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Species: Hybrid Gender: Stallion Age: 7 Years Height: 18.3hh
Breed: (Barb x Criollo) x Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 Years (Birdsong)
Species: Tribrid (Unipeg x Equine)
Horn: Two ivory rhinoceros type horns
Wings: Rich red-chestnut, flecked with fiery orange
Eyes: Smouldering orange
Mane: Long, soft and flowing tangerine
Body: Liver chestnut
Hooves: Worn black; large and sturdy
Markings: Fire-like markings which engulf the length of his throat and flicker up each side of his neck
Tail: Long and lithe leonine tail dressed with thick, long tangerine hair

The Barb crossed with Criollo influence bequeathed by his hybrid dam, is most prominent in Hector’s formidable physique. The stallion is blessed with great hardiness, solid bone structure and visible athleticism; from a broad chest, sloping brawny shoulders and high withers, extends an average length muscular neck (neither short like his mother, nor long and lean like his father).

The slim skull riding upon it is well-chiselled to reflect Thoroughbred lineage, with a relatively straight profile and wide-set, large almond shaped eyes. Adorning his face are a duo of pale ivory horns (much like a rhinoceros’s pair); the highest sitting with a slight backward curve to the centre of his broad forehead, and the lowest and considerably smaller of the two, set low upon the delicate nasal bone. His ears are average size, alert and slim.

He sports a short back and well-sprung ribs; a thick muscular layer blanketing both before a strong loin and deep, burly haunches. This causes considerable weight- enough to lessen speediness, but also offers a fair distribution of strength and speed. Hector is a limber ‘hot-blooded’ warrior, perched above long clean legs; resistant joints and sound hard hooves- his gait is not particularly good, but he performs naturally with maximum exertion and gallops like a sprinter. A sloping croup forces the carriage of his superbly long, lithe leonine tail low.

Part-way down his muscular tail and then all the way towards the tapering tip, a long and brilliant blend of copper, gold and red hair flicks and twirls in his wake. The same shock of fiery colours form his long, silken tangle-free mane, and same too, the flimsy veil of forelock which thins out to spray just across burning, bright tangerine eyes- these are highlighted by thick, long and dark lashes. The bridge of Hector’s nose is streaked with an interrupted blaze; each horn sits amid its own stream of clean white. The rest of his coat is rich and lustrous liver chestnut; a silvery coronet dressing his front right hoof. Each of his four hooves is shaded dusty, worn black.

Two enormous, well-proportioned wings extend from each shoulder; at rest they clutch comfortably close against his barrel, the lengthy primary feathers crossing by the top-most part of his tail. When excited or agitated, each appendage lifts clear of its bed to sit upward-reaching; the natural response of a soldier to exaggerate his stance and appear far greater than he would when relaxed. Each wing mimics the intense orange-red of his coat; but also they are flecked on top with the same shimmery radiance of firelight. Hector presents like a giant, standing impressively at 18.3 hands; a stalwart warrior born from the sun’s burning glory.

Perhaps most stunningly of all are the markings which appear to glow as they wrap and rise from the base of his throat all the way up to his jugular. Tinged alike to the scorching flecks on each wing, the stallion’s unique pattern does resemble an animated fire, dancing vigorously as his neck curls and bends in battle.

Ambitious | Resilient | Loyal | Determined | Generous | Patient | Gentle *NEW!*

Hector doesn't really give himself away much. Shunned by peers for being different the tribrid has come to console in himself rather than in others. Due to this Hector may come across as being aloof, some found this compelling others just plain annoying. The stallion doesn't pay much attention to the opinions that others have of him. His strength may be plain to see in his physical appearance however this also continues on into his emotions and is renowned for being exceptionally brave (even to the point of it being idiotic at times). Spontaneity may not be something you would expect from first sight, however Hector takes great pleasure in turning up at places he is least expected. It is thought because of his lack of acceptance as a colt, Hector does things for people to notice him. Perhaps the great stallion, although strong and brave, is a little insecure with himself.

A Soldier of Dragon’s Throat
Hector has become more gentle in his personality since becoming a member of the Dragons Throat herd. His admiration for Kri and his need to always strive to become a better warrior is making him stronger within himself and able to defeat his own insecurities.

