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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: VI Height: 16.2hh
16.2 hands high | Five Tallsuns of age | Warlander X Pintabian | Unicorn

Tilney is a stallion blessed with beauty. With a golden, shimmering pelt he could charm the birds to sing for him on a good day. His emerald eyes reflect the minty grass he was raised upon. While his marble, creamy coloured hooves imitate the sandstone rocks that littered his every horizon as a colt.

His most outstanding feature is the remarkable marking printed right into his left shoulder. It resembles a dead tree almost completely. This stallions other markings include four neat white socks, his front left sock stretching up to meet with his tree-like marking and complete it. He has a neat, snip which curls over his nostrils and finishes in a point up towards his ears and the hair which flows from his neck and dock are a pale cream. These flaxen locks are so long, his tail trails along the ground behind him and his mane isnt much short of the ground either. Behind golden ears are his trusty antlers. Deep, rich in mahogany colour they (do what they can to) provide him with protection. Strung to a sharp notch in the middle of his tall antlers is an old, beaten lantern. It used to come afire with his mothers magic and help him see through the night; being completely nightblind, it was necessary. Now it is dull and beaten and certainly hasnt aided him to see at night for a while. Tilney believes it is waiting for someone new to set it alight.

In short, Tilney is a flaxen chestnut with four neat socks and a snip. He has a large marking of a dead tree stretched up his shoulder and neck, across part of his ribs. He is the owner of a pair of antlers which carry and old beaten lantern which used to help him see at night as he is nightblind.

Wardrobe & Items;

Cloak - Since his entry to the basin Tilney found it very hard to keep warm, and so was fashioned a mossy green cape. It straps with two dark brown leather straps over his chest and blankets his rump, brushing the middle of his hocks. It takes time to take on or off and often requires assistance, but whenever leaving the cold north he will often shed his cloak, leaving it in the hollows of trees to pick up on his return home to the basin.

Lions Mane Collar - The mane of a Transvaal lion can be seen wrapped around tilneys shoulders, complimenting his green cloak. The colour of the mane is a middle shade between his hair and hide; Darker then his mane, lighter then his chestnut coat. Colour.


Tilney's voice

Accent is for the most part Mancunian with gaelic hints.


This is a stallion with alot to learn despite the worldliness he displays. He advertises a wise character when really it is just a slightly masked arrogance. However, he has a witt and charm not to be missed, and he is as gentle as a doe. He is the type of stag who would win you over in an arguement, but alot less likely in a physical fight. His combat skills are on the lower end of average and he isnt exactly an advocate for violence anyway. He'd much preffer to chat about his problems.

Tilney has one of the truest and most honest hearts you will encounter, although he does love to tease. Despite his naiveness he can easily outsmart or outwit you, but it is always lighthearted and never to cause any kind of hurt.

A Stallion who loves to walk and explore, He has a wanderlust that will perhaps never be satisfied. He takes absolute delight in nature, birdsong and he finds beauty in the saddest of places.

Tilney currently has no mate. He is still young and both his heart and innocence remains unbroken. With a huge capacity to love Tilney is entirely Pansexual (gender blind).

He believes in true love and one partner for life.

Tilney's sister Carlisle was killed in a violent altercation and such a positive mind such as his couldn't bare the news of her death. The memory he once carried of his brother explaining to him how she died has been totally blocked from his mind, hence she lives on in his imagination. He still sees her every day, runs with her and talks to her like she never passed away. He does not know however that she is a figment of his imagination and simply does not exist. She tends to sneak off when he is with REAL company, and then present herself again when he is alone. He can often be found talking to "Carlisle" when really he is talking to the air.

Tallsun Year Five - Tilney enters Helovia

Hopeless Wanderer ::: Tilney blindly enters Helovia and meets Africa the Starry-Eyed in the Threshold, easily able to see her with her fire magic.
Heaven and Earth ::: Tilney goes to the Hidden Falls with Africa and there he meets Ghost the Cadaverous.
Secret Places that Aren’t Very Secretive ::: Tilney accidentally intrudes on Keidajens hiding place in the secret grove.
Aye, Someone Here? ::: Tilney meets Spice in his new homeland the Hidden Falls.
There’s Something Lonely About You ::: Tilney meets the exotic Najya.
From Eden ::: Tilney meets Laedere at the Endless Blue; one of his favorite spots in his new country.
Cataclysm ::: Tilney is left blind at nightfall and far from home but runs into Arah who quickly becomes a great friend and helps him.
Healing, Learning, and Heat ::: Tilney first encounters a Helovian deity; the Sun god. He sees a horrible vision cast into the opening of the heart caves.

