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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 9 [Tallsun] Height: 17.2hh
Inmate Identification

Inmate #: 1362
Name: Oxy
Alias: the Addict
Color: Dark Bay
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 8 [Tallsun]
Race: Unicorn [Shire]
Received On: 08-12-13
Residence: Spectral Marsh
Gang Affiliation: The Asylum
Offense: Possession of a
   Controlled Substance
Sentence: Life w/o Parole
Marital Status: Single
Markings: Many scars, 4 white socks, white blaze

Inmate is addicted to locoweed plants. When taking the plants he exhibits various signs of toxicity such as excessive salivation, aimless wandering, ataxia (uncoordination and altered gait), vision problems, outbursts in response to mild stimuli, head bobbing and otherwise erratic behavior. Use caution when inmate is under the influence. Inmate does not always display all symptoms during any specific period and the symptoms subside in periods between actual ingestion of the plants.

Inmate appears chronically skinny, about 200lbs less than ideal, due to the effects of the plants. Testing has determined the inmate is reversibly sterile and that normal genital function will return if he stops taking the plants and allows himself to fully detox.

Inmate is aggressive, heightened by the effects of the plants, and should be handled with care. He is prone to outbursts and is quick to fight or yell. He seems to enjoy harassing the other inmates and often refuses to cooperate. Use caution and bring backup.

Leather Bag: Inmate refuses to relinquish the brown leather satchel bag that he carries over his left shoulder. The bag appears to contain the locoweed plants (genus: Oxytropis and Astragalus) that he uses for recreational purposes. Be aware that the inmate has taken to using the bag as a weapon and form of distraction.

Horseshoes: Made of iron and worn on the inmate's hind hooves. Approach from the front!

Moon Amulet: Within the bag, the inmate carries two small indigo stones. Use is still unknown.

Boggart: Inmate's companion, born 12/31/13. Inmate refuses to divulge her name, if she has one.

Dark x Shock Magic: Can cause a shock in a localized portion of the brain, causing feelings similar to being high on Locoweed. Symptoms include head bobbing, disorientation, dizziness, salivation, over-reaction, etc, and fade after 30 seconds.

Dark x Water Magic: Able to burst red blood cells, causing reduced hemoglobin levels therefore signs of anemia and oxygen deprivation. Symptoms include muscle cramping, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, disorientation and fade after 30 seconds.

Previous County RAP Sheet
Inmate refuses to divulge his history. Any attempts to ascertain the name of any family members, living or dead, have been met with severe resistance. More work is needed on this front.