Hector's character is based around both Ancient Greece and Rome.

Since the birth of his daughter Farah, Hector has begun to grow softer. Especially around his daughter. He's very protective of his daughter, especially since the death of her mother. He's a bit more gentle now, thinking about leaving the rank of warrior to be around for his daughter more.

Aquilina (dam)
Gender: Female
Species: Unipeg
Breed: Barb x Criollo
Height: 17hh
Color: Chestnut
Markings: Socks | 1 Rhino horn & large orange wings.

Priscus (sire)
Gender: Stallion
Species: Equine
Breed: TB
Height: 17.1hh
Color: Liver Chestnut
Markings: None

Ares - Son x Daenerys
Eris? - Daugther x Daenerys
Isara - Adopted Daughter
Farah - Daughter x Amani

HISTORY It was rough if you were Hector. Prince Hector if he was allowed his his birthright. A giant even as a foal, his unipeg dam struggled to carry him to term. So much so that it killed her in birth, some believed it was the sheer height of his wings whilst others took to folklore and called him an evil spirit sent to ruin their herd. For Hector it was the equivalent to being a monster, some sneered and others ran in fear. The children of these mares and stallions felt the fear and anger towards him and so treated him the same. For 3 years the Tribrid brute lived life on his own in a town full of residents. Fed himself, trained himself and fought for himself.

The bastard son of the high emperor of Eboracum, he had no father figure to help him either. This very fact that he was noble in blood was kept from the towns villagers and other nobles, as his father put it 'to decrease distrust in the leader'. The Emperor possessed 3 other sons, all who shared their fathers view. It was a great joy to them to make Hector's life hell and frequently used their royal influence to achieve their wicked and naive goals. In the end, the tribrid Prince should of hated them. He should of hated everybody. This was not the way of the outcast son.

And so the frail little colt strengthened his body, his mind and his spirit. Still only a tender 3 years of age with a world of experience no stallion should have at that age. He did, however, have one bond. A bond through fighting and learning, his teacher Chrysos saw fit to teach him how to defend himself. Chrysos, an old Suffolk Punch, took pity on the poor Hector and decided to entrust him with warriorship. Needless to say the young colt flourished under the old boys tutelage and his body became stronger than those around him. To Hector, Chrysos was the only one who truly warranted respect and saw him as his 'father'. He was no longer taunted by bullies but was instead left in peace. They trained frequently in the arena, a large round building with sand covering the floor and barriers for magical practise.

Hector found this blissful... For a while. Loneliness leaked into his bones and the need to be recognized. Before madness set in and revenge completely devoured him, Hector left the town. (Much to the residents happiness). This was to be his last chance at life. To find somewhere with open minds. To be recognized for something else other than his giant wings, or rhino horns, or his carrot top. A recognition Hector would not find in his birth land. Just... Somwhere that would know him as Hector and not a monster.

And so, he left. Travelling far and wide, by hoof and wing Hector finally stumbled across Helovia.

Helovia History :: Being Written

Battered Young Book
Hector meets Kimber and Kri upon arriving in Helovia’s Threshold. He agrees to return with Kri to Dragon’s Throat and so his future begins.
Past and Future
A moment of weakness before his mentor Kri, is met with words wisdom and encouragement.
Through the dark
Meets Rudy.
Meets Avigail and Adoxa.
It's enchanting to meet you
Recruits the wandering mare, Melissa from the Threshold.
The water can't drown me
Hector, 3 years old and barely beyond adolescence, is taken aback by the beauty and grace of Daenerys. She has a foal at foot, Ahriman.
A broken heart [Foal Stats]
The Gods gift Hector and Daenerys with twins, Ares and Discordia (or Eris, I’m not sure there’s conflicting info on this).
Pegasus :: Flying Race :: Helovia Olympics
Completes the course in third place.
Unanswered Questions
Hector visits the Foothills at the request of Paladin. He is tasked to speak with Mirage of World’s Edge on Paladin’s behalf so that an explanation may reach the ears of Kri.
Deliver’s Paladin’s message to Mirage.
Out of the shadow and into the sun
Meets Valentine
Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil
My not so imaginary friend
The Sword and the Shield
Crack of my shell
Her killer instinct tells her to beware of evil men
Meets Vesta who is also a soldier of the Throat, and Midas joins them.
The fumes I inhale
Nothing to lose. A point to prove
Stand up, be strong. Know right from wrong
Until every drop is gone
Brick by brick
The Struggles of Comfort
The Caveman vs. The Orange Giant
Wings and Antlers
A new place a clean slate
Home again
Queenly sirens are waiting
Who's sandbox is this?

