colt, and wins.
- Attends a herd meeting held by Mirage, where Lace is placed as leader of the World's Edge.
- Meets Gaucho, speaks about his snake, Mara, and the Sun God. He takes her to see this Sun God, but as they approach the Veins, they become aware of a darkness spreading through Helovia. Nyx flees to the caves, sensing safety.
- Attends a W.A.R meeting held by Gaucho, and agrees to fight the wraiths with him.
- Spars with Archibald, but loses.
- Heads to the World's Edge to warn Nato; finds him with Resplendesence and Mikhail. They are attacked by Aurelia, and Nyx foolishly stands her ground and is infected.
- Is healed by Nato and Hella, by being beaten and pushed into a healing pool.
- Finds an egg and decides to keep it in the hope it will hatch into a companion animal. Joined by Mauja.
- Her egg hatches into a white lion cub. Initially terrified, Nyx shuns it, but it forces its way into her mind and they bond.
- Is kidnapped by Confutatis and Morir. Agrees to join their Regime, but they disappear shortly afterwards.
- Leaves Helovia in search of her father.



Her white lion, Dominus, hatched on 24/2/14. He looks like this. He has now grown to maturity, and is a quite magnificent example of a lion. Standing at two and a half feet high at his shoulder, the top of his head comes just above the region where Nyx's foreleg joins her body, and he looks even larger due to the magnificent mane that flows across his neck, shoulders and along his underbelly. He is pure white in colouration, with only his icy blue eyes deviating from this pearly hue. Scars cover his body from his numerous fights with other carnivores, regardless of their size. Extremely muscular and heavyset, Dominus lacks agility but has plenty of pure brute strength behind him, and is a competent predator. He is too large and cumbersome to climb onto Nyx's back anymore, so chooses to lurk close by her side.

Personalitywise, the beast is prone to severe laziness, spending his time asleep on the ground whilst Nyx grazes. However, when awake, he shares her warrior's instinct, and is a keen and vicious fighter. He enjoys hunting and torturing his prey, much to Nyx's disgust - she tried to train this dark side out of him when he was younger, to little success. She has fortunately managed to stop him seeing horses as prey (usually), but their companions can often be fair game.


[ Magic: Shock x Water | 'Thunder shield'; able to coat herself in a thin layer of electrically-charged ice, which when struck hurts the attacker and prevents damage to Nyx herself. ]


1x Moon Amulet, 1x Spark Amulet, 1x glass fangs (offensive)


Unclaimed mare - World's Edge mare - Wraith - Outcast - Word's Edge Acolyte Protector - World's Edge Einheri - World's Edge General

Played by

Played by Snow, who also plays Volterra and Badger.

The lion icon used in Dominus' description was made by a friend and is not to be used by anybody else.

