the Rift

the Merciful


Zola was born without eyes

Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 11 Height: 15.3
And I Don't Want the World To See Me

Breed: Paint Overo
Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Eyes: Honey-Brown
Horn: Spiraled, Crystalline Blue
Mane: Black
Body: Black and White
Hooves: Dark Grey
Markings: White blaze, white sock on front left leg, and white sock on rear right leg.
Tail: Black


Dependable | Kind | Genuine | Heartfelt | Engaging | Charming | Steadfast | Dedicated | Tender | Nature-Loving

A medic and lover-of-life at heart, Apollo the Merciful has become everything that his title insinuates. Tenderhearted, loyal, and loving, this stallion loves all forms of life, from the Gods themselves to the tiniest of insects. He feels companionship with nearly everything; friends, allies, and especially to the thick trees that fill Helovia's forests. He detests fighting, violence, and battles with everything that he is, and won't fight unless he feels he must do so to protect the ones that he loves.

During his time in Helovia, Apollo has since overcome his fear of the dark, but is still extremely hydrophobic and refrains from visiting the Endless Blue unless he must.


Aeden (Deceased) x Andraste (Deceased)
Andreas (Alive, Missing)
None Yet

'Cause I Don't Think That They'd Understand

As a youngster, Apollo's herd was structurally unsound. His parents passed on early due to disease, leaving he and his sister, Andreas, alone in a herd of struggling survivors. There weren't many, and as the years passed more and more of their numbers began to dwindle. Many of the inhabitants that made up the herd were power hungry, and looked for becoming the herd leader using brute force and cruelty. Not wanting to be associated to such, Apollo left the herd once he was old enough, searching for a place where he can finally belong and thrive in a structured environment.


Frostfall : Year Two

:: Wanders into Helovia, looking for a home. Is encountered by Alcina and Phaedra. Phaedra introduces him to the Grey, a mercenary group led by sisters Ophelia and Ktulu.

:: Is taken to the Deep Forest, home of the Grey, by Phaedra, where he meets Ktulu and is accepted into the Grey as a Spy.

:: Apollo develops a crush on Phaedra.

Birdsong : Year Two

:: Meets Midas and his Zephyr companion, Fina, in the Spectral Marsh. The two become friends.

:: Encounters Phaedra, Tor, and a few others over-indulging on hallucinagenic mushrooms. Participates simply to impress Phaedra.

:: One full-moon night, Apollo wanders into the Thistle Meadow, where he meets Nadira and Tamira.

:: Meets with Phaedra at the Endless Blue, for a playful romp in the waves. Things take a turn for the worst when they are attacked by a pack of wolves, and then, the Kraken. Lucky for them, Lupus and Lakota come to their aid.

:: Meets Kristhana in the Threshold.

:: Meets Ilka in the Threshold.

:: One night, Apollo is awoken in the Forest by a voice calling to him. He goes to it and encounters the Spirit Stag, who grants him the gift of healing magic. This breeds Apollo's respect for nature and trees.

:: After gaining his magic, Apollo goes to Ophelia, telling her that he wishes to become the Grey's Healer. He is accepted into the position.

Tallsun : Year Two

:: Encounters Mesec and Frost Fyre in the Forest, and all three are drawn into the Rose's deadly game.

:: Meets Nadira again upon the beaches of the Endless Blue, and Midas soon arrives.

:: As news of an invasion brim on the horizon, Apollo arrives to pass judgement on Tor, who left the Grey to join the Edge. Ophelia, however, would not accept Tor back into the family's graces.

:: Meets Crash Course and Farynn in the Deep Forest.

:: Aids Phaedra in capturing Willow, the Earth Medic of the Foothills.

:: The day before the departure for the invasion, Apollo confesses his long-brewing love to Phaedra.

:: The time for the Grey has come; Ophelia and Ktulu lead the Grey into their invasion on the Foothills, to stake claim on a new home.

:: With Midas' help, Apollo fights off Tharos of the Foothills.

:: The Grey emerges from the invasion victorious, gaining a new home.

:: By the will of the Earth God himself, Apollo is named Head Earth Medic of the Foothills.