Dead Magic :: Site Wide Plot
Your New Home, Shrouded in Darkness
Twilight of my Beloved Kingdom
Attends a herd meeting where he is promoted to General.

Orangemoon III (adopted by Riven)
Carpe Deim
Hector returns to Dragon’s Throat at last and finds Rasta by the border, foraging for metals.
Whistle while I work
At the end of a long day patrolling, Hector returns to the lake where he finds Virus bleeding into the herd’s water supply.
The water gift
During a patrol above the oasis, Hector spots the muted Rasta in the company of a strange Unicorn and lands to investigate.

Helovia’s Darkest Hour
A new day (herd vote)
Gaucho and Midas ask the herd to vote on whether the Sun God should be worshiped and respected, as patron of the land. The Sun God has delivered a message through the Oracle warning of a darkness sweeping through Helovia.
It is agreed by all present that the Sun God should be celebrated as the patron of their home. The Oracle brings forward a message from the God and the herd leaves Dragon’s Throat to shelter in the cave to the north.
A chance for a new beginning
Hector finds Yitilu wandering through the Threshold and takes her to join the herd sheltering in The Sanctuary.
New Blood
Welcomes Yitilu and explains the reason for the hasty journey.
Sooner or later
Hector moves to the entrance of The Sanctuary to guard after the exile of one infected among those sheltering- he is joined by Windwalker and Midas.
Welcome to Helovia
Hector is scouting through the Threshold for those oblivious to the danger, and finds Gaucho, Anayis and Azale Moniet. He does not stop, instead flies overhead in salutation to his brother in arms.
This means W.A.R
Gaucho rallies those interested in forming a resistance against Helovia’s darkness.
A thief in the night
Hector comes across Morana in the Threshold during a patrol for recruits. They travel on foot towards The Sanctuary.
Those oblivious and those who just don’t care
Hector arrives in the caves with Morana and Pheonix greets them- the giant is intrigued by the shadowy mare.
Teeth in the grass [SIGULS of W.A.R]
Gaucho calls together the W.A.R’s intelligence. Hector joins them to reveal his safety travelling through the Threshold forest.
Peace in war
Spar vs. Megaera
On the hunt [W.A.R]
Hector joins a group who travel north to capture a wraith and bring it home to cleanse. Gaucho, Megaera and Pheonix are among them.
Save my soul
Hector and Midas rise out of the Sanctuary to meet wraith- the creature is captured but infects the chestnut stallion first. Oxy rises to challenge Hector down into the cave where the cleansing water’s bubble.
Well now I’m just ugly and smelly
The wraith of Satanic Silk slips by the guarded entrance to The Sanctuary and Midas, with the aid of Hector, brings him to the fountain to be healed
Followers of flame [Magic Quest Drop]
Hector stumbles upon a group gathered by a the shrine of the God of the Sun. The God is perched upon it, and questions them all as to why the darkness spread through Helovia.
Get straight, wait here
Finds Vesta by the entrance to the Heart Caves.
Heaven’s doorstep
Meets Elsa after journeying to Heavenly Fields in search of herd members.
Celebration of the sun
The herd gathers at last in Dragon’s Throat, and a new order is revealed.
Searching for Morana in the Throat.
Your own reflection
Hector is sent to patrol the Secret Grove with Sikeax. He finds the young Unicorn to be interesting and engaging.
Bury your words
Hector finds a frail Rasta by the border of Dragon’s Throat and brings her to the safety of the oasis moments before she collapses. He finds Sohalia and Africa at her request, and Andromeda the Sun Physician to heal.
You’re the king and I’m the lionheart
Meets Aiedial in the Threshold and returns home with her.
Aiedial is brought to Dragon’s Throat
Is it the beginning or the end?
Finds Morana at last wandering by the border. Hector offers to escort her to the Endless Blue.
They share an intimate moment together by the light of the moon.
Listen (Light/Fire Drop)
The pool in The Wall of History shows Hector a vision of the future- and Morana is in it.
Burn it down (Quest Drop)
The God of the Sun creates a mirage of golden flowers and asks those present to water them. Hector completes the task with the aid of Elsa’s crafting and He is pleased. Hector is asked what I would like from his God, and the stallion is granted flames to wield while defending the Throat, and guidance. He must find what is most important to him and return to the shrine. Hector sets of to ask Cera, the Throat’s Diviner for guidance and to find a gift worthy of their land’s patron.
He speaks with Cera by the light of the sacred fire.