:: [ Magic: SparkxWater | 'Thunder shield'; able to coat herself in a thin layer of electrically-charged ice, which when struck hurts the attacker and prevents damage to Nyx herself. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only be used twice in battle and the shield only lasts for one attack or 5 seconds ]
:: [ Magic: SparkxWater | Ability to electrify the water within others' bodies. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Lasts one posts in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Vial of sulfur | A smelly vial of sulfur. ]
:: [ Companion: White Lion | None | 6 yrs 10 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   6 AGL:   5 END:   5
OI:   2 DI:   1 MG:   1 CP:   1
7.5 9.5 6.0 72
Notable Accomplishments
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09-07-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: Not without consequences Green Labyrinth
Ophelia, Ulrik, Ktulu, God of the Moon, Mauja, Random Event, d'Artagnan, Archibald, Aaron, Knox, Mesec, Lace, Ampere, Gaucho, Hotaru, Sacre, Ranjiri, Shadow, Aurelia, Nyx, Megaera, Aithniel, Thranduil, Sialia, Rikyn, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Najya, Erthë, Rexanna, Ashamin, Eden, Ahvelyn, Timothy, Thantos, Kratos, Tatiana, Crystarius, Dvorak, Nuray
09-01-2015 by God of the Moon
Circles [OPEN] Helovia's Threshold
Ruairi, Nyx
09-03-2015 by Nyx
slowly we evaporate Battleground
Nyx, Déodat
09-21-2015 by Time
SWP :: Gods do die Part II Blood Falls
Random Event, Roskuld, Ophelia, Öde, Ranjiri, Crystarius, Crescencia, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Ilios, Rikyn, Volterra, Nyx, Erebos, Myrrine, Tembovu, Sialia, Mauja, Thantos, Erthë, Seren, Ragnarok, Aithniel, Badger, Rohan, Tiamat, Kaj, Tandavi, Torleik, Enna, Aurelia, Kalona, Rhea, Parelia, Knox, Maren, Amara, Isopia, Amani, Thranduil
08-28-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: Gods do die Blood Falls
Ophelia, Mauja, Random Event, Knox, God of the Spark, Kaj, Hotaru, Amara, Tiamat, Roskuld, Ranjiri, Tandavi, Torleik, Parelia, Aurelia, Öde, Nyx, Amani, Aithniel, Ilios, Badger, Erebos, Thranduil, Rikyn, Mirabella, Rhea, Caenan, Myrrine, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Caleb, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Tembovu, Rohan, Enna, Ahvelyn, Seren, Kalona, Ragnarok, Adonné, Ming Yue, Thantos, Crystarius, Aldoran, Crescencia, Artorias
08-24-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: First Contact Blood Falls
God of the Spark, Seren, Artorias, Roskuld, Ophelia, Thantos, Crystarius, Ragnarok, Ming Yue, Cathun, Erebos, Aldoran, Rikyn, Volterra, Erthë, Aithniel, Nyx, Badger, Ophyreia, Naya'il, Adonné, Ranjiri, Kalona, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Mauja, Torleik, Crescencia, Maren, Knox, Madigan
09-16-2015 by Madigan
Här kommer kungen av ingenting alls World's Edge
Lace, Nyx, Mauja, Torleik
08-30-2015 by Torleik
in wonderland Archives
07-30-2015 by Nyx
How far did I fall from that tree? [dream] Archives
Déodat, NPC, Nyx
07-27-2015 by Nyx
I'm not a Hero, I'm not made of Stone Archives
Lace, Nyx
07-29-2015 by Lace
sing it like a hummingbird World's Edge
Alysanne, Ayelet, Elsa, Evangeline, Glasgow, Jahzara, Leeka, Mauja, Myrrine, Naerys, Nyx, Ophelia, Snö, Tembovu, Thor, Torleik
06-17-2015 by Jahzara
Morning Songs Archives
Ampere, Cirrus, God of the Earth, Isopia, Maren, Nyx, Thranduil, Volterra, Zèklè
06-07-2015 by Cirrus
roll like thunder, burn like stars [mauja spar] Battleground
Mauja, Nyx
09-24-2015 by Official
Again? Archives
Kiara, Nyx, Sielu
05-19-2015 by Kiara
Converge [Edge Leads] World's Edge
Ampere, Cathun, Elsa, Kahlua, Lena, Mauja, Nyx, Ophelia, Thor, Torleik
05-19-2015 by Torleik
Debris Archives
Nyx, Random Event, Shida
04-30-2015 by Random Event
Duty [New Edge Leads Competition] World's Edge
Amaris, Ampere, Arah, Artorius, Cathun, Elsa, Kahlua, Kiara, Lena, Maren, Mauja, Mirage, Nyx, Ophelia, Rostislav, Thor, Torleik, Verlaine
04-26-2015 by Mauja
Chasing starlight to find it's died away [Nyx] Battleground
Ampere, Nyx
06-07-2015 by Official
Fuzzy Wuzzy Patrol Archives
Daemyn, Nyx
03-22-2015 by Daemyn
electric high Battleground
Daemyn, Nyx
04-16-2015 by Sevin
snow seeker Archives
Déodat, Nyx
06-22-2015 by Nyx
High ho, high ho! [Task 5] Archives
Aithniel, Ink, Isopia, Mesec, Mirage, Nyx, Rhea, Syrena, Varath
02-14-2015 by Mesec
This Place Is CRAZY! [Task 4] Archives
Nyx, Telesaan
02-13-2015 by Nyx
the garden meeting Archives
Déodat, Lena, Nyx, Öde, Roland, Vitani
04-04-2015 by Lena
snow angels Archives
Bellona, Gull, Nyx
02-11-2015 by Gull