Arrest/Warrant/Conviction Record
Detox --- Enters Helovia, meets Sikeax and Agrona
Will Work for Food --- Travels with Agrona to the Deep Forest, agrees to join the Asylum
Sometimes, I Imagine Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast --- Accidentally stumbles into an Asylum herd meeting
Let Me Hear Your Battle Cry --- Spar with Solace
Black Sheep --- Spar with Florabella
One Step Behind --- Meets Shajake
Viva La Vida --- Follows Circuta, tries to recruit Somnus, meets Frost Fyre and Adrixaura
Sainting the Sinner --- Meets Parelia
Someone to Hate --- Meets Dalibor, Ampere and Africa in the Threshold
So Empty it Hurts --- Confronts Arlo after their Fight, which Oxy lost
Get Off My Block --- Colt Spar
Dark Doo Wop --- Herd Meeting
Step Right UP --- Companion Drop
Hey Blue! That's Mine! --- Challenge's Ampere for the egg
Rx: Drug Induced Euphoria --- Takes egg and returns to the Spectral Marsh for doctoring
Purity --- Magic Drop (dark x water RBC magic)
Determination is the Key --- Meets Tatum
Quest Drop #11 --- Magic Drop (Dark x Water)
Bad Trip --- Stumbles into the Dark Forest
General Children, All My Hospital --- Meets Roskuld, Mauja
Coup D'etat --- Herd Meeting with Oxy as interim leader
Beneath Pale Silver Light... --- Meets Cealestis in the Threshold
Sky Daughter and Phantom Seeker --- Brings Circuta to Cealestis in the Deep Forest
No one — can take away what's ours! --- Watching Confutatis challenge Eris
Frozen Fractals --- Meets Elsa in the Threshold
I Never Wanted This --- Brings Elsa to the Deep Forest, Companion Born
Fading Beginnings --- Meets Skysong in the Threshold
Zombie Hunts --- Shajake Spar
This Means W.A.R --- Answers Gaucho's war cry to fight against the zombies
In this, as all, prevails --- Asylum gathering in The Sanctuary
Mandatory Rehab --- Oxy meets with Eris in the Sanctuary
Bad Day --- Spar with Cashmere
Boundaries --- Searches for Locoweed in Resplendence's glass box
Hey Loco! --- Spar with Elsa
Sweet Escape --- Aftermath of the spar
save my soul --- Trying to save Hector from becoming a wraith
The Fuck am I? --- Follows Circuta to the Threshold, finds Rostislav
Damn the sun, Damn the darkness --- Follows Circtua and Rostislav back to the Sanctuary
Wet Dog --- Finds Mauja and Roskuld again
Life Sucks? Eat More Locoweed --- After the wraiths, goes back to the ocean for locoweed
Devil Grass --- Herd meeting, Hidden Falls
Pathways --- Magic Drop [Dark x Water]
French Kisses --- Ciceron Spar [OOC Teaching]
Get Smashed. Gatecrash. --- Finds Arlo in the Threshold
Pretty Boys Get the Girl --- Brings Arlo to the Falls
Rat --- Meets with Confutatis

Medical History
Let Me Hear Your Battle Cry :: Solace :: Spar :: 1VP :: Won, No injuries of note
Black Sheep :: Florabella :: 0.5VP :: Won by default, no injuries of note
Get Off My Block :: Colt :: Spar :: 0VP :: Lost, bullet wound to the shoulder
Hey Blue! That's Mine! :: Ampere :: Challenge :: 1VP :: Won Non-Specific Mythical Companion Egg, severe electric burns on left side and right groin area
Zombie Hunts :: Shajake :: Spar :: 0.5VP :: Won by default, no injuries of note
Bad Day :: Cashmere :: Spar :: 1VP :: Won, no injuries of note
Hey Loco! :: Elsa :: Spar :: 1VP :: Won, reinjured front left shoulder
French Kisses :: Ciceron :: Spar :: ?VP :: In progress [OOC Teaching]

Offender's Associates

Image Credits: X, X, X, X, X
Design Credit: Abba

Played by
Player: Sevin
Characters: Kahlua, Adelric

:: [ Magic: DarkxSpark | Can cause a shock in a localized portion of the brain, causing feelings similar to being high on Locoweed ]
:: [ Restrictions | Symptoms include head bobbing, disorientation, dizziness, salivation, over-reaction, etc, and fade after 30 seconds ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxWater (U) | Able to burst red blood cells, causing reduced hemoglobin levels therefore signs of anemia and oxygen deprivation and also damage platelets ]
:: [ Restrictions | Symptoms include muscle cramping, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, disorientation and causes bruising and internal bleeding for 30 seconds ]
:: [ Item: Leather Bag | Small leather bag ]
:: [ Item: Horseshoes | Offensive. 2/4 iron horseshoes ]
:: [ Item: Animal Skin Cape | A cape made of wild animal skins, stolen from Eris ]
:: [ Restrictions | Purely aesthetic ]
:: [ Item: Spear | Offensive. Mini double-headed spear ]
:: [ Item: metal acorn charm | a bronze metal acorn charm that glows in the dark ]
:: [ Companion: Boggart | Mythical, common | Mayhem | 6 yrs 7 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   11 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   5
OI:   2 DI:   0 MG:   1.5 CP:   2
5.5 7.5 8 73.5
Notable Accomplishments

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