:: Discovers three beads in the Foothills. Tinek arrives and braids them in Apollo's mane.

:: Meets the wandering stallion, Sinding, at the edge of the Foothills. Speaks to him about joining the Grey.

:: Attends the herd meeting, where the threat of the Assassin's group is made public. Apollo tells Ophelia and Ktulu that he will do as they ask of him, but would prefer to remain in the Foothills border, to take care of those who would benefit from his abilities.

Orangemoon : Year Two

:: Is found by Eytan, Ktulu's companion, and is led to Bale, a young colt who is gravely injured. Apollo tries to help.

:: Ventures to the Threshold, where he meets Circe, a sister-in-arms of the Grey. Together they meet Donai, a sickly leopard, and take her back to the Foothills.

:: One early morning, Apollo stumbles across Hotaru, one of Phaedra's daughters. Hotaru has hurt her ankle, and Apollo stops to help her.

:: Returns to the Deep Forest to speak with the trees, and encounters Aylin. Perhaps a friendship will bloom?

:: One, restless night, Apollo wanders into the Heavenly Fields, where he meets Midas. As the two talk and confide in each other about their troubles, a mystery stag appears, pleading for their help to save his daughter.

:: The mysterious stag takes Apollo and Midas into an underground world, where they encounter his daughter, a jackalope, battling an ancient poison. Using his abilities, Apollo heals the jackalope.

:: In return for their help, the ancient stag grants Apollo and Midas the temporary ability to summon woodland creatures to their aid. (Temp. magic has since expired.)

Frostfall - Year Three

:: Encounters Quilyan the Pegasus, who has wandered into the Foothills searching for Resplendence. Offers to help.

:: Encounters Atka in the Threshold and recruits him to the Grey.

:: One evening he follows Irrydae to the Pool of the Storyteller, hopeful to meet his patron God, the God of the Earth.

:: Meets Panzram in the Threshold.

:: Attends the Herd Meeting of the Foothills.

:: Meets Apache Renoen in the Threshold and sees Midas again.

:: Meets Antheia in the Threshold.

:: Leads Panzram home to the Foothills.

:: Wanders to the Ocean and finds Hana, Valentine, and Frost Fyre all trying to help a Blue Whale that has found an egg.

:: Waking one morning, Apollo finds Helovia in total darkness, then finds Mesec to ask what had happened.

:: Is called by Ophelia, along with others of the Grey. Witnesses Ophelia stepping down as a leader of the Grey, and is deeply troubled by her departure.

:: Meets Solace in the Threshold and tries to recruit him into the Grey.

:: Meets with Ktulu shortly after Ophelia leaves the Grey. Ktulu appoints Apollo to a Chief of the Foothills, to lead the intelligence branch of the Grey.

:: Sticken by night terrors, Apollo wanders the borders of the Foothills and comes across Andreas, his long-lost sister. The two are finally reunited.

Birdsong - Year Three

:: Meets Lysang in the Threshold.

:: Attends the Herd Meeting in the Foothills.

:: Meets with Antheia, Midas, and Harmony.

:: Calls the Spies of the Foothills for a meeting.

:: Encounters Sabiya in the Threshold one late night, and is immediately drawn to her. Apollo agrees to show her around Helovia before helping her decide on a home.

:: Encounters Midas once again one late evening in the Heavenly Fields.

:: Meets with Antheia once more in the Endless Blue.

:: Is summoned by Ktulu one night, where she tells Apollo that she is leaving the Foothills.

:: Heals Artemis after her battle with Laila of the World's Edge.

:: Calls a Herd Meeting of the Foothills, informing the herd of what all has happened and the changes that need to be made. There Apollo promotes Phaedra to lead the Foothills beside him.

:: Meets Jade and Cadence in the Threshold and recruits both ladies to the Foothills.

Tallsun - Year Three

:: Ventures to the Veins of the Gods and is encountered by the God of the Earth, who gives him a quest to obtain a companion. His quest? Speak with two individuals who have companions about the deep and meaningful relationship between one and their bond-mate.

:: Ventures to the Deep Forest and encounters Archibald and Loretta.

