the Rift

Earth Medic
::[Earth x Water | Sponsored by the Earth God, the Medic of the Hidden Falls can heal others by wrapped their wounds with muddy vines summoned from the earth. During an invasion, the Earth Medic can only heal five members, and during Orangemoon can only heal three members of the herd.]

Questing for - :: Time x Earth :: Can heal the wounds of others by turning back time. Instead of healing physically by knitting flesh together one would erase the time from when the injury occurred.

Once the magic above is received she will seek
:: Earth x Light :: The ability to merge your body with a bonded companion, mixing your minds and physical traits into one being. Upgrade, to be able to merge with another without the bond. (though it needs to be a mutual agreement)
:: [Earth Amulet] - Unused
:: [Spark Amulet] - Unused
Keiran | Black Panther

Appearance: Keiran is like any other normal black panther. He is much smaller than his wild cousins. He is black and sleek with yellow, almost golden eyes.
Magic: Stormcall: summon heavy rain and lightning storm for 30 seconds
Age: Ten Months
Keiran is Kiara's little protective brother. He loves on her when she needs him the most, yet keeps her emotions in line as well when she feels she just can not go on. He is the reason her heart still beats in her chest, that she still continues to seek her dreams. Without him, she would be lost, or maybe even dead.



On Quest from God of the Spark

Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 5 Years Height: 13.2hh
Breed: Appaloosa x Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 4 (Ages in TallSun)
Race: Equine
Eyes: Emerald Green
Mane: Flaxen
Body: Red Roan Blanket Appaloosa
Markings: White Blaze down her face and a Tribal Panther Outline in Black on the right side of her neck
Reff -§ion=&global=1&q=tribal+panther#/d2fyypn
Tail: Flaxen

Loyal | Responsible | Resourceful | Depressed | Distrusting | Moody

Life has not been easy for this one, and her personality shows it. On her good days, she can be loyal to those she trusts, responsible for any who are in her care, and resourceful in retaining what she needs to get the job done. However on her bad days she is highly depressed. It is these days her bonded Keiran sticks closest to her. She due to past experiences is highly distrusting of stallions. Even when not on a bad day, the roan can be very moody to say the least.

Unknown x Rosalie
Paternal Grandparents
Unknown x Unknown
Maternal Grandparents
Carlisle x Esme
None Known
Half Siblings
None Known (open for plots of same dam/sire)
Malachi ( x Unknown) - Born OrangeMoon Year Two - Deceaced OrangeMoon Three
Adelric ( x Krieger) - Twin to Zünden - Born BirdSong Year Four
Zünden ( x Krieger) - Twin to Adelric - Born BirdSong Year Four

Before Helovia
- Born to her mother Rosalie and an unknown stallion
- Stayed away from the herd until she was six months old
- Was taken into hiding at a year old by her mother asthe herd was taken over by new lead stallions
- Was told by her mother that the new leads made mares no more than a tool to breed.... Was not allowed to return to the herd
- Turned two years old
- Was found hiding by a stallion who had claimed her mother for the spring by following her mother to Kiara's hiding place
- Tried to be friendly.. Only to be beaten into submission by the stallion
- Moved her hiding place in hopes to throw off the stallion
- Failed to throw him off her trail as he tried to rape her and failed
- She ran, hiding again. Was found by her mother who told her to run away and not come back. That the stallion wanted to claim Kiara instead for Rosalie's lies
- Took off running, telling her mother thank you and that she loved her


----TallSun Year One----
- Ran into the Threshold and collapsed.....
-Met Mirage and her bonded golden dragon Akaith. Followed, or well was helped to the Thistle Meadow where she finally slept and rested.
-Upon waking up, she began to trust Mirage and told her why she was running. Mirage promised she was safe now
-Took refuge in the Deep Forest and answered the mind call of Akaith to the first Qian meeting. She joines and follows Mirage and others to seek council from the God of the Earth and Goddess of the Moon
-Finds herself in the Foothills along with Kutlu, Kimber, and Korra when the God of the Earth gave magic. Kimber recived the magic and Kiara was granted a pearl water necklace to help with the heat until the end of TallSun
-Comforted a dying mother wolf as she gave her pup away to a unicorn. The wolf mother pledged her spirit to the young roan