On Helovia
Aelfwine - SISTER - We recently found each other again, I have missed her dearly.
Africa - FRIEND - Rescued me from desolation in the threshold. I was very sad to hear of your passing old friend.
Alysanne - MY QUEEN + COLLEGUE - You taught me very much. I wish you a wonderful reign; perhaps ruling will mellow you. You are not a queen any more.
Arah - MATE - My heart, my soul.
Cera - FRIEND - Our Time together was wonderful.
Elsa - QUEEN
Evangeline - COLLEAGUE - Devoted; I have known The Pure for a long time by name, only put a face to it.
Glasgow - FRIEND I am glad to call her my friend.
Lyanna - FRIEND + COLLEAGUE - A lovely young fae; the world is your oyster!
Maude - DAUGHTER - I love you more each day. Will always protect you with my life.
Rexanna - FRIEND - A curious doe. I very much like you.
Rift - GOOD FRIEND - You are so kind
Tembovu - MY KING + FRIEND - My king and my friend
Tuppence - SISTER - I do not know of her arrival in helovia either.
Ultima - WARD + APPRENTICE - My guardian angel perhaps?
Anastasia - DAM x Captain - SIRE
Tuppence - SISTER
Viktor - BROTHER
Carlisle - SISTER - Deceased.
Aelfwine - SISTER
Arah - MATE - missing Maude - DAUGHTER (Arah) Jude - SON (unborn, twin) Byron - SON (unborn, twin)
Newborn Lesser Short Nosed Fruit Bat

Peatree, better known as Pea, is Tilneys bonded companion. He is a Lesser Short Nosed Fruit Bat. Pea was found hatching in one of the glass pots during a clean out of the greenhouse - Tilney was pouring the contents of fungus infected seedlings over the edge of the cliffs. Just as he was about to pour the contents of the last pot over the edge Tilney noticed something squirming inside of it and tossed it over his shoulder in fright. Out flung Peatree and bits and pieces of his shell!
Pea is a Fruit bat which is a type of megabat. This means he has an impressive wingspan and incredible hearing. His favorite food is summer berries and melon.
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Character of the Month :: January 2017

Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings :: July 2016

Character by Neverrmind

Mast image by Mockingale; drawing by Impassioned-Dreams; content background image by Schwartze

Profile customization by Eshye



:: [ Magic: Light | Ability to heal via kiss to face whorl. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Larger wounds/illness require longer kiss and more energy. ]
:: [ Magic: Light | Ability to read another character's mind. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Target must be within 30m radius, lasts 20 seconds, requires permission outside of battle. ]
:: [ Item: Cloak | Defensive. Medium sized plain cloak ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers little protection in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Lantern | Small lantern that can be lit any color flame by speaking the word 'Aiya'. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Normal flame. ]
:: [ Item: Collar | A thick collar of a Transvaal Lion mane; can attach to cloak with leather laces. ]
:: [ Item: Toad Skin | Desiccated toad skin in vial. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | Small glass lantern pedant encasing Kardia berry. ]
:: [ Companion: Lesser Fruit Bat | None | 3 yrs 8 mos ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   2 AGL:   7 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   1 CP:   1
4 9 6 65
Notable Accomplishments
January 2017 || Character of the Month