:: At dusk, Apollo wanders to the Heavenly Fields to relax. There, he meets with Ktulu and Eytan.

:: During the midst of a mid-summer's raging thunderstorm, Apollo is challenged for leadership by Confutatis, a new member of the herd. Who will emerge the victor?

:: Apollo wins against Confutatis, remaining Chief of the Foothills for awhile longer.

Orangemoon - Year Three

:: At Fina's warning, Apollo leads what Foothills members he can find to the Sanctuary, a strange maze of caves located under Helovia's Heart, hoping that it will keep them safe from the Wraiths that have infected Helovia.

:: Fretting over the whereabouts of his friends and family, Apollo realizes that his feelings for Ktulu have grown beyond that of friendship.

Frostfall - Year Four

:: Wanders Helovia

Birdsong - Year Four

:: Without knowing where Ktulu or his friends have gone, Apollo returns to the Deep Forest, the only place he feels as though he belongs.

Tallsun - Year Four

:: Meets with Lakota in the Thistle Meadow.

:: Meets with Ktulu in the Grove and admits his love for her.

:: Encounters Resplendence in the Grove and attempts to help her collect herbs to take back to the Edge.

:: Reunites with Midas in the Ancient Rotunda.

Orangemoon - Year Four

:: Midas and Apollo venture to the Insula, where they meet with the God of the Earth. Satisfied that Apollo learned what he could from his quest, the God grants him an Egg to take care of, which contains his precious Companion.

:: One sunny, warm Orangemoon day, Apollo is relaxing upon the Insula with Zola's Egg and meets Kirah and Bellona of the Hidden Falls.

Frostfall - Year Five

:: While relaxing one day with his egg, Apollo is attacked by 'darkness incarnate', a mist-like shadow that attacks him and his egg. From the trauma of the attack, the egg hatches prematurely, and Zola is born.

:: After Zola is born, Apollo returns to the World's Edge to be reunited with those he knows. Archibald, Ktulu, Lakota, and Resplendence greet him and he's welcomed into the World's Edge.

:: Becomes a World's Edge Stallion.

Birdsong - Year Five

:: Meets Astraea and Cetan, and Cetan runs off after 'sharing blood' with Astraea.

:: Coaxed into going to the Endless Blue by Zola, Apollo meets Spice, a Pegasus mare from the Dragon's Throat.

:: While taking a morning walk and relishing in the blossoming trees, Apollo once more meets with Cetan near the Glass Wall Ruins.

:: One sleepless night in the Edge, Apollo is mulling over his love for both Ktulu and Lakota when Lakota shows up.

:: Joins the Hidden Falls after the Invasion.

:: After learning of Midas' death, Apollo succumbs to a terrible depression and recedes away from the other member of the Hidden Falls.

Orangemoon - Year Six

:: While recovering from his depression, Apollo encounters Murtagh, son of Ktulu and Lakota.

:: Still struggling with his dark, lonesome thoughts, Apollo returns to the Deep Forest to try and obtain some semblance as to who he is. There, he encounters the Pegasus Lyanna.

When Everything's Made to be Broken

x :: Healing :: The ability to heal by digging his horn into the dirt, and touching his dirt-covered horn to the said wound.

Those Met:


Close Friends/Allies:
Midas and Fina
Phaedra and Stella
Ophelia and Tinek
Ktulu and Eytan
Lakota and Aodaun
Archibald and Loretta

Crash Course


Played by
I Just Want You to Know Who I Am

Sparrow; Romani, Leif, Tristan, Rhiannon, Vincent, and Luken

:: [ Magic: EarthxLight | Able to dig his horn into the dirt, and touch said dirt-covered horn to a wound to heal it ]
:: [ Restrictions | Dirt must have touched the horn to activate the healing properties; larger wounds will require more dirt, energy expense, and focus ]
:: [ Item: Band of the Tree | Bracelet of gold leaf and green stones (from the Giving Tree 2015). ]
:: [ Item: Satchel | Hemp satchel on shoulder ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Jewlery | Blue beads in mane ]
:: [ Companion: Black Cat | None | 4 yrs 8 mos ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   1
5.0 8.5 5.5 63.5
Notable Accomplishments

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