Don't Drown Archives
Atlas, Déodat, Gaucho, Nyx, Rhea, Sohalia, Syrena
02-10-2015 by Nyx
"Shipping" - Intro Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Abraham, Adelric, Aeolus, Africa, Aisling, Aithniel, Alija, Alleo, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Argen, Artorius, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Atlas, Auriel, Aviya, Ayelet, Bellona, Bolverik, Brigand, Brisa, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cheska, Ciceron, Crowley, December, Deimos, Déodat, Destrier, Destry, Dovahkiin, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Finn, Gaucho, Hector, Hertz, Histe, Hotaru, Ink, Isara, Isopia, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kiara, Kvothe, Laedere, Lena, Macaria, Maitimo, Maren, Mauja, Megaera, Mesec, Midas, Mirage, Miykael, Morrigan, Myrrine, Naerys, Nayati, Nym, Nymeria, Nyx, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Parelia, Phantom, Quilyan, Ráeru, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roland, Romani, Roskuld, Rostislav, Saffron, Shadow, Shida, Sikeax, Sohalia, Spice, Syrena, Talion, Tandavi, Telesaan, Tempe, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Ulrik, Varath, Vincent, Vitani, Volterra, Zèklè, Zenobia
02-13-2015 by Varath
evil amongst us [Mandatory Herd Meeting] World's Edge
Aaron, Alysanne, Apollo, Archibald, Artorius, Astraea, Azaneen, Brisa, Ciceron, Daemyn, Destrier, Evangeline, Far, Fig, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kaj, Ktulu, Leeka, Mauja, Miykael, Myrrine, Nocturne, Nyx, Parelia, Quilyan, Resplendence, Romani, Thor
03-01-2015 by Kaj
!! 1961 Archives
Archibald, Nyx, Resplendence
02-24-2015 by Resplendence
between the raindrops Archives
Aakesh, December, Nyx, Resplendence
02-02-2015 by Nyx
It's a Thief in the Night Archives
Confutatis, Morir, Nyx
04-01-2014 by Confutatis
lionheart (egg hatching) Archives
02-24-2014 by Nyx
ye shall find Crystal Cavern
Mauja, Nyx
03-05-2014 by Nyx
all the sinners crawl Archives
Aaron, Hellä, Nato, Nyx
02-25-2014 by Nato
stormborn [spar] Battleground
Archibald, Nyx
03-09-2014 by Official
( 4 6 3 |) Archives
Ampere, Brighid, Nyx
01-28-2014 by Nyx
A Moment of Solace [Quinn, D’Artagnan- Open] Archives
d'Artagnan, Nato, Nyx, Quinn
02-05-2014 by d'Artagnan
Is anybody home? Archives
Alysanne, Aurelia, Miykael, Nato, Nyx, Random Event, Resplendence
01-26-2014 by Alysanne
This means W.A.R Archives
Africa, Ampere, Archibald, Arrane, Circe, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Midas, Nyx, Oxy, Pheonix
01-25-2014 by Africa
Come into the light [NS MYTHICAL COMPANION] Archives
Ampere, Nyx, Raeden, Random Event, Rhiannon, Sakura
01-19-2014 by Ampere
Behind the Glass :: TIME\SPARK MAGIC DROP Archives
Africa, Brisa, Destry, Kahlua, Nyx, Parelia, Random Event, Tharos
01-13-2014 by Brisa
Gaucho, Nyx, Random Event, Resplendence, Roskuld, Tandavi
01-01-2014 by Roskuld
The dawn after a shining star Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Alysanne, Ampere, Arah, Ayelet, Azale Moniet, Beowulf, Brisa, Ciceron, Circuta, Colt, Confutatis, Cypress, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Destrier, Dragomir, Eris, Faelene, Frost Fyre, Godiva, Illynx, Irrydae, Kaj, Lakota, Lena, Locket, Mauja, Megaera, Midas, Nyx, Psyche, Quilyan, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Resplendence, Ricochet, Roskuld, Sacre, Sakura, Satanic Silk, Seele, Shajake, Sohalia, Takara, Torleik, Ulrik, Windwalker, Zuriel
12-26-2013 by Tamme
Hitting Unseen Barriers Archives
Dragomir, Evangeline, Nyx, Ricochet
12-28-2013 by Dragomir
The World Archives
Archibald, Gaucho, Nyx
12-26-2013 by Nyx
beneath the waves Archives
Evangeline, Nyx
02-01-2014 by Nyx
Speak Now [ Activity Check - Compulsory Herd Meeting ] Archives
Aaron, Alysanne, Brisa, Destrier, Dragomir, Evangeline, Kahlua, Kaj, Kimber, Lace, Mirage, Nasreen, Nato, Nyx, Paladin, Quilyan, Resplendence, Rishima, Romani, Sakura, Smoke, Takara, Vikram
01-09-2014 by Lace
thunder | Tamlin vs Nyx spar Battleground
Nyx, Tamlin
01-16-2014 by Official
you're the antidote to everything except for me Veins of the Gods
d'Artagnan, Mauja, Nyx
02-28-2014 by Mauja
sunlight Archives
Ciceron, Nyx
01-20-2014 by Ciceron
cold to the soul [amara] Archives
11-28-2013 by Nyx
castle of glass Archives
Kaj, Lace, Nato, Nyx, Vikram
12-13-2013 by Kaj
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who is the Least Welcome of All? Archives
Evangeline, Kahlua, Kaj, Lace, Nyx, Torleik
12-30-2013 by Kaj
storm rider Archives
Lace, Nato, Nyx, Sacre
11-24-2013 by Nyx

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