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07-09-2016 by Tilney
Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings [Herd Meeting] World's Edge
Mauja, Alysanne, Elsa, Tembovu, Hera, Lourdes, Imani, Ravel, Nyx, Oizys, Dacianna, Sacre, Arah, Tilney, Graasvoel, Ultima, Glasgow, Tandavi, Lyanna, Rohan, Auriel, Iona, Raeden, Anzanie, Caenan, Naerys, Evangeline, Kiuaji, Adaeze, Alune, Calstron, Laume, Orithia, Merida
07-31-2016 by Tembovu
every rose has its thorn [Herd Quest] World's Edge
Elsa, Alysanne, Graasvoel, Tembovu, Tilney, Random Event, Oizys, Ultima, Auriel, Hera, Raeden, Iona, Rohan, Erthë, Laume, Tsavo, Alune
09-26-2016 by Tembovu
Strike for Love, Strike for Fear [herd quest] World's Edge
Dacianna, Orithia, Lyanna, Mauja, Tilney, Iona, Esinakh, Evangeline
09-13-2016 by Evangeline
Cape Cod Kwasa Kwassa [Herb Gathering!] Riptide Isles
Tilney, Lyanna
04-01-2016 by Lyanna
Let's hear 'em World's Edge
Tembovu, Arah, Tilney, Erthë
04-04-2016 by Erthë
Seven Devils Helovia's Threshold
Oyana, Tamu, Tilney
03-21-2016 by Tilney
Chapter II - welcoming World's Edge
Tilney, Elsa
03-07-2016 by Elsa
in the very back of your mind Helovia's Threshold
Himalia, Tilney
03-05-2016 by Himalia
Living Life on the Edge World's Edge
Tembovu, Elsa, Tilney, Lyanna, Iona, Alysanne, Dacianna, Roskuld, Freyja, Katerina, Tsavo, Naerys, Cloak, Rohan, Auriel, Glasgow, Kiuaji, Alune, Raeden, Glacia, d'Arcy, Iscah, Naja, Quentin, Caenan, Ulrik, Hera, Mauja, Myrrine, Uriel, Orithia, Tiva, Jahzara
03-30-2016 by Tembovu
the soul you used to be World's Edge
Freyja, Tembovu, Tilney
03-12-2016 by Tembovu
blood bank Aurora Basin
Tilney, Tiamat
04-28-2016 by Tiamat
Warm Your Buns Heart Caves
Random Event, Cirrus, Amaris, Ivezho, Grimalkin, Tilney, Tae, Rift, Agnodice, Iona, Johnny, Volterra, Ki'irha, Ilios, Milo, Najya, Albrecht, Mauja, Nephele, Naerys
03-17-2016 by Albrecht
Do no harm World's Edge
Tilney, Alysanne
03-08-2016 by Alysanne
Armor Made of Steel [Patrol] Halcyon Flats
Elsa, Nyx, Tilney
01-31-2016 by Tilney
anything to make you smile [BIRTHING] Aurora Basin
Rexanna, Tiamat, Rein, Tilney, Ashamin, Eldala, Albrecht, Ki'irha
02-18-2016 by Albrecht
Dust & Gold Helovia's Threshold
Faeanne, Murtagh, Destry, Tilney
01-06-2016 by Murtagh
I could write a symphony Thistle Meadow
Tilney, Cera
03-01-2016 by Tilney
Similarities are Strange World's Edge
Jahzara, Tilney
01-20-2016 by Tilney
Poison In Our Veins [COMPLETED] Helovia's Threshold
Dahlia, Soren, Caenan, Tilney, Essetia
01-24-2016 by Dahlia
Old Hats Helovia's Threshold
Evers, Darwin, Tilney, Riel, Macaria
04-07-2016 by Darwin
In All My Dreams I Drown [Open] Helovia's Threshold
Kairo, Tilney
12-26-2015 by Tilney
go on, say it Blood Falls
Rexanna, Tilney
01-06-2016 by Tilney
Pools Heart Caves
Lothíriel, Tilney
01-04-2016 by Tilney
Painted in Diamonds World's Edge
Katerina, Tilney
03-22-2016 by Katerina
Bare Bones [Sun] Veins of the Gods
Tilney, God of the Sun
01-10-2016 by God of the Sun
Incoendium Deep Forest
Tilney, Hotaru, Brendan, Glasgow, Phantom, Tiamat
02-02-2016 by Tiamat
Hippocratic Oath World's Edge
Tilney, Calista
12-07-2015 by Tilney
Dreamcatcher Ancient Rotunda
Tilney, Arah
04-05-2016 by Arah
beside the lions and the ladies (Welcoming) World's Edge
Glasgow, Tilney, Arah, Tembovu, Erthë
11-30-2015 by Tilney
I will haunt you like a ghost Endless Blue
Glasgow, Tilney
11-25-2015 by Tilney
Garden Grays Secret Grove
Rift, Tilney
11-28-2015 by Rift
Just Not Ready To Give Up The Game Archives
Sialia, Tilney
06-13-2015 by Sialia
The Sky is Falling Archives
Htar, Tilney, Tiva
05-18-2015 by Tiva
Honorable Service [Tilney x Ophelia] Battleground
Ophelia, Tilney
06-02-2015 by Official
When the lightning strikes. Archives
Rexanna, Tilney
05-03-2015 by Rexanna
Forgotten Ties. Archives
Arah, Deimos, Sialia, Tilney
05-03-2015 by Deimos
Run, Hide and Survive. Archives
Arah, Tilney
04-01-2015 by Arah
Healing, Learning, and Heat [SUN DROP] Archives
Aithniel, Cirrus, Diesel, Erebos, God of the Sun, Ilios, Maren, Megaera, Najya, Rei, Tilney, Zünden
03-29-2015 by Megaera
Cataclysm Archives
Arah, Tilney
04-28-2015 by Arah
FROM EDEN Archives
Laedere, Tilney
03-30-2015 by Laedere
Najya, Tilney
03-26-2015 by Najya
Aye, someone here? Archives
Spice, Tilney
03-24-2015 by Spice
Secret Places that Aren't Very Secretive Archives
Keidajen, Tilney
02-25-2015 by Tilney
Heaven and Earth Archives
Africa, Ghost, Tilney
02-20-2015 by Ghost
= Hopeless Wanderer - Tilney Archives
Africa, Tilney
02-18-2015 by Africa

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