----OrangeMoon Year One----
-Traveled to the Vein of the Gods seeking a companion, only to be turned down and sees no one.
-On her way back to the Deep Forest the wolf mother appears to her and Akaith joins them. Not long later a silver pegasus Breeze also joins them. Confused by her emotions she gets to know and slightly trust him. He asks Kiara to trust him and leads her back the way she came.
-The trio (Kiara, Akaith, and Breeze) arrives back at the Vein of the Gods where Breeze is answered by the God of the Earth. However when he tries to give Kiara his quest the Earth God will not allow it and Breeze flees in disappointment with Kiara struggling to keep up and find him
-Goes for a run in the Foothills and finds Breeze, and meets Melody the grulla pegasus and Kanti the golden paint. She tells Breeze she no longer wants a companion as long as she has friends like him.
-Fought in the Invasion of World's Edge with the Qian, Foothills and Throat - Qian is victorious and takes over the Edge
-Leaves the battle almost right after and before any injuries can be taken care of to find Breeze in the Throat
-Finds Breeze in the Dragon's Throat, the pair begin to travel back to World's Edge to get Kiara medical attention and so Breeze could help as well
-On the way back they stop in the Secret Grove to talk and relax, Kiara hints at her feelings for the pegasus
-Arrives back in World's Edge with Breeze and waits to have her cut tended to

----FrostFall Year One----
-Travels back to the Frostbreath Steppe and sees the God of the Sun and God of the Spark. Overhears them saying something about the Qian not earning the right to live there. She speaks up asking if this was true and is told that it doent matter because it wasn't like her herd would leave if it were the case. Begins to question her loyalty to the Goddess of the Moon
-Travels to the Vein of the Gods to ask for healing magic, she is greeted by the God of the Spark. Is told she must endure a great physical and emotional pain. To abandon a cause or loved one she holds dear until the end of BirdSong. She chooses to abandon her crush on Breeze and push all thought of him away until then. She also has to reopen an old scar on another either physical or mental and aid in the recovery.
-Greets Maldecir in World's Edge and starts to give him a tour
-Joins Lace, Thor, Aaron and a few others in going for the other prisoners. The attempt fails
-Goes to the Herd Meeting
-Attends the Nurses Meeting
-Leaves Helovia to search for her mother

----TallSun Year Two----
-Kiara returns to World's Edge beaten and pregnant. Mirage and Akaith help her to clean up in the creek
-Stumbles upon Madryn and Maskan with the newly captured Ignita and Protector Romani...
-Finds Destrier at the edge of the cliff, speaks with him....
-Tries for a hidden prize inside a rock in the Deep Forest, gains a black panther cub she names Keiran!!

----OrangeMoon Year Two----
-Gives birth to Malachi under both Keiran and Tamira's watchful gazes

----BirdSong Year Three----
-Speaks to Maskan while Madryn stands guard over Malachi and Keiran about her emotions.
-Pulls away into the woods of the Edge with Keiran after Malachi wanders off

----OrangeMoon Year Three----
-Meets up with Nato and a returning Breeze at the opening in the glass wall in World's Edge. This is short lived.
-Reunites with a yearling Malachi as they travel to the Thisle Meadow. Watches him be murdered before fleeing for her own life.
-Decides it's time to finish her quest, and begins looking for someone to help, finds no one. Ends up fleeing for the caves in the Heart.

----FrostFall Year Four----
-After months of hiding out in the caves along with the rest of Helovia, the residents are free to go home. Instead of going back to World's Edge, Kiara chooses the Hidden Falls. There she is made a Educatrix, the lowest rnk of the mending tier. She begins at once to try and advance.
-Before she had go anywhere, Seele returns home badly injured. Kiara uses what little herb knowledge she knows to ease the pain until someone with healing magic arrives.
-Returns to the Edge to learn from the new Moon Doctors about any other herb knowledge in exchange for herbs from the Falls.
-Answers a call from Seele and is named the Earth Medic!
-Wanders off to Heavenly Fields with Keiran, where she meets the unicorn Krieger. She is forced to carry his child.

----BirdSong Year Four----
-Returns to the Falls, Keiran greeting her with herbs she had asked for, meets Pareila.
-Begins work on her own herb garden, meets Florabella and Abishia. Heals Abishia.
-Meets Rostislav, helps him heal as part of her quest for her personal magic.
-Goes into labour screaming, and gives birth to Adelric and Zünden. Delinne and Krieger arrive shortly after. Krieger is chased off.
-Answers a call for a healer from Eris.
-Stops Aureila from escaping along with Ghost and Seele.
-Escorts Aureila back to World's Edge along with Eris and several others.

----TallSun Year Four----
-Attends a herd meeting...
-Goes to the Deep Forest and meets Finn. Heals him in exchange for a leather bag to carry herbs..


Played by
Played By Emily

Aaron - Outcast
Kiara - Hidden Falls Earth Medic
Amani - Hidden Falls Artisan I
Merida - Outcast/World's Edge Filly
Esther - Aurora Basin Mare

:: [ Companion: Black Panther | Stormcall | 5 yrs 10 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   8 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   2
4 9 6 64
Notable Accomplishments

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