Sky Island :: Site Wide Plot
Walking on air
Hector discovers the island floating above the Veins during a training activity. Serenity finds him and they explore the miniature oasis together.
Pegasus flying race
Hector competes in the Pegasus Flying Race on Sky Island but is disqualified in the first round for missing a course marker when a headwind knocks him off path.
The decider
He decides after losing the race, to test himself in the arena.
The decider (Spar vs Arvakl)
Hector spars with the hybrid Arvakl.

Veci the plain boggart
Stereotypically mischievous, Veci takes great fun in frequent transformations to scare those souls who are unlucky enough to pass by, though his apparitions are weak and none stable. The spectre cares deeply about his bond to his hybrid and acts as an extra pair of eyes, invisible to all around, but Hector. These two odd souls are still learning things about each other, their bond is still young and many tests lie before them.
Icon Credit

MAGIC Passive
[Magic: Fire (P) | Resistant to all types of flame, unable to burn (fire immunity)]

Active 1
[Magic: Fire | The ability to summon a small horse made of flames. Causes physical burns if contact is made.] ~ Won Quest
[Restrictions | ?]

[Magic: Fire (U) | The ability to summon two small horses made of flames. Causes physical burns if contact is made]

Active 2
[Magic: Fire | Can Form rings of fire around himself that can be used to defensively or offensively.]
[Restrictions | ?]

[Magic: Fire (U) | Can Form rings of fire around himself and up to two others (not incl. Companions) that can be used to defensively or offensively.]
[Restrictions | ?]

[Item: Genetic Mutation Ability | Extra Magic Slot]

Active 3
[Magic: Fire | Magic: Fire x Wind | Can summon a fire storm inside which all natural kindling ignites in a set radius]
[Restrictions | ?]

[Magic: Fire (U) | ?]
[Restrictions | ?]

- Carries a Sun God amulet around his neck (75 posts)

A feather from the edge of Gaucho's wing tucked securely into his mane; a feather from Vorsa's wing worn the same way



Level 1
Defeat someone in a judged fight.
The Decider
Train/exercise in 3 different threads.
ACHTUNG! | Walking on air | Another night patrol

Level 2
Defend the land/an individual from a threat
Of wounded minds and wounded souls
Sweat in 3 different threads.
Sacred blood
Dragon’s Throat does it in the dirt
Beauty and the Beast

Level 3 (in progress)
Participate in a fight that is not the usual 1 vs. 1.
Patrol the border in 3 different threads.

Level 4
Participate in a teaching spar.
Evaluate defensive and offensive tactics in 3 different threads.

Level 5
Defeat 10 individuals in judged fights.
Mention the pros and cons of fighting in 3 different threads




Bronze Medallist in the Helovian Olympics :: Pegasus Flying Race

Played by

Image 1 by Bunnie!
Image 2 by Imi!
Image 3 by Lunarblues
Image 4 by Angel!
Image 5

Gemini & Tormenta

:: [ Item: Blue raindrop charm | A blue raindrop charm that sweats fresh water. ]
:: [ Companion: Boggart | Mythical, plain | Suffocate | 7 yrs 10 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   8
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   2
7 9.5 3.5 63
Notable Accomplishments

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